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Bag Balm

photo:   Bag Balm first aid/hygiene product


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Awesome product that surpasses any other balm I have used.


  • Softens and protects very well
  • Long lasting


  • Smell

This product was recommended to my wife by a rancher's wife. She stated it made her husband's hands unbelievably soft and smooth after use. The product was originally intended for use on the udders of milk cows to prevent chafing, chapping, and minor abrasions but found use for humans as well as it performs the same way on people. It can be found in most feed/country stores and some pharmacies.

More info on their web site-


I suffer from severely chapped and cracking skin on my lips and hands during the winter months. I have tried all sorts of herbal and regular over the counter products but none have performed as well as Bag Balm. The smoothness and softness of my skin after use is unparalleled by other products and the pain associated with chapping and cracking is almost immediately negated. Also, depending on conditions, one application has lasted me as long as several days. So as far as function goes, I am very pleased with this product.

It does however have one drawback. The smell. It has a smell that reminds me of an old barn. Once the balm soaks into the skin the odor is pretty much gone, but a little improvement could be made here.


I would certainly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from chapping, chaffing, or cracking skin.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $10

second gear

I have used this on everything from critters to babies. The stuff is amazing! I don't think I *want* to know the ingredient list, though ;)

7 years ago

I don't mind the smell. I would alsao add that a little goes a long way - it is way more concentrated than anormal lotion. My wife is still working on the can I got her over 10 years ago.

7 years ago

You are right DrPhun, a little does go a long way! I should have mentioned that in my review.

7 years ago

Here in Vermont, all sizes of the green square containers of Bag Balm are seen on the counters of hardware, drug and, of course, feed stores. You can find it online at

7 years ago

Great stuff! I think its mostly lanolin and petroleum jelly according to wikipedia; might make a decent fire-starter too

7 years ago

Works great in the treatment and prevention of chapped hands. Is very greasy.


  • Bag Balm is very durable and protective.


  • Greasy
  • Strong smell

I've used Bag Balm for years to treat and prevent the severe cracking I experience on the tips of my fingers particularly during the cold months. The best course has been to grease up with Bag Balm and immediately put on gloves. Other products also work well when combined with gloves so I tend to believe that the crtiical element in addressing my chronic problem is the wearing of gloves.

I often must wash my hands repeatedly throughout the day and I have determined that wearing latex gloves when possible works well because I just leave them on for hours at a time and wash the gloves while wearing them. They essentially become a second skin.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Don't remember

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