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Fullyy hammock bugnet

photo:   Fullyy hammock bugnet bug shelter


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Picked this up on Amazon for $18, worth every penny.


  • Quality
  • Price
  • Packs small
  • Quick easy setup


  • Not sure if would fit 11-foot hammock

Picked this up on Amazon for $18, worth every penny. Took it out on an overnight trip where I stayed at 4000 feet. To my surprise there was quite a few bugs, glad I had it.

Net weighs 9oz including stuff sack and included ridgeline. It has decent quality netting and vertical zipper. The net sets up by sliding over hammock with approx. 4" diameter drawstring closures at each end. Then just put up ridgeline and net just clips on to line. I use whoopie  slings with Dutch clips so sliding net over hammock took me seconds to do.

Worked great, no bugs, and also seemed to cut the wind when it got cooler later on. The only thing is I use a 9-foot hammock and I am not 100% sure it would fit an 11-footer. Looked like there was just over a foot or so of slack on my hammock, so possibly.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $18


Thanks for the review, Mike.

2 years ago

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