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Jeep 3-Room Screen Combo Dome Tent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The Jeep 3-Room Screen Combo Dome Tent has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best 3-4 season convertible tents for 2024.

photo:   Jeep 3-Room Screen Combo Dome Tent 3-4 season convertible tent
Version reviewed: SAMT-15120

Many people love to camp. Some will use tents, while others will use a camper. If you have a Jeep, a compromise between these two approaches is to use a Wenger three-room tent. This tent attaches to the Jeep and provides a stable object to hold the tent in place regardless of the wind. It also permits you top use the back of the Jeep, and you can access a table and storage area without leaving the tent.

Thanks to the fact that everything is color-coded to tell you where it goes, setting up this tent is actually quite simple. It should take no more than about 20 minutes.

Jeep 3-Room Screen Combo Dome Tent - 15' x 12' 

Model #SAMT-15120

Tent has bays windows, "skylights", drink holders, gear lofts, and a hanging shelf. It comes with a heavy duty rolling canvas bag complete with stake mallet.

It has the full screen room and two "bedrooms". Each bedroom fits a queen size bed easily. It has great airflow with the two vents in the bedrooms and a full screen ceiling. No stuffy stinky tent. Plus with two entrances you can't go wrong! A comfortable, logically designed tent.

All the poles are color coordinated, plus the roof poles have bungee cords inside and the side and corner poles have springs and chains inside.

Source: received it as a personal gift

Durable, dependable, easy, excellent. I have loved every minute camping in our 3bdrm Jeep tent for 22 years now.


  • Well constructed
  • Very durable!


  • I tore up my bag using it so much:))))

I will have a burial ceremony this summer...good times, good times!

Well constructed and very durable!

I tore up my bag using it so much camping up and down the East Coast with my young family, now grown. I still put it up every year. They still camp in the backyard;)


Just the tent! I must have another!

Source: bought it new

Durable enough to withstand 10 years in storage and still be in great shape! Spacious tent with lots of windows for ventilation, hanging 3-tier shelf, and low hanging pockets for storage!


  • Ease of setup
  • Spacious and great ceiling height
  • Lots and lots of ventilation available with all the zip-down windows


  • None

I have had this tent for close to 12 years and it has actually been in storage for almost 10. I was nervous to take it out and set it up, wondering what kind of shape it would be in. I was pleasantly surprised to find no holes and no musty smell. It went up as easy as I remember it. We put it up in probably 10 min with 3 people. The color coded poles definitely make it fool proof.  

My boyfriend and his son are 6'7" and 6'8" and they both loved the ceiling height! They said it was higher than the tent that they have.

I did find that I'm missing the rainfly however. If anyone knows how I can come across a replacement please let me know. So excited to start using it again!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $100-150?

Great design, very spacious and well constructed. This tent can handle bad weather and a lot of wind. I spray the seams once a year and it is dry inside.


  • It is very sturdy and large.


  • It does not have a flap that keeps rain out when you are going in and out of the tent. I keep a little rug inside the door.
  • The ventilation design that is great at keeping condensation from forming on the inside of the tent also prevents you from closing and heating up the space in the tent.
  • You need to have the right sleeping bags in the winter because it will be difficult to cut the chill.

This tent has been awesome for family trips and youth groups. I can set it up by myself, but two or more people is ideal. The color coding of the poles is really helpful.

It is very stable—even in high wind and soft ground. I spray the seams once a year and it doesn't leak. There is little or no condensation in the tent because of the ventilation. It packs up in the case and is made to fit—unlike tents I have had in the past that would not fit in the bag unless machine folded at the factory.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $99 at Sams Club

This tent is great!


  • Large enough to sleep 8 if needed
  • Great tent fly with windows for light


  • One wheel came off the carrier bag
  • Pretty heavy with everything packed in the case

Big enough to place two queen size airbeds in the back and still have room for the tables and chairs in the screen room. Another camper referred to our tent as the Taj Mahal of tents. You could sleep eight if you really need to.

We have used this into the fall in NE and were still pretty warm. We love the screen porch feature! Fairly easy to set up and take down, in fact, the first time I set it up by myself.

We used this in Ohio during a violent thunderstorm and staked out, with the whole family inside, we didn't get wet and saw other tents flying across the campground. It was pretty scary.

We've been using this tent for 5 or 6 years and now only have an issue with one zipper, which my wife and I fixed.

I would definitely recommend this tent.

Source: received it as a personal gift

Spacious and one of the easiest tents I've ever set up. Been using mine for nearly 20 years.


  • Comes complete with mallet and well made tent stakes.
  • Also comes with a rugged storage bag,


  • After about 10 years of use, the bag began to show signs of wear, but have never found a way to purchase a replacement. Color code dots come off after about 5 years of use.

This was originally a Father's Day gift, nearly 20 years ago. Although it was not always needed when on scout camping trips, I would opt for it anyway, since it is one of the easiest one-person-setup tents I've ever set up. The front screened-in area was handy for playing games during rainstorms.

Have used this tent more than once in high winds and it never faltered. The floor is very durable, but did eventually start getting minor holes after 10 years. With the windows unzipped, it would always gets a nice breeze from the wind. Never had a problem packing the tent back into its cordura bag. However, the flap did start fraying around the zipper after about 10 years.

Plenty of room/headroom. 


In the nearly 20 years of use, I have always had great times.

Source: received it as a personal gift

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