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Ozark Trail Elevated Air Bed - Queen Sized

rated 1.5 of 5 stars

Bought the queen frame w/air mattress and a separate pump. Bed did not have a self-inflating mechanism. Both were an excellent investment!!! Have never had a problem and have owned it for years.


  • Off the floor, queen size and have never had an issues for years!


  • Have to add a little air after a few days.

Bought the queen frame w/air mattress several years ago, along w/a separate pump. Bought the separate pump because the mattress is not self-inflatable. And because of all the reviews I read about the self-inflatable beds deflating, I chose this path and have never regretted it once. Nor have I had any problems w/either the frame, mattress or pump!

Yes, the mattress loses some air after a few days, so we give it a boost. Now trying to find the same product for a married son in another state. I paid $50 for the bed and $20 for the pump. And the fabulous thing about the bed is that it came in its own duffle bag w/wheels. We actually shipped it to our second home, on an airplane, as another piece of luggage since it was self contained like any piece of luggage. What a deal!!!!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50 for mattress, $20 for separate pump

The pump on this is SO LOUD that I wouldn't be able to use it in a campground, especially when it loses air during the night. Now I am even afraid to use it because the pump starts to smell hot and it is getting LOUDER and LOUDER!!


  • Pump

We used this product at home for overnight guests and then when we traveled we took it to sleep on. The first time we used it the pump was so loud. Every time we used it the pump got louder and louder. Now I am even afraid to use it because the pump starts to smell hot and is SO LOUD that it's unbearable to use.

I could never use this product in a campground. It would be embarrassing!! I wish I could make a video of it.  I would like to make a video of it and call the owner of the company and play it for him/her and see if they would want to listen to it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50

Avoid this BS product at all costs.


  • Absolutely nothing


  • Piece of garbage

This piece of sh*t started getting holes within a few days and they multiplied each time I patched one. What a fraudulent piece of garbage, it won't last a week with careful use. Walmart has by far the sh*ttiest products,  Im done shopping at that store. 

I have only bought 5 things there in my life and 4 of them didn't work or broke down within a week.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: too much contraire! ... a piece of crap? really??

Personally, I find it to be the most comfortable bed (or anything at all!) that I've slept on — in my entire life. No, really.  

I bought the thing from Wal-Mart in August because my futon sucks (hard as a rock!), and it doesn't leak air ever, and it's got these pouchy things on its top that provide an extra level of comfort. If you don't like the way it feels, just turn the dial and let out some of the air.

It's got some type of S-beam configuration going on inside of it — and so it's incredibly strong. (I weigh 210 pounds — I'm a tall one!) I'm amazed, and find myself wondering how they pack so much technology into such a small box. Oh, and it came with its own carrying case.

Heh-heh-heh ...I'm quite pleased with this purchase. Like, if they find out how much I like it, they're coming to the house to take it back or charge me double the price. Wal-Mart ought to pay me for this review, wouldn't you think?!

It's a thumbs-up, and a lights-out, and a no-brainer, hands-down kind of thing. Speaking of lights out --  'night-night. I gotta go get into that bed!

Price Paid: $45

I am glad to see that this was not my imagination. I bought two within 8 months and the same things happened.

From what I am reading I would like to have a share in this company because they are definetily the only one profiting. WALMART the store and its franchises know too. They are profiting also. There should be a law against this FRAUD. With so many people having bad experiences with this brand you would think that they would try to improve this product. Or WALMARTS you should be sued for continuing to sell it.

I am glad they have this reviewing process and I wish I had read this certainly before I bought a second one. I thought it was something I had done.

PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME BUYING THIS BED. SEEMS AS IF ONLY 3 out of 500 are happy with this product. It's a terible thing to do to consumers OZARK AND WALMART are in this together. ITS' THEIR BRAND. I will definetely check before I buy other things from them.

Never had this problem with K-Marts Brand. NORTHERN TERRITORY.

Price Paid: $30

We purchased this air bed at WalMart after reading reviews about the product. We felt this would best suit our needs. We were VERY WRONG.

After purchase we brought the airbed home and filled it and were very impressed the battery powered pump worked GREAT the mattress filled up quickly. Then we put away until our recent camping trip.

After arrival at our camp we set up our tent and filled the air mattress - went to bed to wake up a couple of hours later as the mattress was deflated!! This did not just happen once - we refilled the mattress and it happened again even after checking the valve to assure that all was closed correctly. This continued to happen even when we were not on the bed. We filled the mattress, walked away and 20 minutes later it was deflated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will not purchase this item again and would warn everyone away from it.

