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iTP A3 EOS Flashlight

photo:   iTP A3 EOS Flashlight flashlight


Price Reviewers Paid: $15.95
Weight 11 g / 0.4 oz
Lumens 96
Length 2.5 in
Battery 1 AAA


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Ultralight, half ounce AAA flashlight with 96 Lumens.


  • More versatile than a headlamp
  • Incredibly bright
  • Tiny size
  • Clips to a hat
  • Cheap
  • Almost nothing lighter


  • I can't think of any, other than it's so small
  • you may forget you have it.


This is one of the world's smallest and brightest mini flashlights. 

  • 2.5 inches long
  • 11 grams, (0.4 ounces)
  • Uses 1 AAA battery
  • High 96 Lumens (55 min), Med 22 Lumens (4 hrs), Low 1.8 Lumens (50 hrs)

To lend you some perspective, a big D-cell Maglite only puts out 27 lumens, which is roughly the ITP's medium setting. The low setting (firefly) is perfect for times when you don't want to disturb anyone, such as packing up early at a shelter, or doing a little reading after your mate has turned in for the night.

The runtime on high is short, but you rarely need that much light anyway. The Medium setting is plenty for most situations. And at 50 hours for the low, you can't beat the security. And besides, AAA batteries are uberlight at 4/10's of an ounce. So it's no problem to bring a backup. 

Being a common size, AAA's are also easy to find along the way on thru-hikes. Or you can use rechargeable NiMh batteries if you like. You can even use 10440 Lithium ion batteries, but it's not recommended since the body of this light is so small that it may become hot rather quickly. 

My favorite thing about this light is that you can clip it on your hat, creating a hands-free headlamp.


There are no complicated webbing harnesses to deal with. It weighs next to nothing, and takes up almost no space in your pack compared to a traditional headlamp.  


As you can see, this tiny monster is not much bigger than the battery. In fact it weighs less than the AAA.

The only negative I can come up with about this light is that it may get lost in your pack.

There are several updated versions to choose from, under different brand names. Most are made by Olight strangely enough. The Maratac AAA puts out 115 lumens for 60 minutes, and the Titanium Innovations Illuminati is the most powerful yet, putting out an astonishing 132 lumens with an even longer runtime of 90 minutes. The price of the Illuminati is roughly double at 30 bucks. 

I'm still waiting on Santa to slip that one in my stocking.  :-)  

I've had several of these mini lights from different manufacturers, from Fenix to Ultrafire. Nearly all of them were of similar build quality, and for the most part shared many of the same parts. So you really can't go wrong.

For me, these AAA lights are the perfect ultralight option.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $15.95


Joel, nice review. What kind of durability does this thing have. You compared it to a mag-light...and those things are nearly indestructible. Does this light need to be "babied" to keep it from breaking?

7 years ago
Joel Irons

Thanks Goose! I haven't dropped this one, yet. :-) But I did drop my Fenix LD01 a fair distance off the rocks on North Fork Mountain. Luckily it was dark and the light was still burning so I could find it. Yes, they are similar in construction to the maglites, albeit smaller and lighter gauge aluminum. I'm hard on all my gear, so if I can't step on it, it won't survive me. I probably should have shelled out the 40 bucks for the titanium model. LOL Oh, and they are waterproof as well.

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this review, Joel.

7 years ago

Thanks for the review always great to read reviews on lights.

7 years ago

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