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Ozark Trail Elevated Anywhere Bed Air Mattress

rated 2.0 of 5 stars

I give this mattress 3 Stars based on Comfort Only.

Due to a number of reasons unrelated to the quality of this product this is the only mattress I have slept on for over 3 years. Right now I'm preparing to drag my 7th one out to the dumpster till I can afford another one.

I found if you put sheets and blankets on the mattress and not put too much air in it, it will last 4 or 5 months.

But once it gets a hole in it ... it is finished.
Because the bladder that holds the air is beneath layers, far from surface where the hole is patched.

So patching the outer layer without patching the bladder which dictates the shape of the mattress..
The outer layer expanse to where it is like trying to sleep on a ball.

There is a valve to release this air from under the outer layer ... Which very poor solution, because within 45 minutes all the air has escaped and its flat.

Very Comfortable, Many Many design flaws!


  • The air pops the holder out and you cannot lie on it. It is a piece of ****.


  • It doesn't hold air!!

It is a piece of crap as the air holder pops out whenever you sit or lie on it.

The only problem we had with the airbag was the rubber stopper has started to tear up after we have used it so many times. Bed is still good, but the stopper is tearing up little by little. How can I get a new stopper?

The bed was good, but the rubber stopper tears up a little bit every time I use it.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

Sat new unused for about a year till needed. As I opened the package pieces of black plastic fell out of the bag. It looks like the foot part that the struts hinge on are made of barf. This one is broken right out of the bag.

I took it to Walmart and they REFUSED to replace or refund. More and more I buy less and less from that store. It's junk and overpriced junk at that. No wonder their sales are down.


  • Possibly no longer available.


  • Why was this ever made and what dumb manager thought it would be a good product to sell to Walmart customers?
  • I guess walmart just thinks its customers are all stupid.

Not much more I could possibly say about this expensive piece of junk. It never worked for me, not even one day. I never even unfolded the airbag thing. Why bother when the frame was broken right out of the bag.


Not sure what else I can say.    

Oh, and their warranty is barf too...

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: about $70 wasted dollars


  • The product concept is great.


  • Material construction is poor.
  • Matress does not hold air for more than two hours.

I bought this product for a temporary bed when I moved to my first duty station Ft Campbell for approximately $70 from Walmart. The air mattress deflated after a couple hours the first night I used this Ozark product.

The idea of the product is great. The material or design of the air mattress is defective. I decided to sleep on my Therm-a-Rest matress, one of the best backpacking gifts I received!

Do not buy the Ozark Anywhere Bed until they offer a recall on this low quality product line.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Approximately $70

don't buy it


  • are none


  • they're junk

Cheap, junk. I'll never buy another Ozark product.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60


  • none


  • it's no good

I purchashed two of them. I got the first one, slept on it for a week, now it will not hold air.

I went and got another one thinking I punched a hole in it. Well I slept on that one for two days and now it will not hold air. It will not even pump up. I thought it was the battery powered pump so I went and got an electric one but still they are no good.



I love the idea of this mattress. I have had mine for about three year now and have used it six or seven times it's great for guests, but I have had to buy a new mattress four times. the last one lasted about 5 hrs!!! 

Need to improve on the air mattress, why can't they make a good air mattress that will hold up? and don't even try to return it.

Price Paid: $89

I've owned this bed for about 15 months and have used it 3 times. One of the plastic pieces where the supports connect has complete fallen apart and when I looked at the others they all appear to be cracked. I'm just happy they didn't all go when I had guests sleeping in the bed!

I bought this air mattress anywhere bed for our guests who are spending the night. The bed is comfortable, but mattress rubs against the inside mattress cover at the very slightest movement making load rubbing noises. Noise was enough that our guest moved to the couch so they could sleep.

Price Paid: $89

I bought this air mattress and have used it for years! I love it and it has had a small leak in it since I got it but it just has to be aired up a few time each week!!

It has been very comfortable bed to sleep on and it has been a godsend till tonight when it sprung a leak on the seam and I seem to not be able to patch it..the hole just gets bigger!!

I am so upset that my bed is not here that I don't know what to do!! I can't afford a new one with the country being the way it is but I don't know where I'm gonna sleep tonight!!

Hi! I bought the air mattress at wal-mart and got home in opened the box and started to pump the air mattress up. And I notice that there was a hole on the side of the air mattress. I tried patching up the hole, but that didn't work. It only caused more problems. The air mattress shape was out of place, maybe because of the hole that I patched up.

I tried to return the air mattress at wal-mart, but they said they don't do returns for air mattresses.

My mom bought me a different air mattress from a different store, so I just want my money back.
Thank you!

Price Paid: $27.64

Me and my girlfriend purchased the mattress a few months ago and haven't had nothing but problems with it since. The first hole was kinda my fault. My foot went through the mattress, oh well that's not what I am complaining about.

The next five or six holes were not my fault. They were all on the seams, apparently the seams aren't fused well enough to hold two people on a queen sized bed. The seams I am talking about are the ones around all the little circles on the bed. They are splitting...little pinhole splits to huge quarter inch splits.

The mattress doesn't hold air at all. I am repairing all the holes as they arise and my patches are holding up, but then I came across a new problem tonight that prompted me to find this company and complain. Tonight as I was filling up the mattress I opened the valve ripped, I couldn't believe it happened after all the trouble I have had with this mattress.

Needless to say the company is going to get a call from me as soon as I find their number. I just wanted anyone to know the experience I have had with this company's air mattress.

Price Paid: approx $50

So far I love it. I got the bed a few days ago, been sleeping on it for a while planning on using it for camping. My back problems are starting to go away, best night's sleep I've had in a while, really no problems that I notice.

No pump came with it, which is fine because I was planning on getting a portable one. I just wish they would give you a chargeable portable one, but hey, all I need is sheets and a nice blanket to go along with it. The only thing is I just wish they had a color selection for the main sheet that is built into the frame.

Good luck trying to wake me up on this bed, I'll be sound asleep. I'm not a huge Walmart fan, but hey I can't complain about the bed and the price was right.

Price Paid: $85

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Price MSRP: $88.00
Reviewers Paid: $27.64-$89.00
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