For our next trip we will purchase pool inflatables.

Price Paid: $30

il degonfle tout le temps a tous les jours il faut les regonfler

et je cherche le bouchon pour mettre apres la valve et je ne peux pas en trouver a nul part

Update: July 14, 2010

My bed is no good, lost air and bought 3 them and each lost air.

I'm not satisfied.

Price Paid: 60$

I bought the Ozark Trail elevated queen size bed last year. So far so good. I've used it 6 times since then, and I'm not a small person. At first I thought I got a leaky one, but upon reading the manual, it indicated that the mattress will stretch somewhat during its first uses. After reading that, I added more air and it was fine.

The one I got is made by Intex, which I understand to be a decent manufacturer of air mattresses. I'm deducting a star because the storage bag it comes with is too small. I suppose if I wanted to spend an hour squeezing it back in there, it would work. But I just bought a larger drawstring bag and problem solved.

Overall I believe it to be a good product, but after reading other reviews I will buy a vinyl patch kit just in case.

Price Paid: $40

I just wanted to say i slept on an elevated queen size everyday for a year and only had to add air to it 3 or 4 times and I weigh 200 lbs. I even thought about buying another one and putting it in an old waterbed frame to be used in the spare bedroom for when company comes over. Thank you for such a great product.

Price Paid: $68

A big waste of money. I purchased this queen size memory foam air bed by Ozark Trail at Walmart only to return it because it did not hold air and I could not find the memory foam top. Upon my returning it I was informed that Ozark Trail will not refund your money but will allow you to replace it. No customer satisfaction there. I guess when you know your product is poor quality you don't care about your customers' satisfaction.

I would warn any potential customers to beware. When a company won't refund your money that is a definite red flag as to quality. I not only will not buy another one but will no longer shop at Walmart for allowing such a product to be on their shelves. Walmart needs to stand behind all the products they sell. Why are they letting this company get away with such a thing?

Why replace a bad product with another one? What's the point? They expect you to keep bringing them back until you get one that lasts a little while? This is unacceptable.

Price Paid: $86

This is the second elevated, queen size, velour top air mattress that I have had in the past 5 months. DON'T BUY ONE!!! The first one we bought for a camping mission trip and it didn't want to hold air right from the start. Took it home and it started getting slits around the oval seams on top, on one side they completely gave away and we had a huge bulge. We patched the slits as best we could but it still wouldn't hold air and kept getting more slits in other spots. About 7 patchings later I tried to return at Wal-Mart, but no go!

I thought maybe I just got a bad one and bought another! Same thing!! I have only had this one about 2 months and we have already patched it approx. 4 times. One whole oval has split almost all the way out!!

This mattress is a piece of junk, you can't get satisfaction on return or exchange... Don't even think about spending your $50 dollars on it because it's only worth a few cents in my opinion. I am going to try a Coleman next and will NEVER buy another Ozark Trail air mattress. What a total waste of good, hard-earned money!!!

Price Paid: $50

The air bed is very bad I had to get 3 they would not give me my money back all 3 was bad I WILL NEVER BUY A OZARK TRAIL AIR BED AGAIN I SHOULD GET MONEY BACK OR EVEN 1/2.

Price Paid: $80

This bed really sucks. I have been through about 4 of them, they all get leaks, and yeah shame on Walmart for selling this junk, but that's not the only junky thing they sell! I'll go back to Coleman and not buy it from Walmart. Same thing happened to my beds as all the others above, leaks and air pockets. It's just junk, but I bet they make big profits off these beds!!!

Price Paid: $46.96

Like most others I enjoyed sleeping on this air mattress for about 3 weeks...very comfortable. Then in the middle of the night it began to leak at the top seem on the side that I normally use to ingress and egress. I patched it with a bicycle patch and had two more nights of good sleep. Then again in the middle of the night it developed another leak in the top seem, which I immediately patched. This time I only made it till early in the morning before another leak in the top seem developed which I patched.

Now it's slowly leaking (takes 3 hours to bleed down) and I can't find the leak. Nothing worse than awaking with the feeling that canyon walls are collapsing upon you.

