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Thinx Classic Undies

Dealing with periods in the backcountry can be incredibly frustrating. But Thinx unswear just might offer a solution. Periods are a regular part of most women's life. And yet they're still taboo to talk about. Instead of weighing all of our options, we pace along the period aisle in the grocery store, opting to use the most popular products (pads and tampons). But what other options are there? And how do you begin to handle periods in the backcountry? As someone who spends a lot of time in the wilderness,… Full review

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Simms BugStopper Hoody

A comfortable, technical hoody that keeps you cool and blocks biting bugs and the sun. I purchased my first Simms Bugstopper Hoody, last spring. Although I bought it specifically for fly fishing, the Bugstopper quickly became my go-to choice for sun and insect protection for all of my outdoor activities. The Bugstopper is a technological marvel of clothing. The polyester fabric is treated with several of the latest in high tech fabric treatments. These include; Insectshield, a process that binds… Full review

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Rab Men's Xenon X Jacket

This is the best warmth-for-weight ratio synthetic jacket I have found. Totally windproof, and RAB has made this jacket with VERY few seams so the wind can't even find a way in through the Pertex Quantum. It has Primaloft Gold Active 60 grams, with double in the chest area to create hand warmer pockets. I can truly say, if you like the Pat Nano, YOU WILL LOVE THIS. This jacket seals up every cuff, collar, and seam up against your skin, and combined with the tailoring of it having few seams to begin… Full review

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L.L.Bean Men's Sweater Fleece Pullover

This is my go-to pullover that can be worn as an outdoor activity "sweatshirt" or keep it on inside as a great fitting and good looking sweater fleece. I have owned this for over two years. I pretty much wear it every day from November to April unless it's being washed and air dried. This product fits great, but I always air dry it to prevent shrinking. It is much warmer than I expected.  Full review

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Bridgedale Hike Lightweight T2 Boot

A well-made pair of socks that have ample cushioning, but run a little warmer than I had expected. The non-wool Coolmax technology has its pros and cons, but is overall favorable. Best worn when hiking in cooler temperatures. Conditions:I’ve worn the Bridgedale Hike Light Weight T2 socks in a wide range of temps and conditions from April to October in the mid-Atlantic, USA. From cold, wet hikes to midsummer humidity, I’ve worn the socks on countless occasions with four different pairs of footwear—sandals,… Full review

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Thunderbolt Sportswear Mark II Original Jean

Buyer be warned, this is a horrible company. Overpriced pants and zero customer service. Buyer be warned, this is a horrible company. They are happy to take your money but will not return your calls or emails if you have any problems with your order. The Mark II Jeans are incredibly overpriced for the quality. If you buy anything from them, be prepared to live with it. The 90-day return policy is a joke as their customer service will just ignore you. Full review

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Houdini Desoli Zip

The Houdini Desoli Zip is labeled as a base layer, but the 150g/sqm weight of the 100 percent Merino wool makes it double as an excellent backpacking shirt. The slim fit combined with the long arms and torso work well with various pack sizes. Soft wool and precise, flat stitching provide wonderful comfort that held up very well to use and abuse. Houdini impressed me with their Alpha Houdi a few years back so I took a chance on a couple of their Desoli Zip Merino wool shirts this year. I meant to… Full review