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Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove

photo: Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove compressed fuel canister stove


Price Current Retail: $49.95-$59.95
Historic Range: $35.94-$62.95
Reviewers Paid: $45.00


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Extremely light, extremely small. The lightest canister stove so far. Great for ultralight backpacking using a Ti mug. Lets you simmer vs. an alcohol stove!


  • Ultralight weight
  • Super compact, ultra stowable
  • Ability to simmer


  • Small diameter pot supports work best with mugs vs. pots

I tried a couple of different alcohol stoves and wasn't impressed by their ease-of-use and fuel consumption but they were lighter than existing canister stoves. I stumbled across the Olicamp Ion Micro Ti stove on the interweb and for about $45, I gave a shot. 

Weighing in at 49g with case (45+4), the Ion Micro is the smallest and lightest canister stove currently on the market. It easily fits in the bottom of my 900ml Ti mug and allows my entire system (stove, windscreen, coffee cup less fuel) to fit in my 900ml Ti mug/lid.  I've included pics of the stove and the rest of my kit.




The pot supports fold parallel to the body of the stove to minimize the storage size. Unfolded, the diameter of the pot supports are a bit narrow as should be expected from a "micro" stove but they work fine when cooking (boiling) with a mug vs. a pot.

The gas control also folds up for storage and allows for simmering. In a non-scientific test, boil time was 4:20 for 2 cups using tap water.

While the stove burns fine in the wind, I made my own tight-fitting aluminum windscreen to minimize fuel usage/boil times (similar screen to that I had to build for my alcohol stoves). Olicamp does sell a folding windscreen.


It does not have piezo ignition like some others. I use the lighter(s) that I carry with me anyway. A dedicated piezo adds "single purpose" weight — a no-no for an ultralighter.  I didn't list this as a "Con" since it unnecessarily adds weight.

Here's the rest of my system:




Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $45 inc. shipping


Thanks for sharing your Ion Micro Ti stove review, John. I'd love to see some pics of your setup, if you're willing to add them to your review.

7 years ago
John Foy

I added some pics, Alicia!

7 years ago

Nice review. Definitely worth a vote. I will note you can simmer with a Trangia Alcohol stove.

7 years ago

Nice pics, John! Thanks for the quick update and helpful review.

7 years ago

Looks like a good stove. Are you supposed to use wraparound windscreens with that type of stove? I remember reading something where they can overheat the fuel can and cause problems?

7 years ago
John Foy

Jeff: I hadn't read that although my homemade windscreen research has pertained to alcohol stoves ( It's a valid concern so I did more garage testing. To date my field use of the system has been in fall and winter so I hadn't noticed any warming. In the garage, I boiled two cups with the windscreen shown and while the pot supports were glowing red hot, the top of the canister was warm to the touch afterward. I then modified the windscreen by drilling a series of 3/8" holes along the bottom spaced 1" apart (like my alcohol stove windscreen) and tested again. Again, the canister was warm to the touch but slightly less so. The warming of the canister likely serves to improve performance in sub-freezing temps. It worked great while XC skiing the mountain tops of West Virginia.

7 years ago
John Foy

I should add that with no windscreen there is no warming of the canister.

7 years ago

I would agree with that windscreen covering the canister. Be careful with most, you should create a windscreen only for the burner...think GiigaPower Windscreen.

7 years ago
John Foy

mangus7175: the GigaPower pan won't work with this stove design and really only serves to hold up a cylindrical windscreen. The heat shield aspect is unnecessary. I tinkered with a couple of other designs that eliminate the lower windscreen: one using clothes hanger wire as a stand and one using hardware cloth as a stand. The clothes hanger wire version is the lightest at 26g but is awkward to assemble. The hardware cloth version is 33g but easier to assemble. Both keep the tank cool to the touch during operation; you can touch the top of the tank during operation. I added pics of both to my original review.

7 years ago

I wasn't actually referring to using the exact Gigapower windscreen for this particular stove. It was a mere suggestion on the idea of a type of windscreen. It is obvious that the Gigapower windscreen only applies specifically for use with the Gigapower stove...

7 years ago
John Foy

mangus: We're on the same page. To clarify, a Gigapower style pan won't work on this stove in my estimation as there is little or nothing to attach it to. Additionally, with my goal of storing the windscreen in my 900ml mug, a pan to support the windscreen wouldn't fit.

7 years ago

Great review! I have just ordered a different brand name stove but identical on this and a couple of other reviews. I like the reduction in weight from my Pocket Rocket stove which has don sterling service which weighs 150 g; 45 g is a real bonus point for me. I am hoping that this is a real fuel miser too

5 years ago

Heath, I hope you'll let us know what you think of your new stove. Also, this may not be helpful for you to know now, but the new PocketRocket 2 weighs 73 g / 2.6 oz:

5 years ago

49 grams is only 1.7 ounces. I'm impressed! Great DIY windscreen appears safe because of the open side and sits well above the canisters.

3 years ago

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