Anyway, I believe we all should demand that Walmart remove these from their stores, or at least write on a placard next to the display that they are only good for a few weeks. In fact, maybe we all should take a felt tipped pen to the store and write that warning on all the boxes. Just a thought! I'm tired of being ripped off by junk peddlers.

Price Paid: $86

I used this air mattress for a month until I started waking up in the morning with it inflated in on me, the worst part is that I borrowed it and now I have to replace this crappy air mattress. My guess is I put too much air in it, cause I found no holes and I can't seem to find a leak in it.

What a piece of JUNK... in less than a week the coils inside let loose and then there was a big bump in the middle of the bed... and then it started to leak. This is the second bed since they do not give cash refunds on this item. I have the same problem for both beds.

Price Paid: $40

I bought this queen sized air mattress with the head bumps and had it less than a month when it sprung its first leak which we found and patched. A week later the bed started to go flat again, we have searched the bed multiple times for another leak and we haven't had any luck finding it.

Right now we are stuck sleeping on a bed that needs to be re-inflated every few hours or so... I can't return to Walmart due to their policy about not returning air beds. I would like for the manufacturer of this bed to either refund my money or send me a new bed.

I generally love the Ozark Trail brand of outdoor equipment but I think I got a bad bed.

Price Paid: $50

I'm on my third queen-size airbed. My second one was overinflated and one of the seams popped out so I decided to buy another. I don't usually make the mistake of overinflating.

The airbed is not the size advertised on the box, nor is it the size of my previous airbed. It is 75" (advertised 82"), about 60" across, advertised 64; and not as tall as advertised either. What happened?

This appears to be the length of the full size and I don't see where they began manufacturing double decker full size. I will be returning it and exchanging - hopefully the next on is the correct size. I don't even mind the size, but it is not what I paid for. You may want to measure yours if you buy it.

Price Paid: $47

I bought this mattress two days ago from Wal-Mart and when I opened the box I was confused at how small it was. I was sure I grabbed the Queen sized mattress.

I checked the box and sure enough I got the right one. Then my 6 yr old niece started squealing with delight and was in the middle of the mattress, on the inside. Half the bed was missing.

There was a reviewer in an older post that said people who were having problems didn't know how to use the mattress properly or didn't know how to inflate it. But it's very hard to inflate with half of it missing.

I don’t have a receipt but from what I have read, even if I did, I could only exchange it for another crappy mattress. Hopefully the Coleman I got will be better.

Price Paid: $49.99

In July 2009 I brought a Ozark Queen size air bed. By August of 2009 it started to leak the repair kit did nothing. I am now out of a bed and my money.

Price Paid: $47

Returned (2) of the queen-size mattresses that did not last more than a few weeks. The replacements were even worse. This was right before Labor Day. We did not even make it to the campsite. We inflated them before we left home. One had 6 inch gash in it (straight out the box) and the other was deflated by the time we got to our destination. One hour away.

Price Paid: $43.88 ea. (2)

Never has worked since I purchased it from Walmart. I use only when going on camping trips. Would not give money back or another queen size bed from the Ozark Trail. Would like A NEW ONE OR MY MONEY BACK.

Price Paid: $79

The frame on this broke from normal use. Sitting on the end of the bed, putting on shoes the plastic pieces that hold the metal together snapped. It is a year old, but was only used occasionally for camping and overnights with friends.

What a piece of junk with no warranty. Now it is trash!

Price Paid: $86

Ok I bought my first Ozark Trail Airbed about 2 months ago. I hadn't even had it a month when the left inside tube had busted and so I one side was way higher than the other. I tried to take it back to Wal-mart not to get my money back but 2 just exchange it for a new one. But because I had done through away my receipt they would not exchange it so I had to pay another $50 and get a new one so by now I have spent a $10 dollars on this no good product that I hope nobody will buy after reading this.

Took the new bed home pumped it up and it was fine. 2 weeks later the same thing happened. I called my local Wal-mart where I purchased it and told then that this was my second bed from them in less than a month that has gone bad. They explained to me that I could bring it back up there with my receipt which I did keep this time. And I could exchange it for another one or something else of the same price or pay the difference if I got something that cost more than the product I already have. Which is crappy if you ask me but I brought it back up there and exchanged it again.

Well the very next morning I woke up on the floor. I checked it to see what was up this time and I found two holes in it where the seams had busted. Now I am not a very big person at all so I know I am not the reason for this.

