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Ozark Trail Air Mattress Velour Top

rated 1.5 of 5 stars

I purchased Ozark Trail Elevated Twin size air mattress last year. I have tried many others already and there is not one that has lasted this long or is as comfortable as this. I use it every night. My husband and I are on different sleeping schedules and this works great. I had so many problems sleeping until I found this. I have a hereditary disease that causes me so much pain. This bed is the most comfortable bed I have slept on for my back and hip and leg problems. I have not had any problems with leaking or holes. I never expected it to last this long. I need a new one because this week it lost it's shape. I wish it hadn't.... but I definitely got my money's worth. I bought a couple of others the same brand and they were not as high as this one. I would love to find the same exact Ozark Trail Elevated mattress as this one. I never deflate it. I carry it to the garage in the morning after I strip it. I am afraid to purchase a different brand since I haven't been able to find the exact same one as this. I am really shocked that so many have had a bad experience with this bed.

Update: November 22, 2007

I purchased an Ozark Trail Elevated Twin size air mattress last year. I have tried many others already and there is not one that has lasted this long or is as comfortable as this. I use it every night. My husband and I are on different sleeping schedules and this works great.

I had so many problems sleeping until I found this. I have a hereditary disease that causes me so much pain. This bed is the most comfortable bed I have slept on for my back and hip and leg problems. I have not had any problems with leaking or holes. I never expected it to last this long.

I need a new one because this week it lost its shape. I wish it hadn't... but I definitely got my money's worth. I bought a couple of others the same brand and they were not as high as this one. I would love to find the same exact Ozark Trail Elevated mattress as this one. I never deflate it. I carry it to the garage in the morning after I strip it. I am afraid to purchase a different brand since I haven't been able to find the exact same one as this. I am really shocked that so many have had a bad experience with this bed.

Price Paid: $29.99

We got the Queen Airbed Kit Mattress (Velour Top) at a nearby Walmart for $29.88 plus tax last Thursday, July 22 and went camping the next day.

First, it took almost 30 min to inflate it with the provided pump (plus another $8 for the batteries, which were not included). Then in the middle of the night at 10,000 ft elevation and about 40 degrees F I felt it started to deflate, and by sunrise my bottom was on the ground, with a 3-year old right next to me.

Needless to say, I want to return this item and get my money back. BUT... the Walmart Customer Service rep (store #1208 in Wheat Ridge, CO) refused to give us our money back or the store credit saying it is the store policy NOT TO, based on the agreement with the manufacturer (?).

Nowhere in site this was mentioned near the shelves where those mattresses are displayed. Instead, she referred us to the manufacturer's 800 number on the bottom of the box; we also noticed a big sign on the insert inside the box saying "Do Not Return to the Store - Contact the Manufacturer First". Boy, I should have paid more attention to it before opening and using the damn mattress...

Basically, between my husband and I we've spent over an hour on hold (!) trying to reach a Customer Service rep on the 1-800-325-4121 number (printed on the bottom of the box) that manufacturer has indicated.

Then a girl named Kelly informed me they (the manufacturer) do not do any type of monetary exchanges with the customers, it should be done at the store where we bought the product - excuse me?!?! She said she could only help me exchange the product based on the 90-day warranty... Well, I DO NOT NEED another crappy mattress, thank you very much. One night in the cold on the ground was wa-a-a-y enough for me and my baby.

PLEASE save your money and time and buy another product made by another company, not Ozark Trail. By the way, we have been using another Queen-size mattress for over 5 years, and it does just fine. A poor-quality product shows itself in the first try, however, I would have never thought it would be such a pain in the rear to return it in exchange for my hard-earned cash. Damn you, Walmart and Ozark Trail. I will post this review on any website that sells this worthless item, for the whole world to see.

Price Paid: $29.88

Version reviewed: Useless Airbeds and CHEAP-O Lame products.

Useless Airbeds and CHEAP-O Lame products.

What this writer and hopeful but disgusted reviewer/user of the Wal-mart backed,*Ozark Trails company (after 3 years or more) of being an air bed customer I cannot seem to understand the thought that this company has NOT improved their products and they remain cheaply put together as they FAIL in eventual use, one way or another, I.M.O and experience and I am by no means a rough and tumble or abusive individual or user/purchaser of ANY products, much less the flimsy and delicate things I have bought over the last 10 years or more...including Tents that leak and fall apart.

Yes,I laud GOOD WORKMANSHIP! I realize it makes the product more expensive...but it seems ALL the Wally world backed gear or utility items regarding camping or sleeping is shaky or shady at best after it's warranty period is up and many times even before that...
but that's another matter...and I must digress because I am getting off topic compared to Ozark Trails gear & items.

I am left with a bad taste in my mouth as though I ate a bad thing and left for to be disgusted and disgruntled as to my interests in these products overall and I think if I were given a 1 to 10 rating response to this to/for their air bed products,It'd have to be a 3 or 4 for the fact that I actually was able to USE it for a time BEFORE it Leaked~slowly but surely and in some it's the seams and in others...God knows...the Valve? They can crack from simple insertion of the pump DESIGNED to go into it.

That is a matter of POOR QUALITY engineering (.)

And then the design of the raised pillow of the end...since it doesn't can give one neck or head aches if using a separate pillow and if you don't use one it's gimpy and almost inappropriate for GOOD head AND neck resting.

I CHALLENGE this company to DO BETTER...And...*YOU guys owe me a New bed, for the 5th time in 3 years!

Price Paid: varied

I'm here to write a review on a product, not make an opinion toward other reviewers, except one. Wade T Smith III is an idiot in stating claims of cry babies, or people that do not care for their products as justifications for writing bad reviews. Respect the claims that a product with 1 star average rating in 28 is inadequate in quality (and that is just this site) Go to the Walmart site and see over 99 reviews with inadequate ratings. That is the sole purpose of these review pages.

I purchased my mattress new on 09/03/03. I used it once when my mother came to visit. The second time I used it nearly one year later, it began to deflate overnight. Unfortunately, exchanging it would be impossible even at that time.

I checked the mattress carefully. It has a small hole in the side where a crease has been made in the plastic for appearances. The hole is obviously a manufacturer's defect. the flocking on the side and the crease makes patching difficult, if not nearly impossible.

I am going to attempt a second patch by carefully removing the flocking and using a patch kit by I should not have to do this for a NEW mattress, that was kept in impeccable condition, even now.

I take great care in my equipment, and repacked it in the original box after each use(It looks new!) I used it on a vinyl floor that was clean, & smooth. This product lacks the quality of a "Coleman", and the backing by "Walmart" and "Ozark Trails".

For the amount I spent, it should have been a better quality product. Don't waste your money.

Listen to the majority, and check reviews BEFORE you purchase. Spend the extra and by a better made, and manufacturer/Seller backed product. Check the return and/or exchange policy on the product BEFORE you buy it.

I hope this review helps.

Price Paid: $52.75

Please read: I can tell you how to get your money back if you have purchased the ozark trail air bed. So keep reading...

Ok so I to purchased the ozark trail elevated air bed (queen size) for $50 and got it home and it would not hold air at all. So I took it back to Walmart and they told me that I could exchange it or get something of greater value because it has already been opened. So I said ok and just got another one thinking I must have picked up a bad one got it home and it did the same thing. So that was $50 dollars down the drain so I just went and purchased a regular ozark trail queen air mattress for $31.88 got it home hadn't had it pumped up an hour and it already was loosing air.

So I thought about it and this is what I did. I took the air mattress back to walmart told customer service that it was not holding air and I wanted to exchange it for another one exactly the same. Took it home I did not open it. I kept my reciept and went back later that night after the new shift came on told the lady I decided I didn't want it and she could see that It had never been OPENED so what did she have to do... Yes, she had to give me my money back because of there policy if it hasn't been opened then you may get your money back...

Crazy I know but yes it works so here is every ones solution to the problem and I hope everyone will take my advice and never purcase and thing with the name ozark trail on it. Get the coleman air mattress I did and I love it and I have not had a problem out of it yet.

Price Paid: $31.88

The tricks to getting an Ozark or Intex air mattress to last a long time (mine last for several years constant use):

1) inflate it just enough so the 2 way valve seats properly, otherwise it can leak from underinflation. Expect some leakage over a long time (like several months).  Then, if it seems to be getting soft, again, it may just be that you need to top it off for the same reason.

2) don't over-inflate or a hole or seam break will occur

3) when you get into bed, don't put all your weight on it in one place.  Instead get on it like you were going to lie down on top of someone.  That way you won't be putting very high force on the same place every time you use it.  If you get on it like you would a normal bed, then you will get a break at a seam at that spot for every mattress you buy.

4) rotate the mattress every month or so; that way you get more wear out of it.   You could flip it over too, just like with a normal mattress.

5) cover the mattress with a thick blanket or two, then put the sheets on top.  That helps spread the force so it is not concentrated.

6) don't sleep on your side in such a way that you often put all the force of your hip directly on the seam (if it has parallel beams)

7) don't let kids jump on it;  treat it appropriately.

8) if it has two valves (the big one and a little one like a beach raft), then make sure the little one is plugged properly

9) if it develops a leak, then get the proper vinyl patching kit, sand off the flocking, apply the patch, put a weight on the patch, and let dry 24 hrs.

Price Paid: $30

I have bought two of these in the past three months; both leak from day one and they both leak air at the seams. This is the worst air mattress I have ever bought, have to pump up it every hour and half. Absolute worst.


  • None


  • Leaks air quickly

Worst air mattress ever. Purchased two, both leaked from day 1 at the seams. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25

So, I keep reading about how people have bought like 4 or 5 more mattresses after each one of them have deflated or was defective. I'm having the same issues. However, I will not buy any more than the one that I have purchased.

I was sleeping on a twin sized futon until my mother needed it for the living room. So, to save money I decided to get an air mattress until I could afford a real bed. I bought the queen sized airbed kit from Ozark Trails. I purchased it at Wal-mart. With in a few days the air mattress deflated to the ground in the middle of the night.

I was highly disappointed.. so I brought it back to Wal-mart for an exchange. I got the new mattress and with in the first night the bed deflated half way. It did come with a pump but I found my mothers plug in pump and I used that one instead. But the next morning I still woke up with my butt on the ground. So, needless to say, I am never again buying another one. I will just use this one until I can get a new bed.

My advice to the people buying multiples of them after each one deflates.. just save your money and buy a new bed. After about four of those you will have $120.. enough to go on craigslist and get a bed.

