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I am not a fan of Walmart; I have purchased OT equipment for camping like mantles for Coleman lanterns, etc. even the coolers are much cheaper than Yeti. I used to hike in rugged country in Washington and have always preferred Hi-Tec (they have cheapened quality over the years).

I am in Texas now, not much for hiking in flat lands, but I was told about these hiking boots (not as popular as cowboy boots around here), but they were $5 discount rack. I do not even think they make these anymore, very heavy for hiking, but if do, I feel safer for the leather is so thick it could help against snake bite, as no guarantee but better than light boot.

I have tried to destroy them (not literally but spent on $5). I owned them now a few years and bought a shoe cleaner and cleaned up my OT as well my older Hi-Tec (light hikers). They both came out good. The OT almost look new. I believe these have to have been contracted out and a respectable hiking boot company like Eddie Bauer boots I got two years ago (my styling boots, lol, Yankee redneck from the South).


  • Great price
  • Last long
  • Great for short heavy brush, briar, snake infested woods (heavier leather boots)


  • Heavy for long hikes

Price Paid: $5

Not high quality, but then, they are not high price.


  • Comfortable and light
  • A good looking shoe and waterproof


  • Insole will need to be replaced very quickly
  • Sole rubber will wear out fast

I bought these a couple of years ago on sale and as I had no immediate need put them away. I have started training for a backpacking trip and decided to use these. I have used about 30 days of approximately 6 to 10 miles a day with a 25 lb backpack.

Pros:  They are a comfortable boot. I did not really require a break-in period. They ran a bit small on me. I had to buy a size 10.5 for my size 10 W foot.

That said I have had no blisters or hot spots. I have walked in the rain and my feet did not get wet although I have not waded through any streams. The boot is fairly light.

Cons: The inner sole will collapse into the bottom of the boot very quickly. You will need to replace with a gel pad insole almost immediately. I put them on top of the existing inner sole and have had no problems since. 

The sole rubber is soft which is both good and bad. It does grip rocks better and provides good traction, but that comes at a price of a fast wear out rate. The front part of the sole is showing moderate wear and I have worn through on the heel where I over pronate. I only expect another month or two of wear from this boot.

Now that I am seriously hiking I will move on to a better boot, but considering I could buy 6 pairs of these for about what I will spend it is not a bad boot. Just keep your expectations in line with the price you pay.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Approx $35

The soles absolutely will not hold up to hiking.


  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Look
  • Cost


  • Sole
  • Sole
  • Sole

Purchased these as it is so difficult to find low cost shoes to hike in that are my size. After the purchase  I decided I liked their look and I would hold on to them as regular wear shoes. I broke down and started to recently use them as an alternate hiker. They broke in real well comfort-wise at first.

Then 40 miles into them and my forefoot started hurting on rocks where it hadn't before. After the next hike I checked the boots. Feeling the sole in the ball area I can feel an internal shift or split of the rubber that opens my foot up to the ground. The rest of the sole is chipping in numerous places and almost seems to have flattened out like putty.

I've walked hundreds of miles in cheap sneakers that have held up and here are hiking boots that can't even make it to 50 miles.

Bottom line is these hikers are terrible for actual hiking.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25

I purchased a pair of men's Hikers to use while I deliver the morning newspaper. I was quite satisfied with the fit, comfort and that they kept my feet dry. I did not anticipate what else they would do to save my feet. 

Yesterday while delivering the papers, I stopped the car and started to get out, thinking that the car was in park. It wasn't. It was in reverse. As I stepped out with my left foot and took my other foot off the brake, the car went backward, catching my foot and pinning it sideways to the road, pulling me out of the car. The car stopped with the left front tire on top of the instep. After about 3 or 4 minutes and me yelling for help, people came and I told them to put the car in drive to get it off my foot.

I could wiggle my toes while under the wheel without any pain. After the car was moved, I moved my foot and toes and all seemed fine. With some help, I tried pain. No discomfort. I finished the deliveries, went home and called my doctor. After he checked me out, he said there was no noticeable swelling or discoloration. 

The boot stopped the car from going completely over my foot and protected the foot from and major injury.

I would recommend these boots to anyone looking for an excellent hiking boot. 

Thank you, Ozark Trail.

John Friguletto

Price Paid: $36 on sale

You get what you pay for. I would never recommend these to anyone.