By now I am so mad I called Wal-mart again and of course the only this to do is come and exchange it. I am now on my fourth bed and if this one does it some one will be giving me my money back and I don't mean the $50. I want my $100, because I had to buy it twice. PEOPLE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Price Paid: $50

I purchased the bed from Walmart. I had it 12 days.
on the 13th day it developed a leak in one of the seams. I tried to take it back to Walmart, they would not exchange it.

So I tried to patch it with the patch kit supplied with the bed. It worked for one day, then another leak on a differnet seam appeared.

The bed is garbage. Ozark Trail should stand behind there products but don't. If it was me I would not ever waste your money on one of the beds especially since they don't stand behind there products...

Price Paid: 69 dollers

This is called Ozark Trail "Outdoor Equipment". If you're using this airbed regularly every night at home, that's not what it's intended for people. It's for use in your tent for a night or two at a time.

Of course you'll have to put a little more air into it every couple of nights. Air leaks slowly out of everything. This may not be the highest quality, but if you would prefer sleeping on air than on rocky ground inside your tent while on a weekend camping trip or even a week-long trip, this works just fine.

I've had it for over a year now, I've taken it on multiple camping trips. Last summer we used it for eight days straight, only having to pump a little more air into it midway through the trip. I think people are having problems with seams tearing because they don't know how to properly inflate an airbed.

Price Paid: gift

Useless... do not purchase. Have done so twice in hopes that first one was a design fluke. Not worth the money.. both developed air pockets.. useless, useless. Shame on Walmart for selling these useless products.

Price Paid: $90

This product is useless!! It has a built in pillow that gave me a cramp in my neck the first night, I thought that I just needed to get used to it and all would be well...not so.

About 3 days in the bed went flat, we aired it up, and it never went totally flat but every few days we had to put air in it because when we got in the bed we automatically rolled in the middle of the bed and had to lean on each other in order to keep from suffocating in the sunken bed.

I would not recommend this product unless you can't get your hubby to cuddle with you...but then you would have to trade sleep for cuddling. It's your choice.

Price Paid: $50

This is by far the BIGGEST piece of **** airbed I have ever had the discomfort of sleeping on. I purchased this $86 bed at Wal-mart on 02/21/2009 today is 03/24/2009. After having this bed for like 2 weeks I woke up on the floor, so I filled it up w/ air and found the hole (which is in the seam), now my bed is in the middle of the room and the only part of the bed touching anything is the head of the bed, the hole is on the left side.

So I called Wal-mart to find out if this lovely (LOL) bed could be returned and the man in the sporting goods dept. said if it was within 15 days. So I figured I'll just patch the hole and that will be that.

WELL like three days after the first hole, I woke up on the floor AGAIN. I once again patched that hole, which coincidentally is approximately six inches from the first one. TODAY I WOKE UP ON THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!!

Maybe you'll could send me some more freakin patches cause I'm thinking I'm definitely going to need them. How about that can I get some more patches since I can not return this piece of CR*P!!!

This is by far the worse airbed. I had a Coleman single airbed for over a year (and still do), I just wanted a bed that was higher off the floor, well that's not happening since I wake up on the damn floor!!!!

Price Paid: $86

My fiance and I have bought four of these airbeds now and each one has developed some of the other reviews have stated it was great the first couple times but after a couple times of use it started to show its flaws...and Walmart, the place we bought it from, has very strict rules on returns and exchanges on the bed so we are out a whole lot of money for a shitty bed. We have switched to a different brand.

DON"T BUY THIS BRAND!!!!!! Even the twin one we had problems with. I think the company needs to rethink their design!

Price Paid: $48.99

Well I have had this queen sized, elevated high air bed now for a few months. Within weeks the seams started to go. I now have twelve patches on it and ended up on the ground last night. A really crummy product for the price.

I bought it from Wal-Mart. I do not know if they are better from sporting goods stores, but these have a very bad design. That is the elevated queen sized air mattress. I do not know, nor will I never know, if the other sized air mattresses are any good.

Price Paid: $58-60

I paid $90 for this air bed and within 2-3 weeks the seams started to come apart. Could not find a number anywhere to call them. Needless to say how mad I am ... will never deal with this place again.

Price Paid: $90

First use the air bed performed flawlessly. Each use after however, it has failed. It has failed five times. Each time an air leak has appeared in a heat weld on the top of the mattress. Each time a vinyl patch has worked. With each use a new leak has appeared. I find this product useless and will tell everyone I know about this. How can you produce, market and sell such junk?

