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Ozark Trail Camp Stove

rated 2.0 of 5 stars

The Camp Stove has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best camp stoves for 2023.

I have only started having some problems with it lately since I had bought it last year. The only problem is with it not getting any gas to the burners. When it does get gas to the burners the gas works for a little bit and then the flame goes out completely and then you have a hard time relighting them with no luck. The price and stove is cheap enough where you can replace it with another one and does the job really well and am very happy with the performance. This stove also serves well as an emergency cook stove for the house as well. So remember if you use it a lot then things will wear out.


In regards to this product I had reviewed and commented on, I have found a way to get the regulator working again. The regulator has to be cleaned with a damp sponge and also the gasket must be cleaned as well. Inside the end where the screw-on piece goes into the stove it has to be blown out and the little brass piece that is on the regulator has to be tightened by hand as well. Make sure all of the regulator is cleaned off of all or any dirt or debris that may be present on the regulator.

If this quick fix does not help you then replace stove @ once with another of one of same or choose another make and model.

Price Paid: $19.99

The regulator that was manufactured for this stove goes bad, and any other regulator or propane attachment will not fit this stove. You cannot buy a replacement. And even if you could, it will also go bad after several uses. BUT I do have a work-around.


  • Price and thin profile folded up for storage.


  • Regulators goes bad and can't be replaced.

Work-around to bad Ozark Trails regulator: Buy a Coleman 5430 Regulator at Walmart for $16. Get a 6-inch piece of automotive 5/16"i.d fuel line hose and four small clamps. Cut the metal tube (with a metal saw blade) on the Coleman and Ozark Trails regulators at the halfway mark.

Put together your regulator with the Ozark Trail's gas fitting half, and the Coleman regulator half, using the fuel line hose and four clamps. Slide/twist each half into the hose to the halfway mark on the hose. A slight coating of motor oil helps with this. Use two clamps at each end of the hose.

Now you'll have a quality regulator that is easily replaceable in the future.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $33

The regulators break and freeze up often, maybe because I used my stove everyday being homeless. It worked well for about a year.


  • Strong flames
  • Cooks well


  • Regulators are cheap and grill grates are spaced too far apart, small pots fall through the space.

Mine was okay, but 2 regulators broke in a year and a half and they'd freeze up in the summer a lot.

Basically you get what you pay for. For $27.99 I can't complain. If it wasn't for the bad regulators it'd be a great stove. I used it in my tent all winter long as a heater also. It worked fine.

I saw the price of this, then the Coleman which cost about 75% more money. So naturally I went with the Ozark Trail. Well, you live and learn I guess.


None, 1st time used.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $27.99

The Ozark Trail camp stove should not be used as your only piece of cooking equipment because it doesn't work. I bought one and never took it out of the box until I took it camping and it was useless, the canister would not connect to the stove arm, the threads were bad from the factory on the arm. A piece of junk is what I call this stove, a new stove never used and never will be because you can't get a part for it. What a ripoff!

We cooked on a open fire that trip, but next time I will take my old white fuel stove and have my coffee as planed. Anything Ozark Trail makes will never be in my camping gear again. What I do have is going in the trash where it belongs.

Price Paid: $29.99

No problems for four years now. Would have given 5 stars if easier to take apart for complete cleaning.


  • Good price
  • Easy to set up
  • Works great


  • Not easy to take apart to clean completely

WOW, first off, had mine for four years now. No problems at all.

Noticed some people say you can't buy a new regulator tube. Well read your operating instructions that came with the stove. The part number for the tube is in there. LOL read your paperwork that comes with your equipment, it's a no-brainer.

Source: received it as a personal gift

I bought this little stove because it was cheap, point blank. I used it with the canisters for a while and was very surprised as to the efficiency of this stove.

The downside to the stove is its ineffectiveness in windy conditions, you need something to block the wind from it. The upside is it readily takes the bulk hose which you can hook to a 5 or 10 gallon propane cylinder. I use mine DAILY in cooking and it has never let me down.

I read some of the other reviews and quite frankly, I haven't had the issues the others have. Maybe if you buy one and take a bit better care of it, it won't let you down and give you the great service mine has.

Price Paid: $25

Easy fix for this regulator problem.