  • Price
  • Colors


  • Everything else about the shoe

Let me start with the midsole and outsole construction. They are very poor and break down quickly. The outsole has a very low wear rating. The midsole offers little to no support. For anyone needing any type of arch support these are not for you. The midsole construction is flat and offers no latteral support or protection from a foot rollover. 

The things you would need to make these boots partially trail worthy would be an upgraded insole, waterproofing spray, better laces, and you would most definitely need a walking stick for any stability. In short their "hicking" boots are for the casual hiker that walks from a parking lot to a lodge, period.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $35 - 40

Keep my feet from hurting.


  • Comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Good Ggrip


  • Wear out fast

I spent hundreds of dollars on brand name boots that hurt my feet until I tried these less expensive boots. I was figuring why spend hundreds on boots that hurt when I could hurt for less and to my surprise pain went away. And they kept my feet warm and dry for the Minnesota winter.

They don't last as long as the $130 boots sitting in my closet that I'll probably pass down to my son, but I can buy a new pair every season for less.

I am sorry to hear so many people have trouble with them, so my thought is that if you're young and or rough on boots look for more expensive boots. Good Luck.

Source: bought it new

I just read all the negative remarks, but I just wanted you to know that I bought a pair of these women's boots 20 years ago and I am still wearing them. I don't wear them daily except in the winter. I guess I just got lucky, but I absolutely love them.

It's hard to find anything nowadays that will last a month. Thank you from one happy customer!!!


  • Wears well
  • Very comfortable


  • Haven't found anything

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $35

Soles of boots VERY THIN and WEAK! Soles will split open in 3 weeks or less if walking on rough terrain!


  • Comfortable


  • VERY WEAK THIN soles of boot.

I bought these boots from Wal-Mart, and would not recommend you buy! The soles of the shoes busted out in 3 weeks after buying them. I wore the boots 5 days a week on gravel and sidewalks, and the soles split open verticaly down the middle of the boot.

The sole of the boot is VERY thin and has a metal bar on the inside sole. They are definitely not for hiking or walking on rough terrain.

One good note is that they are comfortable boots, but only good for walking in an office on carpet or smooth level surfaces. Rough terrain is definitely not recommended.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $34

Bought them a couple of years ago because I was replacing a fence at my Maw's place and the shoes I had on were wasted by the cement, mud, and water. Rarely wore them until recently. Just discovered the soft rubber tread has worn thru after maybe two weeks of daily use. Totally a waste of whatever I paid for them


  • They do look nice.


  • The soles wear out WAY too fast

Another worthless "Made in China for as cheap as possible" Walmart product :-(

Source: bought it new

You get what you pay for. They are a casual hiker to keep your feet warm and dry in snow or light rain on short hikes or dog walks.


  • Price
  • Looks

Anyone who wants to tackle rugged hikes or thinks they can go creek stomping in a $30-$40 pair of hiking boots without some issues is a dingleberry. The harsh reviews for this product on this thread are from people with unrealistic expectations. I think some of them would be mad if they couldn't traverse the entire Colorado Trail on a Huffy mountain bike. SMH. 

Source: bought it new

Someone posted that these are probably made in the same Chinese factory as 120 dollar boots. Hahaha, you've got a screw loose.

I've had these boots for less than 2 months (5 weeks) and the sole is worn through and leaking. I sorely wish I had forced myself to pay the $95 for the Timberlands (I originally paid $45 for) I was trying to replace. I wore them daily for 2 years before the sole wore through. The jump to $95 caused me to try these worthless Ozark Trail boots. Definitely not the same factory.

I understand where the roofer is coming from but he must buy a pair every month. I'm not even on concrete all day and mine wore out.

I strongly urge people to go with ANYTHING else if you want a lasting boot.

Price Paid: $30+

They fell apart within a month of light duty wear!!!! It is a shame as they look great!!!


  • The price is low, low, low.
  • The shoe looks awesome and fits well


  • Junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk
  • Fell apart within a month of light duty
  • Undependable

Within a month of wearing these great looking shoes fell apart at the sole. I know shoes pretty much and these fell apart due to terribly low quality materials and probably low quality workmanship. Stop buying Chinese junk.

Source: gift

Used them for 10 months straight for work. Great boots!!!


  • Waterproof

I bought a pair a number of years back for $30 and wish I could still find the same ones. I had a contract job working in the woods and wore them almost every day from October through August—in Minnesota!—and they were great!

