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Outdoor Research Double Bug Bivy

rated 4.0 of 5 stars

The Double Bug Bivy has been discontinued. It was replaced by the Outdoor Research Bug Bivy.

photo: Outdoor Research Double Bug Bivy bivy sack

The Double Bug Bivy is a good solution for the single ultralight backpacker that is willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for weight savings and protection from the creatures of the night.


  • Lightweight
  • Low pack volume
  • Fast deployment


  • Mildly difficulty to enter and exit

I deployed this product on a solo trip in Arizona. The location was a riparian area loaded with black flies and mosquitos...not to mention swarms of bugs that liked to land on an individual to (presumably) stroll around a moist, salty environment.

Camped on a ridge above a main trail and flowing creek the bivy was laid out in a fairly flat area on an old superlight sleeping pad. The older pad did not have any 'stickability' so a tendency to slide downhill at night was a minor issue.

My Feathered Friends bag slipped nicely into the bivy's ample space. Entering the bag and the bivy was a bit of a chore as the two bags wanted to slide away, but once encapsulated the bivy was comfortable and not claustrophobic.

The bivy worked very well providing total bug protection and peace of mind. A minor issue was that the single hoop tended to fall down allowing the mesh fabric to lay upon the sleeper's face. This required frequent adjusment through the night.

Also, avoid that evening cup of tea...the entry and exit procedure of the bivy does not lend itself to frequent nighttime bathroom breaks, a consideration for 63-year-old males like myself.

Overall, the product worked fine for its intended pupose and the price is right. It does not offer the convenience or comfort of a tent. It does keep one separated from the bugs at an extremely light and compact package. It also can serve as a potential survival shelter when toted on day hikes.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $70

I love this product. I've used mine for over 20 years with few complaints. I am a big guy, and usually use it for myself alone. The normal, single-sized version is too narrow for my shoulders but the double offers the space I need to really stretch out. I've used it backpacking, rafting, and sometimes in concert with a tarp or other rain fly. Works great in the desert and with my outdoor profession (archaeologist), it is an essential. I wish they still made these.


  • I love it because it is super lightweight, but also gives me room to move around a bit (with one person) while also keeping bugs and other critters off my face and body.
  • The single pole and a couple light tent stakes or guy lines keep it taut.


  • It is too small for two people to fit in comfortably, but great for one person.
  • After 20 years of use the inside of the pole sleeve is somehow getting sticky and is making the pole stick.
  • Unfortunately, OR stopped making these or I'd order a new one.


20+ years in the back country!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: It was a gift over 20 years ago.

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Price MSRP: $79.00
Historic Range: $75.00-$149.95
Reviewers Paid: $70.00