They say to not bring it back to the retailer but what are you suppose to do? Deal with customer service and some how maybe get a new air mattress that will just deflate again? I say that they should just let consumers bring it back and get their refund.

Price Paid: $30

Bought a full size a month ago. We use it on Friday nights for a grandson to sleep on. Only holds air till the middle of the night.


  • Easy setup


  • Won’t hold air all night

I am not satisfied with this product at all. The only good things are the ease of setting it up and putting away. It won’t hold air all night. You wake up on the floor.

Very disappointed. Glad I only wasted 25 dollars.


I owned one like this for years and it wore out. Just like everything else I guess. Now the new one doesn’t hold air all night. You wake up and you're sleeping on the floor.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25

When my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment, we bought several regular air mattresses. Needless to say they were horrible, so we went out and purchased the Ozark Trail Queen size memory foam mattress. It was great! Felt like sleeping on a real mattress, then we got a kitten, big mistake on our part yes, she got into the room and put a little hole in it :(

So we went out and bought a new one, this one a little different it didn't have the felt on it, it was PVC top and sides we've now had this for 3 weeks. We ended up giving our kitten away before we bought the new mattress so we wouldn't have to keep going out and getting a new one when it got a hole or whatever..

This new mattress is HORRIBLE!!! We've had it for 3 weeks like I said, this being the 3rd week. Last week it started to deflate a little every day. We'd pump it up, This week between the memory foam and top layer keeps getting these huge air bubbles we let the air out and the bed deflates. I don't understand, we purchased the bed at Walmart they will not exchange it, And now we're out $90 for an air mattress we can't use any longer..

I do not recommend this particular product to anyone, the first one we got with the felt top on it was EXCELLENT and I wish it didn't get a hole in it. This one however is horrible, not sure if someone may have used it and returned it previously or not.. but regardless DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!

First one I bought was returned the second day and replacement did not even last three months. Internal pump is a VERY BAD IDEA...I'm out $60. Not sure if after a few months it still has guarantee.


  • If it held the air it would be a decent air mattress


  • Don't buy any mattress with internal pump...baaad idea



Terrible. Had to pump it up almost every day from initial purchase.

Source: bought it new

This is the worst waste of money, please do not waste your time! I bought this air mattress out of state on a family vacation to use in the hotel room so we could save money. Little did I know I was actually wasting money and setting myself up for more frustration than anything. Within a month of buying this bed it was leaking.

I eventually found leaks in the seams and patched them, but it has been an exercise in uselessness to even try to fix this matress. It seems the more I try to patch the leaks the more the leaks multiple. It's almost as if by patching one leak the air again has no escape and builds pressure inside the bed until it causes a new leak. I for some reason have kept this thing around, I think it's because I am a poor college student, and have tried to patch it over and over again. I now think I have patched the bed at least 20 times, and with so many different patching techniques. None of them work, trust me, all you get out of this is a headaches from the different things you use and frustration when as soon as you sit on the thing it leaks.

When I have thought I had it fixed and I lay down on it, I always wake to find myself on the floor or almost there and I have to turn the pump back on. Sometimes three and four times a night. Please don't do like I did, stay away from this product.

Price Paid: $65

This is the worst product that I have ever bought from WalMart. This air mattress has people saying that they have used it for days even weeks. There is no way.

The first one that we had, the "pillow" area came unstitched, and it was like trying to sleep on a slide. Then, we had our second one deflate in the middle of the night for no reason.

The only good thing that I can say is that WalMart gave us no issues returning this item in exchange. We finally gave up and bought a real bed, but this thing could not last more than 14 days, period. This needs to be labeled as disposable. If you plan on going camping, do not waste your time. This could not survive in a bedroom without thorns and pinecones, how would it fair in the wild?

Not to mention that the sleep is horrible on this thing. We had only gotten it to hold us over until we could buy our bed when a sale met our needs. We almost broke down because the sleep was so horrible. I would never wish this kind of sleep issue on anyone except for my worst enemy.

Save your time and your money. In the end, between my mother and I, we went through about 12 of these things. In an economic recession, we try to cut corners, but this is one corner that you just cannot afford to cut. DO NOT BUY THIS AIR BED... EVER!!!

I purchased the twin mattress with the double top and bottom so it's high off the floor. Since I don't have a bed at this time and back problems I figured this would be perfect until I get a bed.

I aired it up and tried to sleep on it but it just didn't work. The mattress would not hold the air tightly enough to sleep on. I took the air mattress back to Walmart the next day and they would not give me any kind of refund or exchange. They told me they do not give refunds or exchanges on any item you purchase that blows up!

Isn't that the most stupid thing you have ever heard? If Walmart will not stand by the products they sell, what good are they. It should be their policy to give a refund or exchange on any product they sell. I even have my receipt and the mattress is in good shape. It's not dirty nor in any way did I damage the product. Does Ozark Trail stand by their products?

I will never buy anything else that Ozark Trail makes nor will I shop at Walmart anymore. I can do my shopping at target or any of the other retailers that sell camping equipment. Walmart acts as if they are the only store in the world. Too bad K-Mart closed their doors! Yeah I got screwed at Walmart too, but it won't happen again!!!

Price Paid: $27

Bought an Ozark Trail Queen Air Mattress with DC-powered pump included to use at a friend's house who just moved into a new house.  The pump lasted 5 SECONDS and stopped, seemed like it drained the new 4 D batterries already.  Replaced with another 4 new batterries and worked again for another 5 seconds before it stopped again and won't turn back on again. 

We decided to return it to Walmart the same day, and was told of that they have an "Airbed Policy" that you can't return and get a refund, instead you can replace it with a new one or exchange it with another air mattress of the same or higher value. 

Didn't want to spend anymore, so opted to get a new box of the same thing.... unfortunately, same problem. It used up all our remaining batterries that we bought.  Tried to return the mattress to our local Walmart and was given the same airbed policy. 

Since we do not really have the need for the mattress anymore, I didn't want to spend more for a new one, and the other brand which is comparable is a few dollars less, so it didn't work to exchange it.  So we ended up with a 3rd of the same thing. 

We already have an electric air pump, so I guess we'll just have to make sure we bring it next time.  The pump is junk!!!!  Try Coleman instead!

Price Paid: $30

I am on my 3rd one purchased from walmart!! 1st one seam had holes on it the very first time I inflated it and wouldn't even hold air, returned that they would only let me exchange so got the same one again.

not even a week after purchasing 2nd one same thing, got a small hole on the seam patched that one as it was very very small and called walmart they told me to bring it back and they would exchange that so I am now on the 3rd one and last night my daughter woke up in the middle of the night looking like a hot dog!!!  After I looked over mattress found a hole in the corner of a seam again!!! 

I have followed all instructions on these I have it on a vaccumed floor with a thick comforter in btwn the floor and bottom of mattress then on top of bed I have a thick conforter and sheets for her to sleep on is only 5 and weighs 52lbs!!! 

I know she is not doing this it is not overinflated and she does not jump around on it sleep and that is it!! I will never puchase another walmart/trail brand anything after the luck I have with this and no help from walmart, they will only exchange for same item and will not refund your money on air bed purchases. 

Price Paid: $49.88

I don't know if any of you have tried other brands of air beds, but we have gone through 3 Coleman air mattresses in as many years.  The same goes for my mother and my brother. 

This past summer my kids and I slept on the Ozark double high mattress for 9 days while tenting, and it was wonderful (combined weight of 250+ lbs). Sure, I had to add a little air every couple days, but it was far from flat, just a little soft.

I've never used an air mattress -- my own or someone else's -- that hasn't had to be topped up now and again. I don't think any air mattresses (no matter the brand) are built to last.  Repeated folding and storing causes stress on the seams and results in leaks.

As for the built-in pump, so far so good...though we did find that when we put in BRAND NEW Duracell batteries out of the package, they were already too weak to run the pump.  Fortunately, I had some other used batteries with me and they worked fine! 

I have resigned myself to the fact that air mattresses are TEMPORARY, and should not be considered a substitute for a real bed, and must be replaced every couple of years (with light use). 

I am very pleased with the Ozark mattress and would recommend it to anyone. 

Price Paid: about $50

Recently i was told that the company would not take the mattresses back if box was opened. I have a question how do you know if there is a leak or a seam that is not properly glued together or the air spout is stripped causing a leak, if you don't open the box? This is horrible. I have back problems and this is the only kind of mattress I can't get some rest on.

After being told this I took another chance and bought another and when I opened the box it seemed that someone else had done it too but I went on and tried to inflate but the air port was bent I tried to straighten and when i went to screw on adapter the port was stripped causing a small leak. So now I have 4 mattresses i cannot return or exchange.

I do have a total of 15 air mattresses that we use for camping and never had any problems so far but the four I mentioned before i need replacements for. I am disabled and it is hard to go somewhere to exchange and they tell me I can't so I am writing to you the company in hopes that you will send me new ones for the damaged ones asap.

Tina Freeman
25449 Coleman Street
Angie, LA 70426

please respond asap
thank you

Price Paid: $20-$50

Zero stars. 20+ years experience of sleeping on air mattresses. This is by far the worst ever.


  • If it stayed inflated, the height and ease of setting it up and putting away. It would be comfortable…only if..


  • Does not hold air from day 1. Tried for 6 nights. Poorly made.
  • Poor service.
  • “Stretching” should not mean waking up on the floor.
  • Junk

Zero stars. I have regularly used air mattresses for 20+ years one weekend a month in a room full of teens. I was excited about the extra height this single air mattress had. As I age I need height to get up easier.

I expect an air mattress to survive 2-3 years. This one did not even get me through two nights. I understand stretching, so I tried it again for several more nights. Never have I had an air mattress work so poorly. Leaked every time. I could not reinflate in a room full of teens or I’d wake them.

I do not know where to report issues. Lost sleep and money. Do not buy! I will switch to a cot or my old brand of air mattress and tell our team of 70 kids and adults to NEVER buy Ozark Trail.


Leaked from day 1

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Around $60

So because I HATE packing I have used airbeds for the last two years. I know I should have just bought a bed lol. I moved every time my lease was up in the past three years and it's easier to pack an air mattress then breaking down a bed and transporting mattresses.

I owned an Ozark and like some of the previous posters mine lasted a month or two max and then began to slowly leak. I originally started off with Coleman's but switched to Ozark after using, seeing and witnessing the lasting power of the Ozark.

