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Nestle NIDO Dry Whole Milk

photo:   Nestle NIDO Dry Whole Milk drink


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Milk for the backcountry that tastes a lot like milk. Whole milk with milkfat retained. Great for breakfast cereals, in coffee, in meals and can even be drunk by itself.


  • Tastes similar to real milk
  • Reconstitutes well even with cold water
  • Full fat in a light form


  • Faint cooked milk odor
  • Very moisture sensitive


Nothing like the powdered non-fat milk commonly sold here in the US, Nestle's NIDO Dry Whole Milk is worth the effort to track down. The ingredients are simple; whole milk and a tiny bit (0.2%) of soy lecithin as an emulsifier. Being whole milk may contribute to the surprisingly good flavor, but it definitely adds some light to carry fat calories to a backcountry diet.


Instructions say to use warm water to reconstitute, but I just pour cold water into a bag with granola cereal and the NIDO powder and get good results. I also use it along with cheese powder to create a creamy tasting sauce for dinners. I don't put milk in my coffee but I have a feeling it would make a pretty good creamer based on the taste.

There is a slight odor issue, but having been raised on a dairy farm my nose is very sensitive when it comes to milk. It isn't a bad smell, sort of like steamed milk. It just seems to get my attention.


As you may notice from the packaging this is an international product produced in the Netherlands. There are other products sold under the NIDO name so look closely before purchasing.

I can definitely recommend Nestle's NIDO Dry Whole Milk for use on the trail or even at home for most purposes. If you really need a glass of milk to go with your cookies this stuff would probably work, but as part of a hot meal or with cereal in the morning it definitely does the trick. With its high fat content it is an easy to carry way for a thru hiker, or anyone really, to add some useful calories to their trail diet.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $19 1.98LB/900g


I would be definitely interested in trying this! Thanks for the review, LS.

7 years ago

I buy this stuff in the Mexican Food section. Its great! I agree that its not perfect but WAY better than the NF stuff, actually drinkable.

7 years ago
Daniel Oates

Sometimes milk just hits the spot. Been years since I've tried any brand. Thanks for the recommendation and review!

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, LoneStranger. It sounds like an actually drinkable milk.

7 years ago
Robert E. Whitten

This is as good as it vets for powdered milk. I get in the Mexican isle in Willy world. Mix with cervical

7 years ago

I use it at home as well and it's quite tasty. It mixes well in cold or hot water. Definitely carrying it into the field.

7 years ago

Oh, I found it at Walmart.

7 years ago

Good catch LS. I've been using this one for a while. If you check the recipe forums for hiking / camping you'll see this is the only one that is universally recommended. I certainly will echo your recommendation.

7 years ago

Nice review, gotta try it now.

7 years ago

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