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Anker Astro Mini External Battery

photo:   Anker Astro Mini External Battery power storage


Price Reviewers Paid: $14.00


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This slim and sleek external battery is excellent for charging your phone (or other electronic device) on overnight trips in the great outdoors. A lot of people use their phone as their camera or for GPS, and this external battery allows you to charge your device without having electricity. It's also fairly inexpensive!


  • Metal casing
  • Charging speed
  • Slim size


  • Amount of charge

This external battery/portable charging device works excellent to charge your mobile electronics on overnight trips. Depending on how much you use your phone and what you use it for, you could possibly get two nights out of it. I own an iPhone 5s and this external battery will charge my phone 1.5 times from 0% battery life. I have used this charger so many times and it has consistently charged my phone the same every time. 

This Anker charger will charge your device at about the same speed a wall charger will (at least for the iPhone). To work this product, you will need to charge the external battery the night before you go on your trip so it has juice to power your mobile device. Then when you need an extra boost in battery, plug your phone chord into the usb input on the external battery (see pictures).

This external battery weighs 2.8 oz. and packs a big punch for it's size. I always have it in my pack or on any trip I go on. 

I think that this charger is a great buy. It has come in handy on multiple occasions and I have charged my phone with it (it has to be) hundreds of times! 

3 1/2" long

A little less that 1" in diameter 


Shows the external battery charging. The light turns green when fully charged.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $14


And this is working for you? I've had problems with other devices trying to recharge my smart phone on the trail.

7 years ago

Yeah, this is really a throw away review. Really does little to assist in actual assessment of a piece to determine whether to buy it or not. There is nothing in the review that tells how much this was used by the reviewer or in what sorts of conditions. C'mon...this looks like nothing more than anecdotal, non tested fluff. Did you get the claimed 9 hours of additional talk time ANKER says you will? Did you get the 90+ hours of additional audio time the manufacture says you will? Under what conditions did you actually USE this devise? You say you have used it "so many time" but under what conditions? What did you get time wise out of the charge from THIS device.

7 years ago
Mark Jones

2600 mh is not a lot of charging time. It might charge once. There are many factors that influence charges to try and scope it all out would be almost impossible I thought the review was good. My Galaxy has a 3600 mh battery so I bought a 3300 mh battery backup and use my biolite to charge the external battery pack.

7 years ago
Mark Jones

A few weeks back we used the biolite to charge stuff up. Here is a short video on the 8" of snow in the's all good.

7 years ago
Ben Rivers

G00SE, yes it is working great for me! I have used it on the trail, on the water (in a waterproof case), and I've used it ALOT in the deer stand when temps are around 15-20 degrees. It doesn't charge multiple times, but I have consistently gotten 1 and a half charges out of it.

7 years ago
Ben Rivers

giftogab, this is not non-tested fluff... I have used it several different conditions. I've used it on very hot days in the canoe with temperatures around 100 degrees and I've used it a lot in the deer stand with temperatures around 15-20 degrees. I have slung it around, dropped it, and put it through some rough stuff while hiking and getting in and out of the woods with my climbing deer stand. So far, the product has held up quite well and I am still getting a consistent 1 and a half charges of my iPhone 5s. Whether or not you get 9 hours of talk time out of the product would depend on your phone. Factors would include things such as whether or not you keep GPS running, what kind of coverage you have, temperature and how well your phone holds a charge in those temperatures, etc. Whether or not you get 90+ hours of audio time would also depend on some things such as previously stated. I'm not going to listen to audio on my phone for a solid 90+ hours to find out, I apologize. As far as time goes, It also depends on many different factors of how you use your phone, which have nothing to do with the Anker product. Overall, I think that this product has held up well and has lived up to my expectations with the cheap price that I paid for it.

7 years ago
Ben Rivers

Mark, thanks. Yeah, it's not a ton of charging time. I would like to get a better charger sometime as I venture into doing longer hikes that last closer to a week, or possibly getting a solar powered charger. This one has worked great for me for the short trips that I have gone on and for days of canoeing or hunting.

7 years ago

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