My ex boyfriend owned one until he purchased his new bed. No matter what I did I couldnt get it to bust. I mean I fell asleep with keys on the bed, jumped on it, bounced on it and nothing.

On top of that he never reaired the bed from the day he bought it. This drove me crazy. Everytime I bought one it would leak. He had the same Ozark for a year.....he said the key was the amount of air you put in....made no sense to me.

So I can imagine taking one of these beds in nature. I can guarantee you they don't make a bed tough enough to have outside, pump, repump, let alone transport.

My first Ozark inflatable pad was a single because I was on a cross country trek and it fit into my camping pack. Like others have shared, it lost air shortly after purchase and not wanting to be the "cry baby" a previous satisfied purchaser accuses some less satisfied of being, I didn't bother to try to return it. (actually, because I was on the move)

What I did was attach a hose extension which reached into my sleeping bag and reflated it by mouth two or three times a night. This beat getting out into the cold. When I would stay at a motel, I would check it for leaks in the tub and even in the pool. These air mattresses defy all scientific logic: No bubbles nor leaky intake valve! I did the liquid soap test too and never found escaping air, yet I found myself lying on rocky terrain 2 hours after retiring.

Recently I again purchased an Ozark twin to use in my apartment. For a few months it seemed to do well. However, once again I am facing the same frustrations: No detectable leaks but no comfortable night's sleep. ( But sir, I ain't a cry baby, I'll take my lumps since like many of you, I bit the bait again after getting hook before.)


Price Paid: forgot

I purchased your air mattress from wal-mart easter weekend. Did not take it out of the box until we got up the mountain to camp. Bought the queen size. Bought a blower to go with it. Got there blew it up and by morning we were sleeping on the ground.

I have health conditions that made me hurt from sleep on the ground. I thought maybe we didn't close the valve correctly so when we got home I blew it up again. Flat again by morning. Brand new airmatress and it didnt hold any air.

Wal-mart does not take returns on air matresses so I have to just throw it away. Wasted 40 dollars. I am on SSI I could have used that 40 dollars somewhere else. I am not normally a complainer but this was important to me to beable to keep camping. As I said health problems keep me from be able to enjoy sleeping on the ground like I use too and I cant afford an RV so an airmatress was a good idea I thought.

I had one of your twins and didnt have a problem with it. It actually took my God daughter poking it to pop it. If you can do something about this I would appreciate it. Thank you, Lois Williams

Price Paid: $39.99

Ok, for all of the dumb people who keep saying to keep pointy objects and pets away from the mattress, you are the lucky few who get the better end of the deal when purchasing your air beds.

We bought our first air bed when we had some temporary visitors in our apartment and we didn't have enough beds to provide for everyone's needs. So we went to Wal-mart to purchase a temporary solution, which turned out to be the flat piece of plastic stuffed in our closet.

We used it the first night with no problems, (on a carpeted floor and we do not have children or pets!) but the next night we found ourselves sleeping on the floor! My husband and I both weigh 240 lbs put together, meaning that we are not heavy enough to deflate a bed that is supposed to support 600 lbs.

All I can say is that this Ozark Trail bed is not a good product. It seems like 1 of every 10 beds sold actually do work the way they should. This is the first and last time we ever bother to buy an air mattress. I think we are better off sleeping on the floor because at least then we will wake up knowing the end results.

Price Paid: Too Much

The air mattress itself might be a good inflatable bed if you could air it up.

My sister bought a mattress at a Walmart in Many, La for us to use during Thanksgiving. We did not open the bed before to see if it would air up since she bought the only foot pump that was available to air it up.
When we got there at 10Pm, and tried to air it up, the pump or any of its 3 nozzles would air up the bed. My sister slept 4 nights on a piece of 3"x4"x6' foam rubber that was intended for our outdoor lounge chair. My sister tried to take the pump back but the store only had one kind.

Since we could not use the bed we asked the store to refund the money for the bed and pump. It had been 18 days after purchase and had been opened of course. You can't try the pump first since the valve was folding in the middle of the bed.

All I would like is for the night manager at the store to be more polite and for the store to refund the money or give up a bed that will inflate so it will be usable.

Price Paid: $43.95

My first mattress purchase was in 6 of 2009. Used only twice at Thanksgiving that same year and once in 6 of 2010 (by adults who wouldn't abuse it) and ended up on the floor by morning. Re-aired it only to see the quilting sections popping right in front of my eyes!

Returned to the store it was purchased at and they gave me another even though I was far past the 90 day deal. But, I was grateful for another chance. Put it in the closet and forgot about it until this past Mother's Day and my 2 grandchildren ended up on the floor also. All 80 pounds combined.

Once again I re-inflated only to see the quilted section starting to pop. I ended up at the store for an exchange and was given the "call the company story." What a cowards way out for them. I was at the company who has china men making these pieces of crap for them. They don't want to take responsibility for the product they contract and sell in their stores. 

I can only say that this has so soured me on Wal-mart. Our local store has a lot to be desired and this only seals the deal for me. Shame on you Wal-mart.

Price Paid: $43.88

When I moved out west I was very poor and couldn't afford a nice bed. So I went to Walmart and picked up a queen sized Ozark Trail Air Mattress, not the elevated kind. I added a 2 inch foam pad on top, plus a quilted cotton mattress cover and also some cotton sheets. I was so surprised to find that this is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on.

I can adjust the air so it's very comfortable for my bad back and sleep soundly the whole night through. The first one lasted about 6 months and then a section of it started to bubble up. I got another, $18 whose complaining, and this one has held up perfect for over one year.

I believe the thick mattress pad helps protect the air bed and keeps the stress off the seams. Please note: I am a big guy, about 280 lbs and this mattress has held up great.

I don't know what these other people are doing to their mattresses but you can't expect it to be as durable as a regular bed. It is an air mattress and you need to treat it as such. No sharp objects on the bed.

Price Paid: $18

I am on my fourth queen size mattress in about 8 months. My husband and I are currently staying with my mother-in-law and are stuck sleeping in the living room, so we decided to buy an air mattress.

The first one we bought worked fine for a while until one day the top split, we took it back to Wal-Mart and got an exchange (all they would do). The next one got a giant bubble on one side so we got another exchange. After a month, that one also got a giant bubble and blew a seam on the top.

I am now on my fourth mattress and am tired of this faulty product. It says that it can hold up to 600LBS but I am starting to wonder if it is because my husband and I together are too heavy (he is 275 and I am 120).

Does anyone know if the weight distribution changes if you don't sleep with your head on the pillow area? We had to turn it around and put the pillow at our feet because the pillow was just too uncomfortable and we would end up sliding down off it in the middle of the night anyway.

Might as well have thrown my money in the garbage.

This is the worst air mattress I have ever slept on. Within the first night, I woke up on the god damned floor. The automatic pump worked fine the first few nights, but then as the battery life started to deteriorate, the mattress was nowhere close to being filled with air.

I have replaced the batteries several times and checked every inch of the seam and surface area, and there is no hole or leak. Do NOT waste your money on this piece of shit. I purchased it from Walmart, thinking that I would get what I had paid for, considering generic air mattresses retail for about $30. I paid double that on this horse shit and I am dissatisfied to say the least.

I tried to exchange it at Walmart and they would not exchange it or issue a refund. This is the closest I can get to getting in contact with this scam artist company. If anybody has further contact information, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60

I bought the Ozark Trail Elevated Memory Foam Air Bed - Queen size, 3 years ago and have Never had a problem with it. In fact I've not even had to add additional air, with the exception of once shortly after purchase, to my amazement! :)

I'm so happy with this bed and the fact that it alleviates pressure points, I find myself better rested and sleeping in it more often than my regular bed! :)

I can't believe the negative reviews I've just read that have led me to post this, but maybe they've bought the "occasional less than perfect model", or flooring, animals (as others have suggested) etc... may have a little something to do with inconveniences. (sorry to hear them)

My experience has made me Extremely satisfied on the purchase of my airbed, such that at this point, I'm purchasing extras for extended family camping trips. The only negative - I can even think of at this point, is, "Why can't I find this bed in a Full/Double size" ?

Please advise where to purchase if you happen to find a place that carries a Full/Double.

Thanks in advanced! :)

Price Paid: $98

The first time I inflated this bed it deflated in one day without being used. When someone actually tries to sleep on it it deflates in hours.

I tried to return it to Walmart after 20 days of purchase with receipt but they did not take it back. They have a new policy of 15 days to return airbeds. No wonder, because most of them are defective to start with. I made the mistake of not trying it out earlier and now I am stuck with a completely useless airbed. When I tried to return it they told me to call the manufacturer and return it to them. It is a joke because it is a Walmart product and the phone number given connects to Walmart.

Do not buy this product ever and do not trust Walmart products. I wonder how do they dare to put a 15 days only return policy on something that they know is crap to start with. I thought Walmart was more consumer oriented. I am totally disappointed and I hope Walmart consumer service receives messages like this.

Price Paid: $30

My boyfriend and I have a memory foam queen mattress and lost the manual, so we got on here to see if anyone knew about the "memory foam" top. How much air should we put in it?

Anyway, after reading the first page of reviews, my original issue was completely forgotten as I was distracted by the ridiculous comments made by other consumers.

First off, as Michael commented earlier, no pointy objects should be anywhere near your mattress...common sense. Second, inflatable mattress shouldn't be expected to last forever when you substitute them for a real mattress. Third and final point, why would you spend an insane amount of money on 4 or 5 more of the same mattress that is causing you so much grief? If you have money like that, then buy the real deal...makes sense to me.

So, in conclusion, my boyfriend and I are using this mattress as a temporary bed since we just moved into our apartment and it suits us pretty well. One of the best air mattresses I've had.

This queen air mattress was purchased to replace a Coleman queen airbed, which was used without problem for almost 3 years of camping trips. We bought the Ozark Trail mattress for our family's big spring break camping trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas.

The bed worked as it should on night 1 of a 5 night trip. Three hours into night 2, and half the air had escaped. We refilled and checked to make sure everything was sealed and secure. By morning, we were laying flat on the floor of the tent. The next 3 nights, I would wake up from discomfort every 3 hours and re-fill the air.

Unfortunately, in order to save space, my husband threw the box away prior to our trip. When I tried to return it to WalMart, I didn't have a receipt, either, so I have a useless square of vinyl and velour in the trunk of my car. We can't locate any hole and it seems to be leaking from the seams.