I bought 4 of these beds. My first two developed holes from pumping it up,then developed air pockets. My last bed had two holes which would be my 4th. I was getting up and the completely ripped. This bed literally sucks.

Price Paid: 50 Bucks

I have been buying these Elevated Airbeds from Wal-Mart several times. There is a problem with the Air bed maintaining its air and size. I have bought a hand pump and must pump the air bed t original size almost every time using the air bed. What causes the aird bed to lose the air.

There is no guarantee written on the box that the air will not leak out. No more. Am switching to Coleman with has the guarantee written on the box of no air leaks. I have had the pleasure of Wal-Mart taking back the bad Elevated Airbeds due to the fact of the leakage.

This is the last time for Ozark and Wal-mart. The customer service person did not want to believe the truth that I told her. She was very confused and did not care about the loss. Coleman will be the product not Ozark.

The elevated airbeds are nice and comfortable but leak to much air. Coleman has the guarantee of no leakage.

Price Paid: $30

I purchased one of them and it lasted 3 months and started to leak. Then I purchased another one and treated it very carefully, but it started to leak.

Won't be purchasing a third one or anything other product from Ozark or inflatable product from Walmart.

It was comfortable and convenient, just not durable.

Update: March 23, 2008


The leaks will tend to be on the side you get into the bed. It will be on the inside seam for the ridge around the bed.

I had two beds and they both had a leak in the same general area on the same seam.

The leak will get worse and worse. Fill up the bed with air fully and then lay on it. You will hear air leaking out. Note the general direction. Then site on the side of the bed and run your finger along the seam. At one point you will block the flow and stop the sound.

Also, I was able to see the leaks by close inspection of the seam. NOTE! You may need to push outward the ridge to open up the leak. Also, if you are sitting on the bed, move a little or rock a little and you may hear the leak open and close.

I suppose you could use water to find the leak, but the seam leaks get fairly large and you will be able to hear them in a day.

I tried the patch Ozark gives you. Next to worthless. It will work off within a day. What you need to do is this.

Purchase a flexible glue. I got Power Poxy, Super Crystal Clear Waterproof cement. It is a flexible glue I found at Walgreens. I am sure there are others that will do also. You need to make sure it is a solvent base, very flexible, strong glue.

One one of the leaky beds I just put the glue on the leak. Let it dry for a night, and the next day apply another layer. Since this leak really didn't open unless I was on the leak, it was able to be closed when I applied the glue. I am still testing the bed in my living room. I haven't slept on it overnight.

For the other bed, I put copious glue on the leak, it bubbled, and I put the so-called patch from Ozark Trails on the glue which press the glue into a layer along the seam. I let it dry during a full day.

Last night I slept on it and it didn't lose any pressure.

I still have glue left over for the next leaks. I am going to get wide packing tape and cut squares to make the patch for the glue.

I had also bought bicycle repair patches and I may try them also. Perhaps only on convex surface though.

Some people might think that I should glue the whole seam preemptively, but I am not so sure. The glue may have complications of its own, so for now I will just glue the leaks as I find them.

I purchased one in Dec. 2006 for my mother-in-law to use at Christmas time. Well it is that time and mother-in- law is coming and she will be without air in about hour and on the floor but without air. The plug leaks and you can’t get it to stop. But you can’t patch the plug or replace it. I like it with air over night any help?

Don't waste your money. We got three holes in the mattress on our last night out. The first two nights of our last camping trip were great, but then we found ourselves on the ground at 3 AM on the third night! It looked well built and sturdy, but there is a manufacturing defect on the bottom. Where the creases end under the pillow is very thin from heat melting the plastic. The holes were not from a puncture; definitely material failure. So we got about 10 or 12 uses out of it; or a cost of about $5 a night.

I am going to try to savage our investment by using a swimming pool vinyl repair kit. But I was told by the manufacturer that the patches don't hold up well... Looks good, but not worth much if it can't hold air!

Price Paid: $50

The same verdict for all 8 (EIGHT) beds I've purchased: AWFUL! I work abroad of US and due to the nature of our work my foreign colleagues and I are moving quite often – once every few months. Therefore, air bed is exactly what we need, and I was glad to supply my colleagues with all the same - Ozark Trail elevated Queen-size ones. Purchased them at 37 bucks a piece at Wall-Mart.

