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BSN Medical Leukotape P

photo:   BSN Medical Leukotape P first aid/hygiene product


Price Current Retail: $6.99
Reviewers Paid: $8.00
Size 1.5 in x 15 yds


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Leukotape P has replaced moleskin as my material of choice for preventing blisters.


  • Excellent adhesion—will stay on for days
  • Very thin
  • Smooth outer surface
  • Does not leave any residue when removed


  • Is a little costly

I have always had tender feet and been susceptible to blisters, so I take preventive measures and will tape my feet before a long hike. A few years ago I noticed people on hiking forums making positive comments about Leukotape P, so I gave it a try and it has now become my material of choice to prevent blisters and is something I always carry in my pack.


One of the best things about the tape for me is that it is very thin and smooth on the outer surface, so it has little affect on how your feet fit in your boots and the smoothness allows for normal movement between your foot and sock.

The tape is very sticky and easily stays on your feet for several days and seems unaffected by sweat.

The tape tears easily, but has very little stretch so you need to take your time when applying it to prevent wrinkles. The lack of stretch also make Leukotape P great for first aid applications where you want to immobilize or splint a body part.

When I carry Leukotape P, I either have several feet wrapped around the upper portion of my trekking pole (the pole on the right in the photo below) or I carry several feet wrapped around a small piece of cardboard in my first aid kit.


Leukotape P does contain Latex, so if you're sensitive to Latex this may not be the tape for you.

I would recommend Leukotape P to anyone looking for a good alternative to moleskin to prevent blisters and also as a great first aid tape to have in your pack.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $8

Phil Smith

I'll have to look for this, it sounds better than the stretchy StrengthTape I use.

5 years ago
Mike Mineart

Phil, I hope this tape works out for you if you give it a try.

5 years ago

I carry both. I tried Leukotape on a heel blister and didn't get what I needed from it. But I use Leukotape for other first aid needs and in place of duct tape.

5 years ago

Leukotape has been in my first aid kit for 6 years. I first heard people were using it to fix blisters online. Then I saw hikers using it to protect the blistered areas and treat them.


  • Sticky, won't come off easily
  • Thin tape
  • Can be used for other medical issues


  • Expensive

Leukotape is much better than moleskin for blister treatment. It's a thin faced sticky tape that can cover the blister and any area that has damage.

It has stretch in the material and contours to the wound well.Most people that have it in their first aid kits heard it on another forum first. When I started to plan out my gear I asked and talked to a Trailspace member and we discussed the benefits of the tape. I kept it in my kit after that. 


I am a trail club member and long distance hiker. Been hiking and backpacking since I was 13 years old.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $8


Thanks for another recommendation for this tape, Denis.

1 year ago

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