A little stiff at first, but after a week of use and some mink oil they were one of the most comfortable boots I've ever owned, and they took a beating too! They weren't exactly "lightweight", but what good solid boot is?

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

My husband wears them for work. He likes the style of shoes, but he doesn't like that the shoes wear out in less than 2 months.


  • Color
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable


  • Soles wear out in less than 2 months
  • Heels inside break also within 2 weeks
  • Side seams ripe in than 2 weeks

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $30

These boots are ok until they are not.


  • Cheap


  • Sole comes loose

Mine had the sole come loose on BOTH boots.  This never happens at home when you put the boots on.  First thing is you notice a sound like someone is following gets worse and then you may stumble if the sole peels way back.  I had Rocky Boots do the same thing.  From now on I will never buy a pair of boots without the sole STITCHED on.

Source: bought it new


I am sick of people criticizing these hikers! Too bad your lives hinge on having to have a product for the namesake!

These are great shoes for the money and I can buy 4-5 pairs for what you pay for Merrells or North Face. They are all made in China by political prisoner labor anyway, probably in the same factory with the Chinese government and American investors laughing all the way to the bank at those with enough dumbassedness in them to pay $120 for the same shoe they could pay $20 for...LOL!

Get real and quit being dooped by marketing ploys!

Materials: leather rubber
Use: camping
Break-in Period: 1 day
Weight: a few oz.
Price Paid: $17.93

My husband and I both bought a pair of these at the same time. Three weeks after he had his, the top part started coming loose at the seams, the soles cracked, and the insole collapsed into the bottom of the shoe. A few weeks later, the soles of mine started to crack and leaked.  

I do not recommend these brand shoes to anyone, save your money and go barefoot, because that is what it will be like after a month of wearing these. Sad thing is, they were not worn on a daily basis.

Price Paid: $20

These are the worst shoes I have ever bought in my life! How do you all stay in business? I had these things that I paid over $30 for, for not even a month and the bottoms are worn out as well as blown out!

I will NEVER buy anything Ozark Trail again EVER! These boots are complete and unadulterated GARBAGE! Please go out of business ASAP???

I lost my receipt and can't eevn get my money back either! Oh well, ya live and ya learn I guess.

Price Paid: $30+

I bought a pair of Ozark hiking boots at the end of May 2008 and then wore them to Alaska fishing out at sea in storms for a week. Then came home to Idaho and used them feeding cows and wood hauling up in the mountains along with any other day jobs that I have done and had to buy a new pair today for 20 because I think they might be starting to leak a little bit.

John Lake
Paris, Idaho

Price Paid: $20


  • Don't cost much


  • Material

I have bought a few pairs of the boots and shoes for men. And it's a country flip if they make a bad odor. I wore the last pair shoes for about two hours and could start smelling them. Switch shoes (after washing again) and nothing. I'm sure it's in the material in some of shoes. But very comfortable.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 22 dollars

The boots are very durable and comfortable. I've had them for seven months and they're awesome.


  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Soles


  • None

Great boots for anyone.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $21.37

I bought these boots in January for everyday use. The soles of the boots busted out within two weeks. There were a complete and total waste of money

These boots fell apart on me within a few weeks of purchasing them. In my humble opinion they suck badly.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $25

Recently purchased a pair of Ozark Trail hiking boots at the local Wal Mart. Within a few weeks the inner sole pulled away and became loose and uncomfortable. It has become impossible to wear them , so they have become useless for work.

I have purchased this same type of boot in the past, without issue, was hoping for a repeat. Sorry to say, this may cause me to look elsewhere and go with a different brand.

Price Paid: approximatley $50

I bought a pair and two weeks later they started coming apart at the seams. I took them back to Walmart and they exchanged them. A week later the new exchanged ones started doing the same thing.

I am tired and embarrassed to go back and exchange these ones. So I guess I will end up losing my $30 Dollars and just never buy another pair of these name brand shoes again. Trash, Junk. Basura!!!

Price Paid: $30

I'm a roofer and I buy these boot all the time. I would never wear these boots for hiking, but they are the greatest shoes for the roof. Ozark makes them with cheap rubber which enables them to stick to the steeper roof pitches. They don't last long at all but I will continue to buy them as long as I can find those reggie III's .