Buy Coleman... save yourself a headache (and a backache).

Price Paid: $26

I purchased this new Ozark Trail Queen Size Memory Foam Elevated Air Bed with Pump at Wal-Mart to sleep overnight at my sister’s house with my family. My wife and I and our 8-month-old twins were sleeping on it that night. Around 3:30 a.m. April 20th, 2006, my wife awoke and could not find baby Amelia anywhere, only to find her stuck in the space between the wall and the semi-deflated mattress, which had smothered her.

Needless to say my little girl suffocated that night. Her death was due to the faulty air mattress made by Ozark Trail and sold by Wal-Mart. I absolutely discourage the use of this air mattress by anyone, especially by babies and small children.

We followed all the proper inflation and weight restrictions/ instructions. The packaging states that it is guaranteed not to leak air, and is made to support up to 600 lbs. Nowhere on the package or product does it warn against being unsafe for babies or children in any form. This is a deadly air bed.

Price Paid: $82.84

Obviously, others here do not understand the logic behind sleeping on an air mattress.

While sleeping on an air mattress, you CANNOT have anything pointy on your person. This will result in damaging the mattress, thus losing air.

That being said, I own one of these mattresses, and personally, I love it. Holds air for the last 5 months without needing to re inflate it. I don't understand what issues the other customers are having when it comes to a simple task of reading instructions, and simple logic.

Only recently (last night) I am sorry to say that my mattress has been popped, however, the repair kit that came with it, will repair just that. That's what it's for. (BTW it ain't that hard to find a hole in an air-mattress all you have to do is fill it up, some slow people might have problems with this though)

Overall, I love this product and have and will continue to recommend it to anyone who needs a bed, portable or not.

Price Paid: $65


  • Comfortable if it would only stay inflated for the night.


  • Will not stay inflated, not even for three hours.

I'm very disappointed with this bed, Ozark Trail Air Mattress. I bought it from Walmart three weeks ago and I'm not getting any enjoyment out of this bed at all. When I wake up the bed is completely deflated, flat on the floor, no air!! If I inflate it at 7 o'clock by 10 o'clock I have to inflate it again.

By now the company knows that this is not a good product and they should stop selling it, or find a way and fix the problem especially since they are well aware of the problem, so many people could not be wrong. I bought one ten years ago, by the name Intex, still going as strong as ever no problem at all, but I needed a smaller one and omg!! what a disappointment.

I do not recommend this product at all, waste of money. The company should be ashamed....



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50 plus

I have purchased several (4) of these mattresses. One of them I got to return because i had the receipt and only had it for like 4 days. Then the second one i got in that ones place i had for a month and the seams busted and formed a large bubble down the middle.

So i returned it without the receipt for another mattress. had that one for 2 months used it first time and it wouldnt hold air. Walmart would not exchange that one so bought another one and know i have used it only 2 times in my home for my grandsons to sleep on and it is not holding air. These mattress are not worth 5 cents let alone 50 dollars. i wouldnt recomend these if they were for give away.

This company needs to do some research on what is causing these problems. They need to recall these mattress and try to give peoples hard worked money back for these pieces of crap mattresses.

Price Paid: $50

I purchased the Ozark Trail Queen sized air mattress for my two young girls to sleep on in my room for the summer. The air conditioning was only in my room. They, together, weigh less than 100 lbs--MUCH smaller than the two adults the bed was made for.

The bed was less than one month old and we found two leaks at the SEAMS of the bed! THEY ONLY USED THIS BED TO SLEEP ON!! They did not PLAY on it, they did not jump on it, and most of the time they were asleep before they even laid on it! My husband or I carried them to it and laid them down on it.

This was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent and I am sure you would all agree that with children you cannot afford to waste money on these things! I am so upset and would like to let everyone know...DO NOT BUY THIS BED!!

Price Paid: $49.98

I wish I had read the reviews before I had bought my beds. 

I first had 2 two when my daughter and two grandkids moved in. They slept on them for months when they started going flat on them. I had bought a raised velour bed queen size with built in pump, for camp out nights in the living room, loved it but after a few months it also started going flat in the middle of the night.

I had a new twin that I would sleep on when I couldn't sleep it started separating inside and grew a big bubble so now it's no good. Bought one at the beach for an extra bed it was fine but tried again when I got home it now leaks. 

With all the bad reviews why don't they do something I tried calling the company and they never answered. Wal-mart will not take them back.

Price Paid: all totaled over $200.00

I purchased 2 Ozark mattresses at Walmart. Both were used inside on clean carpets, both mattresses were deflated by morning.

I kept the boxes and had the receipt and tried to return them to Walmart they were not returnable so I exchanged them for exact same product and again within a few hours both were deflated. This was a total waste of $40. They were thrown in the trash.

By the way wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased the product but then again you wouldn't think you would need too when you're purchasing a product from a well known store and you keep your receipt and box. I guess that's why they say these are non-refundable.

Too bad they don't post that sign back where the mattresses are. The signs are only found at the customer service desk. Who looks there before you purchase something???

Price Paid: $20

We purchased a queen airbed during the holidays for special company that was coming in January. The bed looked great and inflated easily. By morning our special guests were on the floor and had experienced a very difficult night. I felt terrible for them.

I took the bed back to Walmart for an exchange and was told that because we had purchased more than 14 days prior, the bed was non-returnable. After going to a second Walmart and insisting... I was able to receive a replacement. We took the second bed with us on a trip in April and within 20 minutes of inflation we were on the floor!!!! Neither of these beds were exposed to any harm and neither held air the first time out of the box...

Walmart will not discuss the problem and actually wrote on the box. Very disappointing process....Don't buy this product!!!!

Price Paid: $52

We bought two of these useless pieces of plastic to use indoors. One for myself and one for my mother to sleep on while here. I have been sleeping on air mattresses for nine months while at a relatives. While I acknowledge that they are not designed for extended daily use. I tend to expect them to last longer than 24 hours. This mattress purchased at Walmart is worth about as much as a box of Hefty Bags.

The valve is located in an awkward inlet and the pump just sucks. It has this attachment that looks like a party hat and does not stay on the pump (which was an additional $20). If you want a decent mattress go over to Target and get an Inland Mattress. They are sturdier and last longer. Save your money and don't buy one of these poorly made contraptions.

Price Paid: $19

We where using it when we had visitors and needed an extra bed. It leaks after filling it with the build-in pump in the pump area. I decided to take the pump out to find just what the problem was and discovered that the adjustable shut-off was the cause of the leak which rotates across the openings. Also around each intake/exhaust area there is a circular groove which looks like an 'O' ring groove. However there were no "O' rings only something what looked like vasoline or petroleum jelly smeared around.

Either the assembler left out the 'O' rings or it was a lousy design in first place.

This is another example of junk being bought from China by our big retailers such as Wal-Mart and it is not being thoroughly tested before it is sold to the American public!
A rip-off!!!!

Price Paid: $40

I don't know how they can legally call this an "air mattress," when it doesn't hold air! This product is absolutely worthless and doesn't have one redeeming value.


  • Absolutely none


  • It doesn't hold air! This Ozark Trail "Air Mattress" didn't even last one week!!

I will not review this piece of junk. It is absolutely worthless and a waste of money. Maybe we could file a class action suit against Ozark Trail for false advertising. They claim it's an "Air Mattress," but In order to be an "Air Mattress" shouldn't it at least HOLD AIR??

Warning—do not ever buy one. You'll regret it very soon!



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $15

we bought this airmatress Ozark Trail brand at walmart a bit less than 5 month ago, used it maybe 10 to 12 times. first we had slow leaks which was not too bad, last night we lost air so fast it was useless to try to keep up with pumping. at close inspection this morning we discovered a hole/little rip
along the welding seem on one of the "pockets". being on the velour side there seems little chance to fix it.

so i decided to call up the manufacturer to see what they could offer. turns out Ozark Trail in a house brand name of walmart. there was a tel no. which i called, where a very nice lady informed me that these things are warranteed for 15 days, which tells me that they are very well aware of these problems!

Price Paid: $30 approx

After slow leaks began I would refill it during the night, not having found the leak. Now, the air channel just to the right of the pump nzzle has becoume distorted in shape and looks as though it has a full-length aneurysm, rocks from side to side, and the bottom is also a swollen air chamber!

Update: October 19, 2006

I purchased an air mattress last evening and when I got it home and hooked it up to the air pump, the mattress displayed a 1 1/4" cut in the middle of one of the 'tubes' and there were various 'spots' on the velour that to me said it was a used product, and merely vacuumed clear of any air and refolded to appear new.

I will be contacting Wal-Mart, Ozark Trail, and the Consumer Product Safety Commision in this matter.

Price Paid: $18

I paid over $40 for this mattress when I was in a pinch working on a house out of town. I used it about 3 or 4 times since I purchased it about a year and a half ago at Walmart. Blew it up last night to use and woke up in th middle of the night with a "sinking" feeling that it was losing was.

Took the cap apart and the rubber seal is misshapen and it leaks. I'm sure I've misplaced the receipt and its probably out of warranty anyway. Did a search on google and apparently Ozark doesn't have a website. A new seal would probably fix it but I'm tempted to throw the piece of junk out.

What a rip off. And I spent the extra to get a "nice" one I thought

Price Paid: $40 plus

I had an air bed for four years and with my girlfriend. We did everything on it, it was wonderful. We took it when we went to visit relatives and it worked out great. We set it up in seconds and it filled quickly.

When I moved I was given a Craftmatic Bed and it gives me horible backackes, It cuts off the circulation in my legs and I have horrible pain in my back and legs the next day. The airbed is the best for a bad back and arthrites. I got a new one and swear by them.

$47 for a bed is a great price. And for the gentelman that said it gets cold you just get a mattress heater because if it is cold it draws the heat out of your body.

Price Paid: $47

I guess there are just a bunch of unlucky people, or a bunch of people that don't take proper care, or just a bunch of cry-babies -- because I purchased one of the queen-size air mattresses from Walmart and it has worked fine.

An EXCELLENT mattress that makes an excellent bed, holds the air, easy to inflate, and easy to deflate. Sometimes people just try to find fault with merchandise, don't take proper care, or just whine about everything. I don't know if this was the case in the other instances - but sounds like I got a totally different air mattress than a lot of the others, yet it's the same item.

Maybe I'm just lucky. Good luck to the others in finding you something you'll be happy with!

