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rated 1.5 of 5 stars I admit that I am an I-phone junkie. I must admit that I take it with me on every hiking/backpacking trip. I now use Intermap's Accuterra HD for the I-phone as my go-to system, even in the backcountry. This app makes my i-phone a full-fledged GPS unit with all of the other features built right in. The only downfalls to the i-phone are its battery and its durability compared to a dedicated GPS. The┬áNOVOTHINK SURGE solar charger and power storage for the I-phone (mine is a 32GB 3GS) solves both of… Full review

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Novothink makes solar energy solutions for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company may now be defunct.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

phone: (510) 957-0148
toll-free: (877) 765-0168
fax: (510) 280-6088

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