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Steve's Paleogoods Dried Wild Blueberries

photo:   Steve's Paleogoods Dried Wild Blueberries snack/side dish


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A great addition in terms of variety and taste to the trail food/carbs category. Steve's dried blueberries taste great and have a consistency similar to raisins, as opposed to freeze dried blueberries I have tried. These reportedly pack 24 grams of carbs into once ounce.


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  • Dried


  • Cost


I have been trying to steer away from energy bars lately. They can be dry, hard, odd-tasting, and they feel pretty artificial. I would much prefer a bag of dried fruit and nuts, maybe some chocolate chunks or m&ms mixed in. I always liked gorp as a kid. The trick is to mix things up, not use the same tired ingredients.

Enter these dried blueberries as an alternative. I have been experimenting with dried un-sulfured apricots, banana chips, dried apples as something different than raisins and ran across these at a local Whole Foods. I had previously discarded freeze dried blueberries as a possibility because they are so dry and prone to getting crushed into dust.  

These are different—very similar consistency to raisins, a little less dry than commercial raisins (closer to organic raisins or the yellow ones, I guess). And they retain the nice, tart taste of blueberries, which you get with the freeze-dried ones. I'm a fan.  


According to the package, one ounce has about 24 grams of carbs—more than you get from apples, apricots or raisins. And a great change of pace taste-wise. Whole Foods isn't cheap, though, and a 6 oz. bag was nearly 7 bucks.  

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Price Paid: $7


I love a variety of dried fruit, especially blueberries, Andrew. Thanks for the review. Now I want to go make some trail mix.

5 years ago

interesting, I've tried to steer clear of processed sugar and these have 19 grams per serving. the ingredients list only blueberries and apple juice concentrate, so do you think all that sugar comes from the apple juice?

5 years ago
andrew f.

i check the company's information and a few nutrition websites. the company claims they infuse fruit with apple juice concentrate for freshness purposes, as they otherwise have no preservatives. the sugars listed on the package are comparable to what nutrition websites list for an ounce of dried blueberries; i'm guessing most of the sugars are natural, concentrated because it's dried fruit. dried apricots, apples, bananas have somewhat lower amounts of sugar; raisins are similar to blueberries; dried pineapples and strawberries, somewhat more sugar.

5 years ago

ah ok...then I'll be buying these too! thanks!

5 years ago

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