Materials: leather
Use: roofing
Break-in Period: 1 day
Weight: 210 pounds
Price Paid: $20

I am not pleased with this hiking boot. It says satisfaction guaranteed right on the tag, but where do you take it to complain? Most stores don't want them back. My son did not have the boots even 10 days and only wore them twice. The shoe string came apart. The top metal buckle to put the shoe string broke completely off. TRASH.

Price Paid: $11.84

I bought a pair of hiking boots at Walmart, lasted maybe 2 weeks before the sole split and exposed my foot to the elements. You would think that a $30 pair of hiking boots would last a bit longer.

I would not recommend these shoes to anyone nor will I ever buy another pair of this brand shoe of any kind.

Price Paid: $30

Two weeks after wearing them, the metal strip came out of the bottom of the shoe. As far as comfort, they felt good. I really enjoyed up until the point where the bottom blew out, which was only two weeks. The bottom of the shoe should be stronger or have a wider plate that covers the whole bottom

Materials: imitation leather
Use: working, drive tow truck
Break-in Period: 3 days
Weight: light on your feet
Price Paid: $20 on sale

Version reviewed: 2598110

I recently purchase an Ozark Trail pair of mens hikers Item# 2598110. These are terrible boots I have owned then for about 2 months and the entire bottom of one of the boots has completely blown out and cracked so now water seeps in and my foot is exposed to the ground.

The worst 30 dollars I have ever spent.

Price Paid: $30

I purchased this boot from Walmart. They have had very little use and the sole is coming off the boot. It is almost1/2 off both front and back. Anyone could look at the sole and see how much wear they have had, as well as the top of the boot.

More waste for our environment.

Ward Lambert

Price Paid: don't remember

These boots were supposed to be leather but after 8 weeks of wearing them, they are tearing apart. Wal-Mart won't exchange the boots for me because they no longer carry that brand. I will never EVER buy any Ozark Trail products again. I hope that you will make this right somehow.

Materials: Leather
Use: Work (Correctional Officer)
Break-in Period: 8 weeks
Price Paid: $24.97

Very comfortable hiking shoe, however, the first pair I completely wore out the bottom (ate the tread off through to the padding)in just two and a half months. I got them replaced and in less than three weeks did the same thing to the second pair. Not my recommendation!!!!!!

Materials: leather
Use: Normal hiking and daily wear.
Break-in Period: Did not have time to break in!
Weight: 200 lbs
Price Paid: $24.95

Great boots out of the box. Within two weeks however the interior of the right boot pulls out when removed. Quite annoying, I know they won't last.

But Hey, bettern going barefoot and less than $30...Not very high expectations from the start.

Materials: leather
Use: Daily wear
Break-in Period: 2 days
Price Paid: $28

COMPLETE GARBAGE, within one month I blew out the heel. The only thing I kept was the laces and then threw the rest in the garbage. If you are wise you will never ever buy anything with Ozark Trail on it.

Materials: junk
Use: heavy
Break-in Period: ??huh
Weight: trash

Great boots! Used at every scout camp I went to this year. The great part is that on wet or dewy mornings, my feet stayed dry and warm. The lacing hooks are hinged giving good flexibility on uneven terrain.

Materials: Leather & manmade
Use: day hikes and tracking down kids at Scout Camps
Break-in Period: were broke0in after first trip
Weight: not sure
Price Paid: $15

Version reviewed: Men's

In under three months the sides blew out of the right boot from heel to toe--complete and utter useless garbage. Ozark Trail--YOU SUCK! I will NEVER spend another dime on ANYTHING with your name on it! good day.

Materials: Leather
Use: normal wear. no hiking, no running
Break-in Period: 3 months
Weight: 192
Price Paid: $23.35

I bought a pair of men's hikers and one week the insoles sunk down. The cardboard insole has a rivet that digs in the heel.

Don't waste your money on these pieces of garbage.

Price Paid: $20

What do I expect for a product made in China. It is terrible. Laces come apart, insoles collapsing, I wouldn't recommend these boots to anyone or any Ozark Trail shoes.

Materials: man made
Use: walking
Break-in Period: 3 mons
Weight: 200 lbs.
Price Paid: $30

The soles are not that good. I bought a pair about a month ago and they wore out. The boots are not that good with the soles.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $29.84

I've done bought 2 pair in the last 4 months. The shoe falls apart in a couple of month. I don't even go hiking. I DO NOT recommend.

Price Paid: between $25 or $30 dollars a pair

The steel plate on the arch is not in place, cutting a hole in the heel, making the foot to get wet.

Price Paid: I can't remember

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