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Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 500ml

photo:   Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 500ml drink


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A delicate complex vintage with just a hint of vinegar and preservatives. Plus, it packs great.


  • Sturdy packaging
  • It's booze


  • Sometimes hard to find

Black Box has a delectable assortment of 500 ml box wines. You can usually find them at the Walgreens. I have never had one leak in my pack. The taste is always the same, which is good. Would hate to hike in and find out my wine has gone bad.

Haven't had one freeze on me yet, either, down to about 20 degrees. Here is a picture of a hotel party just off trail somewhere:

It. Is. On! Don't have any pictures of them in the woods, probably because I tend to hide the containers so people won't ask for some. Instead of bringing yummy food treats for group excursions like most, I carry an extra or two to give to people I really like. A small glass of wine does wonders for the spirits of a weary, boozeless backpacker, and works better than aspirin for pain (it essentially does the same thing).

Here are some box wine woodsy tips. Don't buy the Vendage white boxes. They will leak and their reds really do taste like vinegar. Don't drink box wine out of the box. I've seen people do it and it's just embarrassing. Use a cup. Don't burn them. Yes, the aluminum foil lining will burn if the fire is hot enough, but just like burning plastics, it will leave yechy things in the soil.

Mike drop... Out!

Source: bought it new


Much better than the brand Target carries. My local grocery carries these and recently added Rex Goliath in a juice box too which is of comparable quality.

5 years ago
Andy Gotto

I like the Rex Goliath in a bottle well enough, will have to try their juice boxes, thanks.

5 years ago

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