Generic vintage candle lantern

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The Generic vintage candle lantern has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best fuel-burning lanterns for 2020.

photo:   Generic vintage candle lantern fuel-burning lantern


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  • Pleasant light
  • Can reduce condensation in a tent


  • Gets hot so be careful!

The UCO candle lanterns are high quality and I don’t see similar ones made by other companies for sale now. However historically there were all types of candle lanterns.

This one I found in a box of camping gear at a garage sale and probably dates to the '70s. It is made from thin aluminum, and the glass globe just slides up (kind of odd glass, perhaps it melted a little at some point?).

Still, it works OK. I have tried tea lights in it and they work OK, but are a little dim. It seems to work best with those votive candles. 



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