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One Sport Couloir

rated 3.0 of 5 stars

One Sport is no longer in business, and the Couloir has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best mountaineering boots for 2020.


Price Reviewers Paid: $225.00-$240.00


5 reviews
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These boots have served me well for 3 seasons of Cascades mountaineering. Unfortunately, the sole rands are delaminating rather badly now, especially in the toe area. They are not overly stiff (possibly a result of waterproofing with mink oil -- not recommended), but have worked well for occasional ice climbs and front pointing with step-in crampons. Not especially warm -- downright cold after dark above 10,000 feet. BUT they have gotten me up Ranier twice. If you can get them on sale like I did, ($165) there is no reason not to get them.

Materials: Leather
Use: Mountaineering
Break-in Period: 3 Weekends
Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz
Price Paid: $240

I am in a bind. I bought these boots because a salesperson touted their high qualities. I didn't need a new pair at the time but this year when I went to use them on two short day hikes they proved to be defective. The rand on one of the toes came completely away from the boot. I bought these at REI in Reading, MA, and in speaking with a hiker this weekend was encouraged to return them as REI is said to be a company who wants to remain respected/trusted. I plan to do so.

Materials: leather
Use: moderate trails (just 2,I'll tell you why) with lightish pack
Break-in Period: not
Weight: mine 1100
Price Paid: $240

I am very satisfied with the quality, fit, comfort and stability of this boot. The soles have excellent grip and wear. They have a functional locking lace system. The ankle is well padded. I have not used them for serious adventure, yet, but have had one small problem. The 3/4 steel shank has broken at the fore-foot. It has been a problem functionally and I only occassionally notice a click. I only weigh 180 and this really shouldn't happen, especially with such light use. Otherwise, I recommend this boot.

Materials: Leather
Use: Rough rocky trails, long hikes and mountaineering
Break-in Period: 50 miles
Weight: ~4 lbs
Price Paid: $230

I purchased these boots primarily for hiking. I weigh about 210 lbs, and usually have a 50 lb pack. I needed a stiff because a spur in a joint in one of my toes causes pain if that toes bends much when I walk or hike. I chose this boot with its 3/4 length steel shank over a rigid boot because I was concerned that my knees might not do well with the stiffer boot. I've used the boots for about 6 months.

The boots have proven to be generally comfortable from day one. Two problems have developed, though. First, the boot is far more flexible than I expected. All of the flex is at the end of the shank, but I'm surprized by how easily the boot does bend. It's almost like a soft shoe. The second problem is the crease that forms on the leather above the toe when the boot bends. This crease is deep enough that it presses uncomfortably on to the top of my toes.

The staff at One Sport said that it should improve with age. Otherwise, they suggested that I use a leather softener. The leather softener has not helped, and I'm not sure that I will be able to tolerate the discomfort long enough verify or disprove their claim.

The boots appear to well constructed. The difficulties that I am experiencing may be more a result of peculiarities related to my feet than due to inherent short-comings in the boots, themselves. However, I don't think that I could recommend the Couloir to someone of my weight who is looking for a stiff boot.

Materials: leather
Use: rough trail, general mountaineering
Break-in Period: seemed great out of the box
Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz
Price Paid: $230

These are an exceptional pair of boots. Though heavy, they are excellent for long backpacking trips, mountaineering, and even general hiking. These boots have SkyWalk soles which I've found to be extremely durable and they grip absolutely everything. They are crampon compatible and offer excellent support. I'd highly recommend these boots and with One Sport quality, you're sure to have them for many many years. Happy hiking!

Materials: All leather, steel shank
Use: Mountaineering, heavy backpacking, rough trails
Break-in Period: 3-6 months
Weight: 4.1 lbs (pair)
Price Paid: $225

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