W.T. Smith, III

Price Paid: $27

Well looks like no one has the same problem as I so although I did not read all the reviews. Looks like the problems have been for some while now from the dates of these reviews.

My problem is however that the last time I used the airbed the pump stopped on me and I had a terrible time getting enough air in the bed to fill it completely. Since it was only a child using the bed at that time I did get enough for him to sleep on it. I have had some problems with air leakage too.

I am about to try to fill it again with the pump but am very apprehensive about getting it to successfully work. I will let you know what happens with me this time.

Price Paid: unknown.....too long ago now.

This bed is the second one we got from Walmart and it is leaking we have had the bed about 1 week. The first bed we had blew up when I lay down on it because of the fact that it was coming apart on the inside of the bed and I took it back to Walmart and spent 6 hours fighting with the people and now I am going to have to do it again and I really don't think that I am going to buy another thing from Ozark Trail and I think that they should give me back the 70 dollars I have spent on the beds cus of the fact that I had to buy both of the beds and I think that this company makes really piece of sh*t beds.

Price Paid: $35

Have grandchildren that spend the night. I recently moved to small apartment. I purchased a queen sized air mattress with an air pump. It lost air overnight.

I went to Walmart and did not have receipt. They would not take back. I then bought another one just exactly like it. It lost air even faster was completely flat by morning. I had receipt but they still would not reimburse or anything cause it was out of the package. Yeah how do you know it works or not if you do not remove from package.

I will never purchase anything by that name or even similar again. There was no phone number or e mail address or anything in package. That is low for the company to treat customers like this.

Price Paid: $27

I purchased this elevated twin size airbed to use while my bedroom was being renovated. I slept on it every night for 3 months. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. After the initial fill, I only put a few seconds of air, maybe 3 or 4 times in the entire 3 months. My 30 lb dog often slept on it with me. That's over 200 lbs every night on a twin size. We actually played with it moving it about the living room, and her jumping on and off it. It was extremely durable, filled up quickly, held the air, the sheet stayed put and was very easy getting in and out of. It didn't come with the pump, but I was able to use a pump we had. Super product!!

Price Paid: $28

I purchased this airbed at Walmart and have used it for about a month now. The air did slowly decreased and I had to replace the air every three days. This airbed comes with a memory cap that should be opened during inflation. Many people overlook this thinking it is another air valve, and I don't know how it works but it do. That is why I don't have to replace the air that often.

The problem that I did have with the bed is that the middle of the mattress became puffy after replacing the air. I don't know if this is because I had a tear and tried to replace it or after several usage this happens. Overall, it is a fine product.

Price Paid: $50

I brought my Ozark Elevated Airbed when my daughter came home from the military for a short stay. It stayed inflated for the first 3 days, we sprayed it with soapy water hoping to find the leak. We found nothing, we figure it is the valve. We put super glue around that with no success at all.

I am very dissatisfied with this product. I was going to write the company but of course there is no address on the box. I am very tired of talking to people who you can not understand, or can not comprehend what you are talking about. I would never recommend this product to anyone, ever. I am hoping that they read this review and maybe contact me by email.

Price Paid: $70

One of the bubbles blew out all the way through. Walmart would not let me return the second one. The 1st one yes, but the second one they said they changed policy. I needed to call the manufacturer which was not listed anywhere; that was a job in itself. They said without a receipt no exchange and if I had the receipt 90 days they would send a new one.

Well guess what neither happened. I will never buy another air matress of this brand nor one from Walmart if I am not allowed to return it. The company that makes Ozark Trail is called Intex Recreation 1-800-234-6839. Good luck with trying to return it if you have one.

Price Paid: $59

Waste of your money. Not holding my 60-pound grandson, who slept on the floor. And if you buy it at Walmart, they will not refund your money.


  • 😡


  • Does not hold air all night. It will deflate.

Waste of money. Does not hold air, my 60-pound grandson slept on the floor because all of the air came out.. The sad thing about it is you cannot return it to Walmart because they will not accept a return on this product. $39 wasted.


Waste of money, deflates

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $39

I purchased my Ozark Trail air mattress about 2-3 years ago and love it> in fact, I sought out the site to see if you still have the model I has the plug in (electric) to air fill.

Prior to that I'd wanted another big name brand ($100), I bought first one - it leaked - they replaced it - it leaked too...gave up on that I finally went to WalMart & purchased the Ozark Trail.

I am still using it...every day. My personal opinion is that people, in general, do not know how to care for this product...because it has the electric air fill, it is especially good for me...thank you

Price Paid: $50

The Ozark Trail air mattress sucks! We bought one for our daughter to sleep on when she moved back home recently and it constantly leaks air! The seams on the top of the "so-called" mattress separate, leaving gaping splits for the air to leak out!

Stay away from this product unless you like a crappy POS air bed!! I think we would have been better off to have purchased an inflatable pool float for her to sleep on instead! But we did just purchase a Coleman brand that so far is holding up very nicely. But then we did buy it at Walmart, so I guess we should have known it would be a crappy product!

Price Paid: about $30, I think

I got the memory foam Ozark Trail queen-sized mattress for a gift, to be used on my camping expeditions. I have inflated it and it seems to be fine. The electric pump works fast, and the mattress also deflates rather quickly.

My issue is the pump is electric. When I go camping, I do not have electricity readily at hand. Is there an Ozark Trail or other brand of pump that is battery operated or can be plugged into your vehicle lighter that will fit this mattress? This mattress is specifically advertised as an outdoor mattress. Perhaps some folks have electric hookup where they camp but not where I go.

Does anybody have any good recommendations?

Price Paid: gift

I purchased two Ozark Trail air mattresses. I had to buy the second one during a camping trip in Oregon because the first failed to hold air. Unfortunately, I shopped at the industrial garbage basement bargain store Walmart. I have found that the rubber piece in the valve actually leaks air once the mattress is full. The plug does an insufficient job at blocking that leak.

What a USELESS product. The Better Business Bureau needs to be contacted about this company. Don't buy the Ozark Trail air mattress! Search on the internet for the US Better Business Bureau and contact by e-mail or phone.

One more step towards a better night's sleep under the stars.

Price Paid: $30

This product is a total waste of money and another perfect example of the no-quality junk Walmart chooses to pass on to its consumers. As others have mentioned in this forum, I too had purchased another air mattress thinking the poor quality of the first one was an exception. However the second one only lasted a month before developing leaks and convincing me that poor quality is the rule for this product. I also base this on the fact that both beds developed leaks in the seams which are next to impossible to repair.In both instances the beds were used indoors and not in any way exposed to harsh or extreme conditions.

Price Paid: $49.84

Leak in velour top, used twice, Walmart will not take it back.

I just check another air bed site and they say:

"The repair patch is designed for vinyl surfaces only. However, fine sandpaper, or an emery board, can be used to gently rub away the flocking. When that is complete, the repair patch will adhere to the bed."

Update: July 13, 2009

Second time I used it leaked in the Velour top.

Another manufacturer says "The repair patch is designed for vinyl surfaces only. However, fine sandpaper, or an emery board, can be used to gently rub away the flocking. When that is complete, the repair patch will adhere to the bed.

Do you like junk? If so, I highly recommend the Ozark Trail make believe foam air mattress. Do you like the sound of leaking air? This one’s for you. Soothing air leaking out to help you relax. Do you love the feel of a nice hard floor under your back? Don't wait, get the royal screw at Walmart, with the infamous Ozark Trail leaky mattress.

Ask for it by name…hello my name is…I'd like to get screwed. Would you have an Ozark Trail mattress in stock? If you're real lucky, it may even be used and put back nice and neat in a brand new box. Enough said.

Price Paid: $80

I slept on it—brand new—for the first time last night. It is comfy when it is fully inflated. Well, I had to re-inflate FIVE times during one night's sleep. Ablosutely ridiculous! And when it deflated, my bottom was on the floor every time.


  • The pump is pretty cool.




Please read the summary.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $26

Purchased queen sized air mattress from Wal-Mart about a month ago and it started going down hill from there. The sides started bulging out leaving one side deformed and then on the top a hole appeared at one of the circle seams. Both non repairable.

How can Wal-Mart sell such a P.O.S product in there store.When I go back to return it, now they have a 15 day return policy. Before any of you ever decide to buy a product like this ever again make sure you check the warranty on the product and the reviews.

Thank you Wal-Mart and Ozark Trail for stealing my money.

Price Paid: $53

I own the queen elevated air bed with the built in pump. This mattress is superb. The built in pump makes it so easy to use. It is electric though and you would need an outlet. I have a very severe spinal problem and use it regular at home. I share it with a cat and a 115lb dog----that's how sturdy it is. The only problem with regular use - as is with all elevated air beds - it starts to bow out in the sides instead of holding its shape. It would be great if the company could build it with firm sides to prevent this.

Price Paid: $50

We bought this for our granddaughters to sleep on when they wanted to spend the night. Pumped it up and the next morning they were on the floor. Pumped it up the next night and the next morning they were on the floor again. Read instructions again, did as it said, pumped up mattress again and next morning it was flat again.

I will be sending it back for a refund because WalMart won't take it back. They have signs posted all sales are final on air mattresses. That should have been a sign they weren't worth buying. All Ozark mattresses need to be revamped.

Price Paid: $40

I have purchased 3 air mattresses and only one of the three has been worth the money I paid for it. The first one only lasted 24 hours and deflated in the middle of the night. The last one I just purchased last night and it deflated in the middle of the night, too. I purchased them because I am on a tight budget and the price was reasonable. Having to purchase 3 of them has cost me $60, which I could have spent on a nice Coleman bed that I know is of a high quality level. I am really disappointed in this Wal-Mart store brand.

Tracy Bixler

Price Paid: $18

Product leaked after second use. Unable to find product manufacturer's website to complain. Was purchased at Wal-Mart Stores and unable to get replacement or refund. Will never purchase the product again!!!

Update: May 13, 2007

My wife and I purchased this product at Wal-Mart and thought we were getting a creditable product, but we soon found out that it was not.

The mattress held firm for about 2 weeks and then went flat. Even after inflating it again, within 2 hours it was flat again.

We contacted Wal-Mart and were sent replacements and alas the same thing occurred.

Do not purchase this product!!!

You will just waste your money!!!

Price Paid: $70

My husband and I bought this bed to sleep on until we could go to our storage shed to get our bed. The very first night it was ok, not great, ok. The second night it felt like we were in a hole trying to climb out.

