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Médique Medi-Lyte

photo:   Médique Medi-Lyte drink


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Medi-Lyte is a low cost electrolyte supplement in tablet form that allows you to easily manage your electrolyte replacement with your activity level.


  • Simple electrolyte replacement
  • Low cost
  • No sodium or excess sugar
  • Light weight and small packaging


  • Non-coated tablets

This summer I took a different approach in how I went about replacing my electrolytes. Instead of using any one of the many powdered forms that are offered by many of the sport drink manufactures, I decided I would try using an electrolyte supplement from Medique called Medi-Lyte.


I purchased Medi-Lyte off of Amazon and it cost $7.65 for a box of 50 packets where each of the packets contained two uncoated tablets which are consumed like a typical vitamin.


Here is the information label from the side of the package that provides information on the ingredients that are contained in each of the packet of two tablets.


The total amount of electrolytes from the two tablets in each of the packets is less then what you might find in a typical serving from a sport drink, but the flexibility of being able to match your consumption of the Medi-Lyte tablets with your exertion level helps ensure you're able to get the replacement electrolytes needed.

I kept a supply of the Medical-Lyte packets within one of the pouches on the belt of my backpack which made it easy for me to consume them during the day at a snack or water break. I found this process to work well and especially before starting a long climb like I was doing in the picture below when I was coming off the JMT and climbing out over Bishops Pass from LeConte Canyon earlier this summer.

Unlike the typical sport drink, Medi-Lyte contains very little to no sodium or sugar.  For me I get plenty of sodium and sugar from the other snacks and food I bring on a backcountry trip, but for others who may rely on the sodium from a sport drink for replenishment, you would want to take that into consideration if you switched over to using a product like Medi-Lyte.

Overall Med-Lyte has worked very well for me as a way to replenish my electrolytes during my backcountry trips and I plan on continue using it in the future. The only change I will make in the future is to upgrade to the version of Medi-Lyte that has coated tablets compared to the uncoated version I have currently which you need to take using plenty of water.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $7.65


Thanks for the helpful review and recommendation, Mike!

3 years ago

Interesting item there Mike. I tend to drink a mixed bottle when I make camp to start the recovery process, but I may try using these during the day to see if I need less recovering :) Certainly lighter than carrying pouches of drink powder.

3 years ago

Thanks, interesting product, and seems fairly economical, I'm eager to try it now - i was a bit confused at first read, being used to tablets like Nuun: it wasn't till your last sentence that I realized that you don't let the tablets dissolve in your water bottle/pouch, but just pop 'em down directly, like salt pills. I can see both pros and cons: Pros, you don't have to contend with sometimes dubious tastes in your water, and maybe it would keep containers, hoses etc. a bit cleaner. Cons - well, your water still tastes bland. :-)

3 years ago
Mike Mineart

Thanks everyone for the comments and I made a slight change at the beginning of my review to indicate that the tablets are consumed and not mixed with your water.

3 years ago

Nice review and product Mike. I have avoided supplements that mix just to keep my water bottle cleaner and flavor free, as I use it for measuring cooking water etc as well. This might do the trick for really warm weather trips - I'll have to try some next year as its beginning to cool off now.

3 years ago

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