While they were never used outdoors or in any other rough conditions, within a few months ALL OF THEM developed some kinds of leaks: either local ones requiring constant patching, or just general drainage of air apparently through the walls. I even stuck my one in my swimming pool: no visible bubbles, but doesn’t hold air for more than a few hours. Cheap, Chinese-made junk!

Price Paid: $37

Piece of garbage don't buy. The only pluses is that it is high off the ground, has a built in pump that inflates and deflates the matress quickly, and is very comfortable when it has air. Key word: air. It's allergic to air. After a complete fill, you'll be on the floor in a few hours. We've had it for about two years now, and we've only used it a couple times. The last time I used it, I was almost on the floor. This past weekend, I met the floor thanks to the bed's allergy with air. All those other neat features don't mean squat when the bed can't hold air. I understand that I bought a cheap air bed, but for $50 I expect the fundamental principle of the bed to work. Fine take away the built in pump, the elevation, and shoot, even some of the comfort (better than the floor anyway). But for love of comsumers, please let it at least keep air!!

Price Paid: 50

Bed performed fine for about 1 month then developed leak in plug assembly. Will only hold air for about an hour. The warranty is useless unless you want to spend time jumping through hoops. Save you money and don't buy!

My husband purchased this mattress for company to use on our carpeted living room floor and shortly after our purchase, we noticed that it was leaking air. We have been unable to locate where the air is leaking from, but it leaks air quickly enough that you are on the floor within just a few hours of lying down on it. It was wonderful the first couple of times it was used, but am incredibly disappointed in the lack of quality in this product. Would absolutely not recommend to anyone else to purchase.

Price Paid: $100

We bought this to use as temporary bedding when we went to visit our daughter in college. In about two years it has only been used three times for two or three nights. When we went to use it recently it has a leak around a seam. It also swells up in big bulges when it is inflated. The included patch kit was worthless. I tried a commercial heavy patch kit, it would not seal because the leak is in a seam. I thought I could buy a replacement air mattress, thinking the leak might be a fluke. But it seems to be a manufacture problem that is widespread. I think they just took my money and ran.

Price Paid: $99 + TX

Purchased at Wal-Mart in December 2006. Used for five months. Seam separating pillow potion from rest of bed failed. It is not leaking, however the pillow portion grew to about three times its normal size; rendering comfortable sleep impossible. 90-day warranty is useless. No exchange available at Wal-Mart, nor from Intex Corp. (mfr.). It was comfortable while it lasted. Will not buy another.

Price Paid: $41.88

We purchased two queen beds to use for family when they visit. We have used them twice. They are both "out of commission". One is leaking from the plug and heaven only knows where the second one is leaking. It felt great when it was new; but now we wake up on the floor! We are highly dissatisfied and would like someone to contact us so we can get these beds repaired or replaced. All the store tells us to do is to contact the company, but I do not see any customer service on this site.

Price Paid: $100+

Well, when I first came to my grandma's I highly enjoyed the bed. I have slept on it for 4 months, and somehow it developed a leak. I would like to blame it on my cat but the place of the leaks, no cat could reach. So I am highly unsatisfied. I don't know if my grandma is trying to make me feel bad by saying it cost over 300$ but it's a POS. 600 pounds, joke. I just read the reviews and this bed sucks. Now personally I have tons of camping equipment, a lot of it is Ozark, my tent, some camping supplies, all beautiful. But this air mattress, blah.

Price Paid: my grandma says 300$

My husband and I bought this airbed over three years ago due to lots of family visiting while he was in the military. We usually slept on it and let the company have our bed. We would also pull it out on any random weekend and sleep in the living room because of how comfortable it was. I slept on it throughout my pregnancy including the last week and found it more comfortable than my bed at the time. Unfortunately, about three months back it developed a leak that we could not find, so we got rid of it and are looking to purchase another. We were very highly satisfied!! Thanks for a great product!!!

Price Paid: don't remember

I have had my air mattresses for two years now and I love it. My problem is that it is leaking around the plug and I was wondering if you can buy a replacement plug. The mattress itself is in great shape still. We camp a lot during the spring and summer and just noticed the leak this past weekend on a camping trip. If anyone knows where I can get a replacement plug, please let me know.

