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Ozark Trail 9 x 7 Tent 3-4 Person

rated 2.0 of 5 stars

Tent was affordable and the only style our Walmart had available. Taking it down, the mechanism in the main center pole snapped down on my fingers and nearly took my fingertips off at the joints. It took a passerby to release the mechanism to get free. Please use extreme caution when using these type tents (instant tent).


  • Sets up easily with minimal effort


  • Claimed to fit two queen-sized air mattresses—just enough room for one and a gear bag.
  • Please use extreme caution when handling center pole during setup or take down. Since my experience, I have talked to two other people who had similar experiences.

I have since talked with three of my friends who have had similar experiences. Please put a warning on the direction pages to prevent any serious injury to others.

I am still experiencing neurological problems with two of the affected fingers. If this happens to a youth, it could easily be a major problem.  


I have owned several tents in the past 45 years. First time purchasing an easy up tent.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $110

Ozark Trail 7 x 9 x 59" 4 Person Tent. Lasted approximately 18 (eighteen) years.


  • Setup's quick
  • wWaterproof
  • Takes some pretty strong winds.
  • Extreme longevity for me—probably set up 120-140 days of mostly temperate weather, but through all kinds for about eighteen years.


  • None

Had it about 18 years (Ozark Trail 7x9x59") 40 mph+ wind finally tore one fly fastener and the zipper on the D-door finally went yesterday, too.

A valiant tent! Pitched in many more than a dozen states and in Ontario and Quebec provinces. Needed waterproofing infrequently. It went down 27 March 2016—great for nearly two decades. R.I.P. !

Source: bought it new

Poles are junk split after first use.


  • $20 shipping to Canada from U.S. for new poles

Do not buy. Poles split and are poorly made. save yourself buy quality spend the extra money or rent a tent. bought one from walmart used it and then the poles split thank god for the duct tape phone company they told me no receipt so i could not prove when bought no warranty so they could send me new ones for 20$ for new ones i could not even get them to send me them for free as i was fairly new so people save your money ozart trail tent avoid buying buy a brand your famailar with and ask around remember you get what your pay for cheap price cheap tent

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: around 50


Price Paid: 36.00

Used twice, poles split and can't get replacements even though I've got the PART NUMBER. Not good customer support, bought from asda, very unhelpful.

Design: dome with porch
Sleeps: 3

Well I don't know if me and my friend just got lucky, but we got this tent 3 years ago. The first two times we used it (2 tents) it rained all night. Everyone else got wet but not us. Our tents did not let any water in at all. I love this tent. It's easy to set up, roomy and it did not let any water in. Just love it.

Sleeps: 4
Price Paid: $70

Originally, I thought it was gonna be perfect for me, however, there are NO window flaps, and the rain soaked the tent -- basically the fly did nothing. So, I am returning this tent for a refund. Sam

Design: cute dome, but useless
Sleeps: 2
Ease of Setup: easy
Weight: not much
Price Paid: $30

My son got this tent for Christmas. This weekend we put it up and he was so thrilled. My daughter spilled some soda in the tent so we decided to let the tent stand for one more day and then we would take it down on Monday. I had some work to do, so I thought I would wait for him to take it down.

When I got back home I noticed that the tent was partly down so I went to fix it but one of the poles had broken in wind gust that reached 15 mph. I did get a hold of costumer service and they told me it would cost $14.49 to replace it and I would have to send a money order. They would not take my check.

Design: sport dome tent 9' x 8' x48"
Sleeps: 4
Ease of Setup: has 3 poles in sections not to hard to set up

My family received this tent as a gift. We used it 1 time and only had it set up for 2 1/2 days. Then we had to take it down due to rain because of course it leaked. None the less when we took it down both sets of poles where broken!

As we started to fold up the polls they split all the way down the side making them useless!!!!

Design: 7x7 3 person dome tent
Sleeps: 3
Ease of Setup: I set it up by myself
Weight: unsure
Price Paid: Gift

I bought this tent and the first time my family went camping 8 out of 9 poles broke. When I called the company they called it mother nature and I would have to pay for new poles. It rained 2 days, not a hurricane. And when I said the tent said it repels all kinds of weather and our tent was soaked she replied no tent is waterproof.

Design: Ozark Trail 3 dome
Sleeps: 6+
Price Paid: $100

My fiance and I bought an Ozark Trail tent in the Spring/Summer of 2004. We camp quite a bit from May to September, and we have never had a problem with our tent. Both of my sisters bought Ozark Trail tents as well, and none of us have had any problems. Of course over time, tents may start to leak, or the poles may "get bad" but it is just a tent. They are water/weather RESISTANT, NOT water/weather PROOF. We got ours from Wal-Mart, and I think that we got our money's worth.

Design: "three-season dome"
Sleeps: 6+
Ease of Setup: Super Easy- it takes us about 5 minutes, maybe
Weight: 10-15 pounds?
Price Paid: $92

Never try their product! I bought a tent and took it hiking. It turned out that NorthPole forgot to pack the rainfly with the tent! Their customer service is so rude that they even 'advise' me that it is my fault not to check the tent before leaving home. Try every means to avoid this brand!

Design: dome
Sleeps: 4
Price Paid: $35

I love this tent. I have had no problems with it at all! I have heard that these tents should only last about 2-3 seasons, I have had mine for 5!! I usually use it about 6 times a season so it does get used. I have never had any rain get into it and I have never sealed the seams!! For the price you can't beat it!

This is my first tent purchase. Thought I'd learn with an inexpensive one. This is a nice summer tent if there is no rain. It has good ventilation. The door zipper gets stuck easily and is pretty noisy. All in all, it worked great for a short trip to a state park. Later I wanted to test how waterproof it was before I headed out on a longer trip. I had sealed the seams as recommended (will look for factory sealed seams on next tent). Alas, the tent failed the rain test in the first good downpour. This is a good tent for the kids to use in the backyard but if you want to stay dry, look elsewhere. I am convinced the pricier tents are worth their pricetags. I do appreciate the feedback of others on this site...hope to avoid a more expensive mistake.

Design: dome
Sleeps: 3
Ease of Setup: easy
Price Paid: $40

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Price MSRP: $39.97
Reviewers Paid: $30.00-$110.00
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