It is the most horrible bed I have ever slept on. The built in pillows give you a kink in your neck and you have to hang onto the edge so you don't fall down into the hole....and yes we pump it up every other night! Never will I buy anything from Ozark Trails again.

Price Paid: $50

This bed was great... for the two weeks it lasted. Ever since then, the side seam is breaking apart due to poor craftsmanship. I'd understand if I was a 300 lb weightlifter sleeping on it, but I'm 150 lbs. I refill it every night, only to wake up in the morning with it 3/4 deflated and my back on the ground.

Fortunately, I can throw this piece of trash away since I'm buying a real bed. Don't waste your money, go with a better brand or spend a bit more if you plan on using it as a stand-in bed for more than a couple weeks.

I would have never thought this many people would have the same problems with an air mattress. I purchased this a year ago and have used it 3-4 times. The last time, I went camping and had to get up three times during the night to fill it back up.

I really thought there was a hole in but now that I read all of these reviews, I am not even going to waste my time trying to find the hole and patch it because it doesn't seem like that will solve the problem. TERRIBLE PRODUCT, NEVER WILL PURCHASE AN OZARK MATTRESS AGAIN!

Price Paid: $50

I have been trying for over a year to find a patch to repair a full size air mattress (on the velour side) to no avail.

This is completely insane. Who makes the Ozark Trail? Wal-mart told me they can and will not repair the mattress. It has 2 pin size holes on the velour side and no one has any idea how to repair it.

If they cannot tell you how to repair it they should not be allowed to make it. If anyone has any idea how to repair it it is Only thing left is a fire.

Price Paid: N/A

I have purchased 2 Queensized air mattresses. I returned the first I bought because it leaked from (what I feel an) overly complicated valve that serves little purpose.

The one I received after I returned that one, worked and still works fine. I thought it was just a fluke. Once the mattress kept the air, it was very comfortable; I bought a second to keep for guests at our home - SAME THING HAPPENED.

I am guessing they have not worked the kinks out of this valve. I have tried everything, assuming it was operator error; nope - it's a crappy mattress.

Price Paid: $40

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! NOR ANY OZARK TRAIL PRODUCT. We have gone through six (yes, that's six) of these junk, crap, useless mattresses. Every model, every size and every one was defective. Some of the single depth mattresses lasted a little longer than the double sized queen quilted type.

I've had everything that could go wrong with them, go wrong. Material so thin that numerous holes appeared out of nowhere. Quilted mattresses that just pop apart right in front of your eyes ending up with huge bubbles. Defective valves and defective pumps.


Price Paid: $50+

Bought the full sized air mattress over the weekend for my 6-year-old grandson. It set up and pumped up easily enough.  By morning it had deflated. 

I then check on the internet and came up with this website and read the reviews. Called Walmart and they said I could return it and get my money back. I am in Canada so maybe their policy is different here. 

The customer service desk said they had quite a few come back, so as long as I had the original box and my receipt I am good to go. 

Price Paid: 24.99

I, like so many others, purchased the queen size Ozark air mattress ...LASTED 1/2 CAMPING TRIP. I was sure it was something my child had done, but after looking into it, it was the seam like everyone else's.

I tried to return it to Walmart and was told they no longer sold these and refused to give me a refund. Told me to go to manufacturer...haha! Where do you find them...and this is why Walmart makes millions off of us. They sell sh..t they themselves wouldn't buy, then refuse to take it back.

Price Paid: $69

For God sake, do not buy this mattress. I had this mattress for my apartment for school because I did not want to log around a bed, but I woke one morning with severe back pain and found myself almost on the floor. The mattress slowly leaked at points of seam. I patched it, but again, it leaked at the other end again. I patch it, then a new area leaked again. This time, I gave up. Please, remember, not all mattress leak, but this defect is purely manifacturer defect. I would avoid this product.

Price Paid: $56

Bought the mattress about three weeks ago. Stayed up the first few nights, then began putting air in it every other night. Went away for a week, when we came back it looked lopsided.

Then tonight, 31st May 2007, just about had a heart attack. Laying on the air bed it started swelling up, but it was making such a loud banging noise, actually it was real scary. Thank god I wasn't on my own. I know it wasn't overfilled, that's impossible to do.

Taking it back to Wal-mart tomorrow. Hopefully won't have any problems.

Price Paid: $40

used it for a week indoors. deflated. put away. used it again and all of the seamed pods exploded. what the *** kind of product is this. even at wal mart you expect some quality. maybe that's why cheap companies sell their **** though them. a reason that they are the only company to be giving a "stimulus" to their employees.

Guess what ppl read this, when they have problems and we spread the word, just like the cancer that is the problem with our economy. Shouldn't have to tell you what that word is!

Price Paid: 40 dollars


  • Inexpensive


  • Not even 24 hours and mattress went flat
  • Won't stay filled
  • Empties in 3 minutes

Such a waste of time and money, especially being handicapped and disabled. I need a mattress I can depend on for even two days or more. But NO not this piece of crap.  Wasted what little money I have. I get less than $10,000 A YEAR.

Not even worth the time or cost.


Bad and horrible and unhealthy. Not worth even 1 star!!!!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25, not counting 9% tax

i bought 3 and two have broke. i used one this weekend and it broke. The plastic pieces on the frame broke, on the side and in middle of cot. Only use about three times a year, have had for about four years.

So i am not happy and would not recommend this product to anyone. Not sure what the warrany is. got them on walmart's web site. if you have any suggestions as how to fix, we would be happy campers. They hold the air and sleeping on them is great. Thanks.

Price Paid: $44

I purchased one of these a few years ago that works great. I purchased (2) more this year to go on vacation and the first one we inflated, deflated during the night with my grandson on it. I inflated the other one the next day and had to add a little air each night.

The first one I purchased a few years ago still stays inflated, but the 2 new ones are not as good. I guess for a vacation and a $29 price it serves the purpose. Just make sure the pump is handy.

I bought the elevated queen size air mattress in July when I moved back in with my parents. I have had to buy 4 more since then as they do not keep air. By the end of the night I am on the floor. The ergonomic design just causes holes when it separates. The air mattress looks like it's pregnant.

I would not recommend this mattress to my worst enemy. I have had to repair it 3x in the past 10 days. It was a good price but nowhere near worth the aggravation.

Price Paid: $40

I buy 3 of them, one for my guest room where nobody use it and after well it goes flat.

Get one in my bedroom, sleep Okay for a month than a slow leak came. Buy another one and 6 months later I have to inflate it every day, try to inject a can of flat tire fix, that did not fix it, bring it outside, inflate it and than hose it down, and it show no leak at all? But, every morning it's flat? How to fix it?

Price Paid: $60

I bought 2 of them from WalMart and used them once and they held air. Put them away very carefully and put them in their storage bag. Got them out to use the for a 2nd time and neither one of them will hold air for more than an hour or two. We sprayed them down looking for a leek but no mattress leak. You can not get your money back on air mattresses, so enjoy my $80, I won't let it happen again, I am not happy at all...


Price Paid: $40 a piece

I bought 2 of the Ozark Trail air mattresses - one was single and the other queen. I bought them 4 years ago for my vacation place and never had a problem until this year when I brought my dogs with me. They romped on the queen mattress every time I turned my head, finally it sprung a leak.

I've been using the single for a couple weeks now with no problem at all, only had to add air once. I don't understand why so many people had problems with them.

Price Paid: don't recall

My dad purchased my queen size Ozark mattress for me when I lived in NC. We used it twice for camping and then I decided I wanted to move to AZ...liquidated everything.

My husband and I have been using this air mattress every night for 6 months. I also have a small dog and cat that sleep with us. It is incredible. I am in no hurry to get a real bed...this mattress is so great that I can wait to get the bed I really want!!!

Price Paid: $150

We bought an Ozark Trail elevated queen size mattress from Wal-Mart in Memphis, TN. It did not hold air over night. We tried to return it but Wal-Mart's policy states...If the air mattress has been opened and used, it can not be returned. They will exchange but not return.

How can you know it doesn't work if you don't open it? Really! So I exchanged for a different brand. Be careful with Wal-Mart. They Are Not the Company they Used to BE, Nor or their products!

Price Paid: $45

This is the fourth Ozark Trail Queen size, Elevated, flocked, memory foam air mattress we bought. All were no good!! Had company over and found them on the floor with a completed deflated air mattress. Again we got another and another but the same results.

The patch kit does not work either. I am going to buy another brand and try it because we use them for camping also but never have made it past our bedroom floor carpet. These mattress look nice but are not functional.

Price Paid: $89

Zero stars = useless. This product isn't useless, you can use it as a barrier between the dirt and you.

Blew this up in the afternoon, went to sleep on it at midnight and it was flat.

Walmart wouldn't take it back claiming a health issue. I said it's not a health issue it's a product issue!

As I read the reviews on this site I'd love to know what Ozark Trail plans to do with such a piece of junk.

I want my money back!

Price Paid: $45 usd

My problem with the Ozark Trail mattresses is that they seem to leak at the pump. I first bought a self-inflating Ozark Trail. At the first filling it worked perfectly untol I took it out of the house. Seems when I pump it up the mattress leaks after an hour.

I bought another one, this time one with an external pump. The same problem happens. I don't understand because they both have no holes. I would be interested to know how to solve this problem.

Price Paid: $65

On New Years Eve I took my brand new Ozark Trail Queen size with memory foam air mattress out of the box and filled it. On New Years I found myself sleeping on a flat mattress. I took it back and exchanged it.

The first time I took the next new mattress camping, I again woke to find myself on a greatly deflated mattress. Not my first rodeo,I followed directions and did not overfill. Worthless. I've had air mattresses last me years.

Price Paid: $80

We have bought 2 queen size air mattresses-only for the nights our grandchildren stay with us. In the winter I am concerned that our floors are too cold for a pallet, so we got an air mattress. Only it kept leaking down.

We didn't have the receipt so we gave up and bought another. Our grandkids are still sleeping on the floor only now they're wrapped up in the air mattress that has totally leaked down. We won't be buying this brand again.

I bought a twin 19" high and took it back the same day. (I gave it 3 stars having never owned it for more than 4 hours.) It had a silly built-in pillow. I knew I would get a crick from it and putting a pad over it to make it higher, I still had a hard, round bump to sleep on. This air mattress would have been just what I was looking for had they not put the built-in pillow on it.

