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Steve's Paleogoods Dried Wild Blueberries

photo:   Steve's Paleogoods Dried Wild Blueberries snack/side dish


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A great addition in terms of variety and taste to the trail food/carbs category. Steve's dried blueberries taste great and have a consistency similar to raisins, as opposed to freeze dried blueberries I have tried. These reportedly pack 24 grams of carbs into once ounce.


  • Tasty
  • Dried


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I have been trying to steer away from energy bars lately. They can be dry, hard, odd-tasting, and they feel pretty artificial. I would much prefer a bag of dried fruit and nuts, maybe some chocolate chunks or m&ms mixed in. I always liked gorp as a kid. The trick is to mix things up, not use the same tired ingredients.

Enter these dried blueberries as an alternative. I have been experimenting with dried un-sulfured apricots, banana chips, dried apples as something different than raisins and ran across these at a local Whole Foods. I had previously discarded freeze dried blueberries as a possibility because they are so dry and prone to getting crushed into dust.  

These are different—very similar consistency to raisins, a little less dry than commercial raisins (closer to organic raisins or the yellow ones, I guess). And they retain the nice, tart taste of blueberries, which you get with the freeze-dried ones. I'm a fan.  


According to the package, one ounce has about 24 grams of carbs—more than you get from apples, apricots or raisins. And a great change of pace taste-wise. Whole Foods isn't cheap, though, and a 6 oz. bag was nearly 7 bucks.  

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Price Paid: $7

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