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Maurice Sporting Goods Air Horn

photo:   Maurice Sporting Goods Air Horn bear safety product


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Indispensable manually operated bear alert horn that does not run on compressed (expensive canned) air. Reusable, reliable, reasonable cost and VERY loud. Packs small and lightweight.


  • Reusable, reliable, reasonable (much less expensive than "canned" (compressed air) bear scare products.
  • Once broken down (horn is removable and plunger screws into body of cylinder) packs smaller than a shave kit. Lightweight too.


  • Unsure of durability...plastic parts.

Purchased (#SL57223) from Amazon for $15 awhile back for smaller backwoods hikes in northern Wisconsin. We've used these in Wisconsin for years without "close encounters." We are now in Glacier National Park and would not go ANYWHERE in Glacier (even to heavily peopled areas like the NPS Headquarters /campgrounds areas) without this handy, lightweight, reusable, VERY loud horn. As a matter of fact, I believe today this device possibly/probably saved our lives.

We were bicycling from West Glacier to Apgar (West Glacier NPS Headquarters and is heavily peopled/"touristy" area) and I thought "the higher elevations/remote trails are "bear country" but lower down, near all these people, should be safer". However, all the warnings filled my head to "NEVER SCARE A BEAR" and bicycles are the perfect transport to do just that....quiet and quick....bears don't have a chance/time to either hear or smell approaching humans while on bikes. So, at the last moment, we took the air horn. Best decision I ever made!

We were cruising along less than 1 mile from the Apgar headquarters and giving short, quick blasts on the horn all along the way on our lovely paved trail, when 100 yards ahead, a momma Black with two cubs popped out of the brush, ahead on the trail, filling her belly with mouthfuls of ripe huckleberries. We stopped dead, safely away from her and proceeded to give long, loud blasts for 30 minutes before we felt it safe to pass. Safe from a potentially deadly situation.

Well worth the money! And no need to refill with quickly depleted compressed air containers. As we move/hike into the higher elevations at Glacier, we will not be going anywhere without this handy, compact, and very loud horn (my ears are still ringing from today's encounter). I'll see how it holds up on the trails, as it is constructed mostly of plastics.

RE-USEABLE AIR HORN PUMP MSI : 057223 Factory #: SL57223 UPC : 00013893572233 Brand: Shoreline Marine Spin on top for easy set up and break down. Sound reaches 120 decibles and reaches 1 mile. Meets USCG specifications. Also great for sporting events and celebrations!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $15

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