It seems that this regulator has a small plastic button that sits on top of a tire valve held in place by the regulator spring. If droped in a way that causes the spring to move, the button falls off the tire valve.

Remove the threaded insert from the bottom of the regulator with a metric deep socket and shake out the button. put a very small dab of super glue in the button hole and place on top of the tire valve.

When it dries, be sure rubber gasket is in place, apply a little thread sealer, and screw insert back into regulator body.


Source: Fixed it for a friend

Unserviceable, stopped working after third use.


  • Cheap


  • Unserviceable
  • Poor construction
  • Short lifespan

I thought I got a good deal since it is so cheap, but after third camping trip it started acting strange. First the burner will not light up from the piezo igniter, then it fire gets weaker and weaker then it went dead.

I tried changing fuel canister, cleaning the regulator, checking the burner and fuel line, but the same problem.

Source: bought it new

Our camping 2 burner cookstove lasted just a couple of camping trips and the regulator has gone bad. Why can't we find replacement parts? Going camping again in a couple of weeks so I guess we will have to buy a new cookstove, guess what it won't be an Ozark Trail it will be a Coleman.

Also bought a Ozark Trail tent this year and set it up in the back yard just before we went camping and pole broke. Tent went back to Walmart and we bought a Coleman. We won't purchase any more Ozark Trail products ever again.

I purchased an Ozark Trail campstove 2 years ago. Worked fine first time. Went back to lake and was going to use it again and wouldn't work. Regulator assembly wouldn't work.

Drove all the way back to Walmart, couldn't find part. Had to purchase another campstove just to use the regulator assembly out of it. Went to lake last weekend with new stove and now regulator doesn't work. Now I have two stoves and can't use either one because u can't find parts with it.

Somebody should refund my money. Will not buy another one of same brand ever again.

Price Paid: $29.99

We bought the Ozark stove 2 years ago and within the first 3 months the regulator broke. Ozark warranteed it and sent another at no charge. Fourteen months after buying it the second regulator broke and Ozark would sell us another for 17.95. NO THANKS.

Our Ozark stove received light duty and was treated kindly so it must have defective regulators to have two break so easily. Am going back to Coleman. Also, our old Coleman we retired after many many years of faithful service would put out more heat than these Ozarks.

The stove part is fine. The regulator is literally the cheapest thing they could possibly build. Couldn't cost more than 30 cents.

Wal-mart was sold out of Coleman double stoves.

Almost ruined the camp breakfast. Fortunately I work around propane and propane accessories and I was able to remove one tire-type stem valve from the regulator and get it to work. But I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this approach for amateurs. It can get out of hand easily. Watch out for this one.

Price Paid: $29

Wow... feeling pretty stupid... did not read all of this. I bought one and used it once. Next day tried to use it again and guess what... the regulator went bad.

Took it back, got another, brought it home, fired it up, it worked. Showed my son how to assemble it 15 minutes later and .... yep, you got it, the regulator was bad.

What a pile of crapola.

Price Paid: $32.88

I bought this product and the first time of being out of the box someone stole the connection line and the (bottle of propane). Since then the stove is totally useless as the store of purchase as well as other sporting good stores do not carry the connection necessary for this stove. Stove has never been able to be used except to collect dust.

Price Paid: don't remember

The pin that pierces the propane bottle fell out of the regulator and in reading the reviews there is no replacement part available. Stove is therefore worthless.

Coleman has nice web site and ordering system for replacement parts. Ozark Trail and WalMart buyers must never read the customer comments, or they just don't care.

You can use this stove a few times until you can't find the regulator assy. You cannot find the regulator at any parts store, or from the company, or online anywhere.
Maybe I'll e-mail the company with a nastygram...

Price Paid: $24.95

I bought the two burner and used it three times and the regulator went out and I cannot find another one anywhere. Could some one please tell me where I could find one? Thank you

I was archery hunting in the middle of nowhere and the second time, ever, I go to light this stove the regulator craps out and will not supply gas. Never will I buy an Ozark Trail product again.

Price Paid: $30

I bought this stove. It is rubbish. My regulator is damaged, and I have not found a replacement.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $62

No issues.

Haven't had a problem with it for about 8 years now. Just looking for a rubber o  gasket kit is all I need.

Source: bought it new

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