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Wells Lamont Insulated Work Gloves

photo:   Wells Lamont Insulated Work Gloves insulated glove/mitten


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Bulky, don't work well. When trying to hold button down, it would press the button I was intending and the one next to it stopping the machinery.

The lining pulls out a little when you sweat in it. You would definitely have to put a fan on these overnight or put them in the dryer to dry out the liner if you plan on using these gloves daily. You could buy two pairs and rotate them out.  

I do labor with steady walking and moving for 4 to 8 hours outdoors. These gloves kept me warm and I was sweating down to 40°. I believe you could go between 20° to 40° with these gloves as long as you are moving and generating heat.

These gloves don’t say they are waterproof so I really doubt they are. I did not give them the bucket test due to the fact I bought them at wal mart. I have found that Walmart's waterproof products are not waterproof at all aside from the PVC nylon rain suit that works alright.  

For a decent cheap, possible durable pair of warm gloves that is sold at your local Walmart that you don’t have to worry about operating intricate controls these would be fine. I have yet to really wear these daily with hard labor just mild labor. Your results may differ.

Price Paid: $20 or less at local wal mart store

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