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Bearded Stocking cap (home-made)

photo:   Bearded Stocking cap (home-made) outdoor clothing product


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I showed a few pictures of these to my mom and she made a couple for my son and I.


  • Keep your face warm
  • My mom can crochet them
  • Great for the beard-growing impaired


  • You kidding?
  • Like I'd write anything here
  • My mom would kill me

So I saw these bearded stocking caps online for twenty to fifty bucks and I thought, "I bet my mom could make one of those." So I asked her, showed her a few pics and she said, "No way, I'm too busy." A week later not one but TWO show up in the mail. Ya, I'm the favorite son! (Don't tell my brother.)

She made the beard separate with loops to fit around your ears so you don't have to use it if you don't feel like it. It's spring now so I won't get to try it in the cold till later this fall but all indications say the looser, more breathable crochet style will be good on days when it's cold, but I am doing moderate activity like skiing or hiking. 


Acrylic yarn is pretty warm, but I could see using wool if you wanted, though it shrinks badly. 


So, if you know someone who is handy crocheting you might be able to talk them into making you one of these.  I think they would be funniest on kids and women, but I have a weird sense of humor. 

Source: received it as a personal gift

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