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Swiss Volcano Stove

photo:   Swiss Volcano Stove solid fuel stove


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Similar to the Kelly, much lighter and less costly and is its own canteen, stove, and cup.


  • Aluminum-lightweight-3 piece
  • Fast cooking
  • Solid fuel


  • Aluminum
  • Maybe not as stable as some stoves
  • Getting more expensive


In the photo plastic cup on top merely holds heat in making it boil faster. Plastic cup, which is extra out of your kitchen, also keeps warm drinks warm longer in the winter and the extra cup allows you to keep using the stove and metal cup.

I've used one of these and the original Esbit for years. The Volcano is three pieces, well four if you count the cork, that slip into each other, burn solid fuel tabs, twigs, paper, etc.

Boils 16 oz water in less than five minutes with one fuel tab.

I place a screen or metal license plate under it for stability in snow, some folks use a light piece of wood, there are drawbacks to each.

Costs about $35 each now, but wasn't but three years ago one could buy two for $20, so maybe some deals still await you...but once in awhile, because they are surplus from the Swiss Army, you can't always find one on the market. Right now you can via Amazon and eBay [too expensive mostly on the Bay].

Canteen holds 32oz, cup holds 16oz and has a cork...and keeps cold water cooler without insulation because it is aluminum. Never leaks. I'm not big on using aluminum. I never use it at home, but for outdoor trips I do.

Metal cup has a folding handle.

All lock together.

10.5inches tall, less than 3.5inches in diameter. Fits in many pack side pockets real well. Condor makes a bag it fits in perfectly.

It weighs 14oz.

You can't cook steak on it, but it is an excellent stove for fast, hot liquids when you need them or want to take a break or meals needing water.

If you ever have to replace the cork, Widgetco in Texas specializes in corks and stoppers and this particular cork cost about 95 cents.

Source: Swiss military surplus but new unused


Welcome to Trailspace, Old Guide. Nice first review.

7 years ago

Welcome to Trailspace, Old Guide! I hope you'll share more reviews with us.

7 years ago
Old Guide

I bought two more and gave them to my two oldest grandkids for Christmas. I told them, 'Don't think I'm going to do all the carrying and cooking in the future as I have in the past.'

6 years ago

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