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Ozark Trail 12 x 14 Screen House

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The 12 x 14 Screen House has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best tents and shelters for 2022.

We LOVED this screen room!! Had it for many years and now it's starting to show signs of wear (we camp on a beach, in the sun). The size (12x14) along with the cabin wall design provided so much room. I wish we could get another!!!


  • The size!

If anyone has the screen room part we'd buy it.

If not...anyone needing poles etc, let me know that too. If I can't get another screen, I'd sell the poles and corner pieces!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: can't remember

I purchased the Ozark Trail 12x14 Screen House at Wal-Mart before our last camping trip and it was functional...barely.

The set-up is extremely complicated and took two persons over an hour to complete, including all staking of the structure and guy lines as required by the instructions. We placed the screen house over a picnic table at the campsite and it did a fairly good job of keeping insects out while we were eating.

The campground received a moderate rain on the second night and the roof collected water in several places, causing the screen house to collapse. This was not a heavy rain by any means as no other shelters or tents collapsed. The weight of the water actually bent several poles on the roof and one leg. This probably could have been prevented by adding more yellow support poles to the roof.

My experience with Ozark Trail equipment has been to reinforce the old adage "you get what you pay for". I highly recommend that anyone looking for a good screen house spend the additional money and get a Swiss Gear. Don't try to save a few dollars and end up with a POS like this one.

Design: 10x14 Screen House
Ease of Setup: Extremely Difficult
Price Paid: $57

Version reviewed: WMT-1410

Three-way hub gables needed for model# WMT-1410!


  • Nice size


  • Corner pieces broke in the wind

This model has been discontinued and I only need two parts to fix it. No information on where I can get replacement parts. I need one of part number GBLL-05 (three-way hub gable left) and one of part number GBLR-05 (three-way hub gable right).

Any idea where I can get these two parts? My email is Thank you. 


This still has a lot of life left in it and I would love to be able to fix it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Don't recall

I’m selling the majority of this tent for parts.

I bought two of these tents new last year from a yard sale. The were never opened by the seller. We have only been using one since. After a pretty bad storm at the beach, a few of the poles we are moving onto the next new one and selling the first for parts.

We have the majority of the parts, including the screen room still intact. All come with the original bag that still looks new.

Contact me at gmail.

D E P I C T M E 

Let me know if you’re still interested.


Great without storms! Bring the whole thing down when the winds are +20 miles per hour.

Source: bought it new

Great sized tent, but the poles are a pain!


  • Size
  • Quality materials


  • Poles
  • Setup
  • Roof

We have a love-hate relationship with this screen tent. When it's up, we LOVE it! But, the slightest wind or rain and the whole thing comes down because of flimsy roof design. After multiple storms/fall downs, the screen portion has suffered some massive wounds. 

We repaired it as many times as possible (sewing screens, duct-tape, etc), but it doesn't have much left in it. If anyone has one they want to sell, we only need the screen tent part, no poles—please let me know!!!

I got this from a friend. Need the manual if anyone has it. Please email it Can't find it anywhere online due to it being discontinued. Any help even a picture would be great. Thank you!!

In desperate need of the instructions!! This is one puzzle I can't figure out. Got it from a friend and there are no instructions or even a picture of it. Either would be most appreciated! Please email either to 

Source: received it as a personal gift

We bought this screen house at an auction for $5. Great for our buffet line for family camping. Sadly it blew over over in a storm last night breaking two corner pieces and the middle X broke. We are looking for these pieces if anyone wants to sell.


  • Super big
  • Packs in nice size bag


  • Takes more than two people to set up and an extra tall person to tie pole straps.

Really loved this screen house, very nice size.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $5

Version reviewed: WMT-1412R

Hard to set up for one person. It take 2 people at least to set this screen house up.

I have lost the instructions and the list of parts to the Screen House. I was wondering if anyone can email me the instructions and List of parts.  Model # WMT-1412R.  I would appreciate any help I can get.

Source: I recceived it as part of the divorce.

Have parts for one I'm planning to dispose of!!! If you want 'em you can have 'em. Just pay the postage. Will keep 'em until 8/1/11 then they're gone.

Great product, however, like everyone else, unable to locate replacement parts.

We use it for everything, cookouts, sleeping out or just because. We've gotten our money's worth, but there is still some life in her....trying not to pull the plug yet.

Any thoughts as to where we can locate 4 way hub gables(GBLE-02) for Model #WMT-1412R (screened house), please email. Thank you!