Unfortunately my review is pretty much like everyone else's. I bought two for short term indoor use and just like the others they leaked. They lasted for about a week and then flat. I was the dummy though, I bought one more to try again. It too leaked, this one I still have the receipt and will take it back to Wal-Mart. Thank goodness they have a great return policy. They need to stop carrying this brand of air mattress.

Price Paid: $20 each

I have had to keep taking back this because all the one I have received once I get the aired up the air will only hold for like an hour and I am not a big women. So i think that someone needs to contact me ASAP on this matter. I cannot find a number or e-mail address to contact someone so I will wish someone would contact me my email is

Sincerely PISSED OFF

Price Paid: $30

We bought this Ozark Queen Sized Air Mattress you inflate yourself. We did not over-inflate it because there was plenty of room to push on it. After just one week of use, the seams started to come apart on top. One hole after another.

The patch kit doesn't work!!!!! This is the worst product and we would not recommend it to anyone. Once you have patched it, the store will not take it back.

What a waste of $49!!!

Price Paid: $49

I have 4 of these cots that we use for the grandchildren when all of the family is at home. They are wonderful. They are fine for the children and take little room to store. We have used them when we are called out to disaster relief efforts and they are fine for the 5 days we are there. They are not designed to be a regular bed, but for a few days you can get by with them.

Price Paid: $35

This has been the worst waste of hard earned money. I've had four of these the past year, including the memory foam (where is it) mattress. I have patched the seams until I just can't patch anymore. Once you have a leak the process is ongoing, fix one and another seam splits. A total waste of money and time. So much for Walmart selling made in the USA products. These are made in China and total crap.

Price Paid: $45

Ozark Trail twin air mattress: I bough it at local Walmart for $20, and my air pump, doesn't work on it at all. They'll sell you one that does, but what am i going to do with 2 air pumps. 

I am really unhappy with it. think they should have thought out more the whole inflating system. I didn't even get 10% of it filled.

It is such a disappointment, tomorrow back to Walmart with it. It is lame.

Price Paid: $20


It was a great queen sized air mattress, until camping one night, mattress kept leaking out air. We kept the pump in our closet, and the batteries arked over and got too hot. The pump wasn't even on. My whole closet was engulfed in flames in a matter of 3 minutes.


Price Paid: $30

I was planning on using this mattress for my personal bed. It lasted about 6 weeks and then got several holes along the seam on the top. Then it got holes along the seam on the side. It is a queen size double layered mattress with memory foam on the top. It is great while it stays full. I have to air it up about every 2 hours at night. I want a replacement mattress of better quality.

Price Paid: $79

The valve on my Ozark Trail air mattress broke b/c somebody tried to rip it out the wrong way. Don't try to contact Walmart for a replacement part b/c you'll get caught in a neverending loop on the customer service line.

Go to, Intex is a supplier for Walmart, and look up replacement parts for air mattresses. Determine if you have a 3-part or 2-part valve. It's super cheap and easy!

I have purchase four of these mattresses. They will last for a couple of night's sleep, but, it never fails, they always leak. I am on the fourth one now, and discovered today that it has a small leak. I have had this happen when I am out camping, and ended up sleeping on the ground because the mattress lost all of its air. Do NOT buy this product at Wal-Mart, or any other outlet.

Price Paid: $37

i bought this air mattress a few years ago, i only use it once a year. we use a hand pump or a air pump. Either way it goes flat in the middle of the night. is there a trick of not having this thing go flat. even with the cap on tight. i can't take it back its been used too much and i never keep the store slips, i never think to!

Price Paid: $20

I took it camping over Memorial Day and had to fill it twice before sleeping on it. After about 2 hours of sleeping on it I was on the ground.

Of course Wal-Mart will not take it back because it has been opened and I do not have the receipt (this policy is not posted by the air mattresses). They would only do an exchange for the same product.


I bought a queen size elevated airbed. The next morning when I got up it had lost a lot of air. I returned it to Walmart where you can only get an exchange. I exchanged it for a new one (same kind). That one lost air too. So I am either stuck with it or I will have to keep exchanging or get a different one and see if they all are the same.

Price Paid: $40

This product worked great the first few weeks we had it. Then suddenly we noticed that every few days we needed to fill it with air again. Now we're lucky if it makes it an hour! The seams on the product give away!

It's suppose to be outdoor equipment but I don't see how if it can't stand up to indoor use!? I'm taking it back to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning for a credit.

Price Paid: $88

I recently purchased a queen size air mattress and frame. I have the same problem with the mattress leaking within an hour. The frame and carry case on wheels are excellent but the mattress is usless. When two people are on the bed it leaks much faster. I purchased a Coleman queen size mattress to slip into the zip-up cover, but it does not fit properly. I would not recommend this mattress.

I am on my 4th one. They now have changed the design. Same measurements of the last queen we bought, but when we inflated the bed it is a foot in width shorter and six inches lower.

Still had the old box, so checked to be sure the measurements were the same. I guess inflation goes for airbeds too. And by the way it's one day and can't find the leak!!!!!!!

Price Paid: $89.95

The first time I got this bed out it went flat in 3 hours. I checked to make sure that the plug was snapped in and inflated it again without anyone on it. It went flat again in 4.5 hours. I exchanged it for another one and without anyone on it, it was flat in 1 hour. This is not a good buy at all. The kicker is that Coleman makes these for Walmart.

Price Paid: $26.42

Used it for camping a few times, then needed it when I was trying to find a new mattress. OK for a while then split at the seam, and we tried about a dozen times to patch it and it couldn't be done. Seems the seams are the problem. My advice - buy the $15 version and save yourself some money since they are all going to leak at the seams apparently.

Went flat within a few hours—completely defective and no one cares.


  • Nothing


  • It didn't hold the air
  • Worst air mattress I've ever bought

The air leaks from the seams. Poorly made. They won't take it back.

Wasted money.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $36.99 +tax

I bought two of these on our last camping trip. Both needed more air put in before the weekend was over and when I brought them out to use for the second time at home, both went flat by morning.

At 40 dollars a piece I would hope I would be able to get a little bit more use of them than that.

I will never buy these products again!!!

Price Paid: $39.99

Have bought two in last six months.. not by choice.. first one developed a bubble. had to replace it in the middle of the trip. Bought another larger bed and also developed a bubble in a period less than 3 months... products are useless.. not recommended....have two useless pieces of plastic that are not worth the cheap materials or labor that was put into their design...

I purchased an Ozark Trail twin air mattress from Walmart and after 4 hours with no one on it, it was deflated, I checked the valve and everything was tight and in place. There is no leak that can be found. This will not stay inflated over night for use. This was a waste of money. I do not recommend buying ANYTHING from this company at all.

Price Paid: $15

I have had this mattress for about five months now and I have been sleeping on it regularly, till last night when it started leaking. I will fill it up again and in about an hour it loses almost half the air in it. I have found the website for those of you who may be interested in it.

Price Paid: $35.99

I guess I'm one of the unlucky ones referred to in another post. 4th of July, family's in town and I bought 2 Ozark Trail Air Mattresses. Neither holds air for a full night. I gave it a half star cause the velour top is comfy when you first go to bed. Not a good night sleep when I had to reinflate it at 2 a.m.

We first loved the queen sized air mattress. After sleeping on it 3 times, we could no longer keep air in it, very disappointing. We tried everything possible to see if it had been punctured and we do not think that this is the problem!

My husband and I weigh 350 lbs. total. Walmart will not help us, as it is over their 90 day policy.

Price Paid: $69.95

The first night was great, second night was awful, felt like I slept on the floor and Walmart would not refund me my money or exchange it. Got a second one, same thing. I will keep taking it back to the same Walmart every day if i have to. My furniture does not come in for three more days, so whatever it takes.

Price Paid: $30

i bought this mattress at Walmart. Used it for a total of 5 days over a period of several months. Used in the house, stored in a closet.  On the 6th day, mattress would no longer hold air.

Manufacturer's 800 number says to call the store where you bought the mattress. Called Walmart.  Walmart says to call the manufacturer. Walmart/manufacturer win, customers lose.

Price Paid: don't remember--think it was pretty expensive

The Ozark Trails queen air bed is a POS. Walmart has a cruddy 15-day return policy and won't take it back, even with a receipt. Beware, if it's a low price at Walmart, it's junk.

Used it twice, first time it seemed ok. Stored it in my basement for 30 day, then used it again. It deflated within about 4 hours. This is junk.

Price Paid: $27

The pump that came with the mattress did not work very well at all. When we tried to use it again the next day, the pump was leaking oil which got on my leg and my sister's leg. After a few minutes, the oil started to itch and burn. It was terrible. NEVER again will I buy anything of that brand.

Price Paid: $26.99

Boy, I agree with every reviewer here! The plug / rubber gasket DOES NOT hold the air in the mattress.

DO NOT waste your time buying any air mattress that has this type of "quick fill" set up as it will quickly fulfill its destiny and leak the air out agonizingly slow overnight.

Thumbs down to this Intex plug product !!

Price Paid: $30

We bought two of the queen size air mattresses, they both were used twice. On the third try they BOTH deflated within 1 hour of inflation. This will be our last time buying Ozark anything!! Our extended family has also been warned of the name brand and how useless and how we threw away our money on two queen mattresses.

Price Paid: $39.99

My biggest headache is how to get the valve of my Queen size repaired so I do not have to pump my mattress every day; some times 2 or 3 times daily. Can someone tell me what to do? The mattress was given to me as a gift by a friend who traveled out without giving me the purchase receipt.

I am 61 years old, using this item for my regular bed. I have carpet under it and use it for sleep only. I have purchased two of these since November and both have developed a leak on the top in a seam, looks like a crack, not cut or punctured. Why is the material falling apart on me?

Price Paid: $28.99

Used my double bed size Velour Top Air Mattress a couple of times for my two SMALL grandsons. It went flat the next time they were sleeping on it. I tried to find air leak and patched anything thing that looked like it might possibly be a still leaks and goes completely flat. Very disappointed!

Price Paid: $19.14 including tax

The only reason I gave it a half star is because the frame lasted a lot longer than the mattress. We had to put air in it the first time we used it and every few hours through the night too. The frame is broken too, on the corner where the straps connect. Will never buy another.

Price Paid: $59

So I used this air mattress 1 time and it worked fine. The second time I used it was not so good. It now loses air over a short period of time and an air bubble forms above the memory foam top and that is a pain in the butt. Save your money and buy a futon :(

Price Paid: $89

Do not buy. It will not stay inflated. You would make out better buying a cot or just sleeping on the floor. I ended on the floor every night I attempted to use it. For $95 I could have gotten a room with a shower.... Simply, don't buy it!!!! Anyone with their phone/email please post-it.

