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Water Wizard for River Runners

photo:   Water Wizard for River Runners chemical water treatment


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Although designed primarily for river runners, this chemical treatment product works equally well for hikers and campers who need to settle the dirt and sediment out of water before filtering it or treating it for drinking.

Follow the directions by adding the appropriate number of drops of the Water Wizard solution to muddy water, stir briskly, and within a minute or two the result is clean, clear water. The Water Wizard solution is actually polyaluminum chloride which has been in standard use for decades at municipal water treatment plants.


  • Works great.
  • Easy to use.
  • Clears up even the muddiest water.
  • Compact and convenient to carry and use.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Not inexpensive.
  • The delivery tube sometimes fails (but several are included).

It is great to find a product that works and does a great job. Water Wizard clears up the muddiest water for use within minutes, so that it can be filtered or treated for drinking (this product just makes the sediment drop out, it does not sterilize the water and make it potable).

Read the easy-to-follow directions, add the appropriate number of drops to your dirty water, stir vigorously, and then sit back and enjoy the magic. All dirt and sediment will settle out to the bottom of your container of choice.  The clear water should then be carefully poured off (so as not to stir up the layer of sediment on bottom).

One package of Water Wizard costs $13.95, includes two bottles of solution, several measured and graduated delivery tubes, and instructions to treat up to 250 gallons of water. Designed primarily for river runners, this product belongs in the kit of any hiker or backpacker who expects to encounter muddy water that would otherwise clog up a water filter.

We used this product on a recent raft trip down the San Juan river during the summer thunderstorm season. Although the river water was thick with silt and sediment, we were able to make 20 gallons of clear water within 10 minutes to use for washing dishes.

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Welcome to Trailspace! Thanks for the review. I didn't know anything about this product.

6 years ago

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