We love the size of the tent and we used it for a week with no problems. The second time we set it up one of the poles snapped and now I can't find where I can get replacement poles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sleeps: 6+
Price Paid: $120

We have a 14' x 10 'x 84" screen house, model WMT-1410. It has been used about 5-6 times over the last 2 yrs. The 2nd time we used it, we had a hard thunder shower and the roof puddled along the side bars and collapsed the unit shattering all the 3-way hub gables. We replaced them at a cost almost that of the initial purchase. Now today, after another hard rain, the same thing happened.

It is of poor design, in that this could be avoided using 2 more yellow, curved roof poles which would not allow the rain to puddle on the roof. My husband and I were in the screen room, keeping the rain from puddling for more than a half hour. When we left, it collapsed. We will not replace the 3-way hubs again.

The screening and roof are all in excellent condition, along with all the poles, etc. With two more roof poles, I'm sure this could be prevented. Too bad.

Price Paid: around $40

- Painful in the extreme to set up.
- Corners have split on the seams.
- Top center roof pole support broke... forget buying the part, the company doesn't have them.

Find something simple to set up, reliable, durable and with product support.
...forget this POS.

Design: Dome...
Sleeps: 1
Ease of Setup: PAINFUL!!
Weight: 40 lbs
Price Paid: $???

I borrowed this screen tent and thought it was a pain to put up...the center hub broke forcing me to duck tape it to keep it together. The new types that go right up without connections are so much better. It was a nice size though and eventually got up with extra tape.

Anyone have spare parts for sale? I need to replace the center hub (CTRH-02) since this broke while I was using it.


Ease of Setup: poor...nearly caused divorce
Price Paid: borrowed

If anyone has a hub gable or #1 Roof pole, I would be interested in buying those parts. I loved the size of this screen house but after a few uses, the 4-way hub gable cracked and a couple of the curved roof poles bent a little.

Tried to buy replacement parts but they were discontinued. Repaired the cracked gable with duct tape and was able to use it one more time but then gave up on the cracked part and bought another smaller screen room.

I would still like to use it though, and I have a copy of the parts page but didn't find the manual. I need part GBL-02 and could use part RPL1-02.

Design: screen room
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: medium - poles numbered
Weight: 10 lbs??
Price Paid: 80 - 120??

The poles to this tent was lost due to moving. How can I get a new set of poles for my tent?

Design: 14 x 12 screen house
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: 8
Weight: not too heavy
Price Paid: $59

Walmart as of 2/09 has a new version which is tan, octogon shape and a real beauty, 15' X 13'. The shelf said $49 but at the register it was only $38. Gotta love Wal-mart when you're not a big money dilbert like me!

Design: Screen house
Ease of Setup: Good
Weight: 20 pounds?
Price Paid: $39

I loved this Screened House. I have been trying to replace it ever since I lost it in a wind storm. I put it up in my yard for my now wife's bridal shower. I had it spiked down and secured really good. It looked wonderful in the yard so I decided to leave it for a while. I came in from work one day and to my surprise it was 60 yards away from me all torn up from landing on my neighbor's spiked fence. It was torn up pretty bad so I decided to trash it.

Had I have known that this particular screen house was so hard to find, I would have bought a kit and tried to repair it. If anyone reading this review has any idea where I can purchase another one just like it, please contact me at


Price Paid: $130

I was wondering if anyone out there can e-mail me the manual. I packed my Ozark Trail WMT1412R 14'x12' Screen House away because of Huricane Katrina and I guess in all the confusion I did not pack the manual in a waterproof container. My screen house and all the poles were safe but the manual got water soaked and since we did not get the screen house out it is now unreadable besides we cannot separate the pages.

I am now ready to put up the screen house on my back patio so my grandchildren can play without the bugs getting them or the sun burning them along with eating out there. If you have the manual and can scan it and e-mail me I would really appreciated it. I loved sitting outside and eat dinner in the screen house and mess it.

Please help if you can, thank you. Patty B

Design: WMT1412R 14' x 12' Screen House
Ease of Setup: not hard at all with the manual
Price Paid: don't remember

I have large screen house and I love it. It gets used very hard every summer. We do a lot of camping. It's starting to wear out and I'm looking to replace but can't find one anywhere. Can someone point me to the person please. Thank you.

Design: 12 x 14 Screen House
Ease of Setup: By myself I put it up in approx. 1 hr. with help at the most 30 min.
Weight: 30-40 lbs not sure
Price Paid: $45

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