Price Paid: $95

I have had one of these twin mattress for 3 years. the first 2 1/2 years I would use it for camping when friends would spend the night. the last 1/2 year i slept on it every night and I weigh 365 lb. I love sleeping on it although it gets a little cold if the room is cold.

Price Paid: $8.88

The air mattress was ok for a couple of months (I must've been lucky after reading these reviews), but then the seams on the top and side popped.

It is still full of air, but it's just a giant ball of air now rather than a seamed mattress. Too late for an exchange. Beware!

Price Paid: $50

The mattress was good for the situation I needed it for, however, it kept losing air. I had to inflate it almost every other night.

Last was the worst, I woke up laying on a bubble, air apparently is seeping in from the bottom to the top portion of the mattress. It's now useless.

I purchased this plastic bag TWICE and not even ONCE could i enjoy it. It leaks everywhere and is just an inferior product in any way u want to see it. I pity anyone who takes this outdoors without a backup cause they are in for a lousy night. Don't buy this. It SUCKS.

Price Paid: $20

This mattress is utterly worthless. The first one leaked after two days. Took it back for an exchange. The second one lasted about a month before it started leaking. The patch kit is of no use at all since it is impossible to tell where the leak is. A total waste of money.

Price Paid: $49.95

Don't actually use it camping, rather as my home bed. Most comfortable bed I have ever had. I can inflate to any "sleep number" desired. My husband got one also, but our old dog took it over as it is so comfortable. He doesn't move all night. Absolutely love it.

Price Paid: $29

How much do you folks weigh? My roommate bought the double memory foam mattress and it lasted a month and rightly so; he weighs 350lbs. No way can those things hold up under that amount of stress. I'm looking for the weight capacity so I can show him he's too fat.

Well, yes...this mattress does leak... but I have to say that Wal-Mart did not even asked what happened, they have a great customer service and they exchanged the product with no the second mattress leaked again but this time I kept the receipt and they refunded my money.

Price Paid: $67

Absolutely horrible!! Constantly loses air during the night. Woke up and refilled with air 3 times the first night we used. Waking up feeling like a rolled taco as the bad deflated and I sunk into the middle. STAY AWAY from this product unless you like having backaches in the morning.

Price Paid: $40

I have been in Afghanistan for a few months now and whenever I'm in the main camps I use the double pump hand pump that came with the mattress and pump that baby up. It is awesome. I get an excellent night's sleep and I wouldn't leave home without it.

Price Paid: unknown

I have slept on this and only have one complaint. It doesn't hold the air all night when an adult is on it. My daughter used it and lost the cap to keep the air in, so now it certainly doesn't keep air. How do I replace the cap???

Price Paid: $50

My experience with this air mattress has been terrible. Every time I use the air pump to inflate the mattress, huge air bubbles come along with it. It makes it very uncomfortable to sleep on. I purchased it from Walmart and they will not give a refund or exchange...

Price Paid: $29.97

The foldable cot is ok, durable. The inflatable mattress starting loosing air after the first use. Attempting to replace the air mattress through Walmart has been a nightmare. Trying to find a web sight to Ozark Trail in order to obtain a replacement has also been a pain.

Price Paid: $34

I have purchased several other brands of inflatable air beds. None of the others have stood the test of time. However, the Ozark, being used by me several times a week, has proven to be high quality for the price paid. Your pumps and other accessories are outstanding.

Price Paid: $20

I bought this mattress at Walmart.

The air frame fell apart after one night and we were stuck up in nowhere.

I took it back to Walmart and they refused a refund.

Buy something that is better quality and be sure it has a fair return policy.

Price Paid: $80

I've used the same air mattress for three years of camping. Never had a problem. It pumps up quickly with a manual pump. It is very comfortable for sleeping. I won't go camping without it. It has never leaked. I will buy another when the time comes.

Price Paid: $20

I took this mattress elk hunting as a sleeping pad on my cot. It had to be aired up every night. The second time I used it it did not even last the night. I would not waste my time or money on another Ozark Trail product.

Price Paid: $15-20

We just bought this mattress for our trip next month, and we decided to try it out at home. We slept on it (each of under 150 lbs), for less than 8 hours and by the time we woke up, it was half deflated.

Horrible, horrible air mattress!

Price Paid: $29.99

Had the queen size two years. Stays inflated for days even with the kids jumping on it and just got another. Don't leave home without it.

For those interested here is where you can get parts and service found on instructions in box

Price Paid: gift

I have used this mattress only on carpet in my home and have had problems. The valve broke almost as soon as I got it and leaks air in a matter of hours. I bought it at Walmart to have when we get company.

Price Paid: $60

Bought...used one night. Leaked.

Returned to store. No refund possible. Tried another. It also leaked, lost air, deflated...whatever you call it. I want a refund.

I have previously owned air mattresses with better success.

I sincerely believe I followed instructions properly.

Price Paid: $30

I too, have had trouble with this air mattress. Right out of the box, it went flat within 3 hours. Replaced it and this one too went flat. Replaced it again.... same problem. Not again... I won't buy another one of these mattresses.

Leaks down the first time used on SOFT carpet. Also difficult to use a regular pillow because of it's shape at the head area. Not enough head support with out a pillow and too high with one. Going back immediately.

Price Paid: $28

Only lasted one camping trip, which during this time, worked great. The following weekend I tried taking it out camping it wouldn't hold air for more than a couple hours without a load. Forget trying to sleep on it period.

Price Paid: $28

The very first time I used the mattress it was slow leaking. Had to wake up every three hours to pump some more air in it. Arrgggg!

When will I learn to keep the receipts for stuff I've purchased?

Price Paid: $30

Forget it.


  • hmm... doesn't work? How's that for an answer?

Another piece of CHEAP crap. We had to pump it three times in the night. Try waking up in the rain to do this!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

We own two of these and use them in our home when our grand children come to visit. We have used them over and over and have never had any problem with loss of air.
A Great Product.

Mattress seam started leaking after two weeks of camping. This thing looks slick but is a complete turd. It is advertised as having a "memory foam top". Memory foam? It's 2mm thick! I smell a class action lawsuit.

Price Paid: $70

POOR......I love the bed because they lay high up like a regular bed. I only use them when I have company, but after you sleep on the beds about three times they starts to deflate.

Price Paid: $29.88

I have had my Ozark Queen size mattress for three years and have only had great success. It will stay plump with one adult and two children. I must be the blessed one. It's the best.

It seemed fine for three months then a slow leak which can't be found. I believe it is leaking from the valve. Past 90 day warranty and unable to find an email address to contact company.

Price Paid: $85

I have 10 Ozark Trail air mattresses I purchased from Sams and Walmart within the last 2 years.

None will hold air. Is there a way to repair them? I can't find any holes.

Bill Boychuck

Price Paid: $29 to $69 each

I have had this mattress for less than 2 months and have patched the same 4 inch area on the third seam near the top 5 times. I wouldn't waste a penny on another Ozark Trail anything.

Price Paid: $40

I have had my air mattress over 2 years and have used it many times for guests or to take our own guest bed with us and it has never lost air. Very comfortable.

Price Paid: $49.99

I have two Ozark air mattresses. We use them only during summer months for camping and I have had them for three years now. Never had a problem with air loss. . . good product.

I am on my 4th mattress in 50 days. Lost original receipt, cannot get my money back!

Hate this!

If it only worked as good as it feels when it has proper inflation!

Price Paid: $29.88+tax

Do not waste you money on this airbed. Lasted a week then it has a slow leak somewhere that I can't find. Have to fill it up upwards to 5 times a night.

Not only were we on the floor the next morning after purchasing, but the pump stopped working halfway through the fill up...NEVER AGAIN will I buy something from this company!

Price Paid: $28.99

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! I received as a gift. Didn't have a receipt, didn't keep the box. Therefore it is a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!! Lost air first use.

Price Paid: $50

Filled the mattress in the evening and woke up on the ground. It does not hold air at all. I would like my money back!! DON'T BUY THIS ITEM.

Price Paid: $45

4th bed in 4 months, it's junk, seams pop, air comes out, we are disabled and cannot get out to return, of course made in China, thanks floor sleeper

Price Paid: $39.99

I recently purchased an Ozark Trail air mattress for when daughter and grandkids visit, but they complained of pain in their backs with just one night stay.

Price Paid: $50

Sh*t product and bad to try and get help.

Can't get help from anyone.



Source: bought it new

Version reviewed: Queen

Junk, loses air as soon as it's inflated. Walmart refuses to give me a refund for it. Save your money, do not buy this product!

Price Paid: $40

I own 4 of these and never camp without them. Only problem is I can't find an air plug, anyone know where to find parts?

I bought this air bed one month ago at Walmart and it's already leaking air and going flat. I want to return it.

Price Paid: $54

Bought the self-inflating queen size mattress, worked for a couple of weeks then starting losing air. Stays pumped up for about an hour.

Price Paid: $55

It's awesome. I really liked it a lot. But recently while shifting the room I lost the cap to close the air flow.

Price Paid: $27

I have been very happy with this bed until last night when I rolled over and it burst! WHAT A PIECE OF #%$%$!

Price Paid: $60

Inflation valve leaks even with optional plug. No replacement valves seen on site. Evidently this is a recurring problem. Not too impressed.

Price Paid: $52

Seams started leaking after second camping trip. It was very nice when it worked but now useless! Leaking area not repairable.

For anyone looking for plugs valves or patch kits go to They have what you are looking for.

Price Paid: $44

Product leaked after second use -- replaced with a new one from the store and started leaking after a few uses.

Price Paid: $70

In one word "useless". If I wanted to sleep on the floor, I would not have bought an air mattress.

I bought an Ozark trail air mattress, for an overnight guest.

It doesn't hold air. Totally useless.

Price Paid: $20 - $25

Leaks at blower and plug inlet that is built into the airbed. Poor design, waste of money...

Bought for my husband's yearly hunting trip. Well he got one use!


Price Paid: $70

I found the replacement plug for my Ozark mattress here on this site:

intexstore dot com

Price Paid: 100$

This mattress is new and it will not hold air overnight. What a waste of money.

Price Paid: $39.99

It's the worst bed we have ever had..we have taken it back 3 times!!

Price Paid: $40

Started leaking the second time we used it.

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