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Osprey Rev 6

photo: Osprey Rev 6 hydration pack


Price Historic Range: $49.73-$100.00
Weight 14 oz (S/M) / 15 oz (M/L)
Volume 305 cu in (S/M) / 366 (M/L)


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The Osprey Rev 6 day pack is perfect for trail running, day hiking, and mountain bike rides. Though small, this day pack is full of features and conveniences. A definite 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Independent hydration sleeve
  • Media pocket/sleeve
  • Magnetic bite valve
  • Plethora of pockets
  • Stretch sternum straps


  • Pack maybe small for taller users
  • "Digi Flip" pocket can cause chaffing on the user's arm if wearing no-sleeve shirt.

Manufacturer Specs:

Product Features:

  • Front Bungee System for stowing jackets, rain gear, etc.
  • Independent Hydration Sleeve for easy access to the hydration bladder.
  • Main Gear Pocket for other items like your 10 essentials.
  • Small Pocket for wallet and key storage.
  • Harness Pockets for snacks, glasses, etc.
  • Left and Right Pockets for extra drinks, etc.



Photo Below (L to R): (L) Main Gear Pocket and (R) Small Ditty Pockets


Photo Below: Expandable Shoulder Strap Pocket


Photo Below: Independent Bladder Pocket and Bladder Quick Release


I was actually surprised by how many features Osprey has packed in to this small day pack. Some features I didn't even think were valuable to have.  

Let's start with the Magnetic Bite Valve, I was actually geeking-out over this feature. No more wetting my pants or shirt from valve drips! Simply place the Bite Valve near the sternum strap and let the magnet do its work.


Another feature that I liked was the sternum strap and how Osprey added a clip to avoid excess webbing from dangling. No more annoying straps dangling while walking, running, or riding.



Lastly, the "Digi Flip" Media Pocket, I liked having a place for my cell phone where it didn't involve me taking it out of a pocket. Simply unbuckle the pocket and your device is ready for you to access. Touch screen phone? No problem, the plastic cover does not impede your touch screen at all.Only caveat is the Media Pocket is limited to fit certain phone sizes — definitely not Phablet friendly.


As convenient of a feature the Media Pocket is, I did find that if wearing a no-sleeve shirt (or the like), the Media Pocket can cause some skin irritations when the pocket fabric repeatedly rubs against your skin.  

From the photo below, you can see some redness on the arms where the skin on the bicep area rubs against the bottom left section of the Media Pocket.


Aside from the features, I found that this pack rode well on my back. It stayed in place and regardless of activity, I didn't feel the pack shift left to right as most other day packs would...this is ideal for trail runners and mountain bikers as a slight shift of your pack could affect your stride and/or balance.



The Osprey Rev 6 has more than enough storage capacity for your day hiking needs.  I found that it had more than enough room and pockets to hold a Down Jacket, Wind Breaker/Rain Gear, Small 5x7 Tarp, First Aid Kit, Snacks, and Drinks.

NOTE: Additional photo of capacity will be added here.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the pack feeling small on my back, this was by far one of the best fitting day packs I have ever tried (compared to: SwissGear Middle Fork hydration pack and High Sierra hydration pack). Aside from the fit, this pack rode well without the need for constant adjustments.  Full of useful features, the designers of this pack knew what users would need and some features you never knew you would need also.  

I'm truly impressed with how much ingenuity and design went on this pack — I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone looking for a lightweight day pack.

Tester Background and Condition of Use:

I have been backpacking the past three years with trips ranging from simple overnights to multi-day trips in the Sierra Nevada Range, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Angeles National Forest, Cucamonga Wilderness, Sespe Wilderness, and San Gorgonio Wilderness.  

To date, I have used the Osprey Rev 6 day pack on multiple day hikes around my local Verdugo Mountains and the hills around Griffith Park. I have also taken this pack on my nightly routine walks around my neighborhood. The wife has had her eye on this pack and has used it a few times now...but no, she can't have it :)


Source: received for testing via the Trailspace Review Corps (Sample provided by Osprey for testing and review)

Horn Rimmed Hiker BRAND REP

Nice work, Angus. The media pocket's a fine idea! Once it warms up enough to ditch the jacket, you're stuck keeping things in pants pockets. Or, worse yet, the annoyingly-low cargo pockets. As someone who uses his phone as a camera, I could use a pocket like this one. Minimizes the awkward fumbling, and missing photo opportunities because of it.

8 years ago

I like that expandable shoulder strap pocket. Looks like a nice day pack!

8 years ago

How does the media pocket look/feel when not caring a media device? Does it still rub against the arm? I'm not sure which looks better, the pack or that tat sticking out from under your right sleeve.

8 years ago

Nice review and pics, Mangus. Thanks for testing this and sharing your review.

8 years ago
Daniel Oates

Looks like that has great capacity for a day hike like you mentioned, and looks super comfy. Like you said, it may look small, but if it can hold all you need, why get anything bigger. Nice review!

8 years ago

Thanks guys! KiwiKlimber - when empty the media pocket stays flat and yes, I do find that it doesn't rub as much on my arm when empty. The tat comes standard on all gear reviews ;)

8 years ago

Wow! That is a heck of a 6L pack, Mangus! I love all of those pockets. Great review, too! :)

8 years ago

Great review Mangus!

8 years ago

Thanks for your review Angus. Great pictures as always!

8 years ago

A great new running pack from Osprey. Good design at a great price point.


  • Stable while running
  • Good pocket placement
  • Bite valve magnet


  • Front straps are a bit too much, bulky

Comfortable, no chafing running pack. It comes in different sizes and bladder sizes. Pockets are in handy places and easy to access.  

The price is a value compared to other running packs.


Disclosure: The reviewer received a sample of this product from the brand or its representatives in exchange for a review.

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (I received a sample of this product from the brand or its representatives in exchange for a review. I kept the product after testing.)

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