Price Paid: $45

I bought the highest quality air bed I could find, the type for outdoor use, supposedly highly leak resistant, for my apartment! I was very happy with the comfort, but, it lasted two months, before developing a leak, and was never used outdoors, just laying on carpet, one person, on a queen size bed, no one else, nothing strange, no sex or anything. So I am very unhappy about paying $75 plus tax, what I paid for a real mattress a few years ago, only to have it die so quickly. Not happy, for sure.

Price Paid: $75

I absolutely love this air bed. With the memory foam top, it feels like sleeping on my bed at home. I have had Coleman and Serta air beds that leaked but I have never experienced that with my Ozark. The bed is easy to deflate and fits easily into the carry bag. The only problem that I have with it is that it has a unique nozzle system that screws into an ac pump to inflate and deflate it. We often camp in areas that do not offer electric. I have purchased ac/dc pumps and battery operated pumps but they do not work because of the nozzle. Other than that, I think the bed is great!

Price Paid: $78

I had purchased this product roughly one month ago. I am highly dissatisfied with it as within three weeks of use, it developed a leak. The patching kit was completely useless. I would lose over half the air in the mattress in under an hour and had to repeatedly repatch the mattress.

It claimed to be able to withstand over 600 pounds and I am far from that mark. It is not a good product, and as I stated I am very dissatisfied.

Price Paid: $39.42

This bed is a piece of crap... Plus I couldn't even return it back to Walmart.

Price Paid: $49.98

I have to say that the bed was so so...however, don't shop at Wal Mart. I bought one, needed it for a specific use. Well we went away, set it up, had problems and wrapped it back up. Made other arrangements and tried to bring it back, with receipt even, this was within 5 days of purchase.  I was out of town for 3 of those.

So, WalMart has a "no return policy" on these beds even if there is a problem. You can exchange it for another (from the reviews how many would you want?), or buy a better one paying even more money.

So since it didn't work for my needs and then I couldn't take the faulty one back....I even asked could I just get a store credit, I told them "fine, I'll take a replacement". Now I'm on a mission to make everyone aware of the WalMart policy and I'll try to sell this one to someone who wants it.  At least I have a brand new one to try to offer.

Shop Kmart, Target....anyone but WalMart.  Never another penny from my pocket will enter that store.

Price Paid: $30

This is the worst piece of s### that I have ever possession. I had food that last longer in my stomach than this piece of squad fire. It is truly horrible.

I don't know about the imbeciles who apparently never ran into that problem. If they got this bed it's not if it's when. Whether they are paid to say that or not I don't know but point is this product needs to be obliterated from the universe, god/buddha it sucks.

I had three beds all exploding within 3 months of each other. Are you kidding me my nose is a hone BS detector and I it has been going off. Weight doesn’t matter either I am positive if an ant sat on it long enough it would inevitability explode also.

I had brought not 1 but 3 of these monstrosities and all developed leaks unidentifiable to man. Boy do I love the floor more than any thing & why is that you ask it is because I have been eating it every three months.

The first one i had to air up from a few times a week to a few times per day & then the inevitable big bang explosion that marked the end. The seams ripped open a hole that gradually grew bigger patching did not work like it should've. That spelled the doom of that mattress. At first I thought it was me but no patching short of a miracle would save that bed.

And then the second bed was the same story as with the 1st one.

But the 3 one thought it had me going It lasted a month & a half without needing to air up. Then came the inevitable leakage that was nowhere to be found & the inevitable gun shot explosion that started the race. Waste of $200 dollars.

Huh, wow this bed is really full of it & I don't mean air. If you ever see this bed run in the other direction & always remember the golden rule. Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!! Don't Buy This Bed!!!

Price Paid: About $200

My first Ozark Trail air mattress was a single size. I slept on it every night for eleven months, and never had to add air once. It was the most comfortable and best nights sleep I had had in years. 

Then one night I heard a small *pop* and in the morning it was deflated.  Well, eleven months of the most comfortable rest I've had was worth the 20 bucks I paid for it at Walmart.  I then bought a queen size for around $25 at Walmart, and have absolutely no problem at all, over six months later.  Still beats any mattress I've ever had. No back pain at all, I sleep all night.

This is the truth.  Maybe I just got lucky, but I'm totally satisfied with it, and if I have to replace it once a year or so, I don't care.  It beats paying over a thousand for something that probably wouldn't let me sleep as comfortably.

Price Paid: around $25

I need a cap for my Ozark queen size. I have had no trouble with it. Would one of you that have one that doesn't hold air be willing to part with the cap?

Price Paid: don't remember

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