Ozark Trail LED Hanging Tent Light

The LED Hanging Tent Light has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best battery-powered lanterns for 2020.


Price Reviewers Paid: $5.99-$6.99


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Bright and light, but after 12 nights of use the light would not work again. I checked the connections and I "suspect" the switch.


  • Bright
  • Small
  • Light


  • Stopped working after 12 nights of use.

I purchased the LED Hanging tent light for my large four-person tent. For 12 nights, the light provided all the light I ever needed in my tent. After using it for 7 nights straight, I cleaned it and put it away. Two months later, I was preparing for another trip and could not get the light to come on.

I changed batteries several times and still no light.  I used an electrical meter to check for conductivity; I was able to get value readings for each battery but when I tried to check the switch, NOTHING.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Less than $10

These are the coolest little lights!  When my son walked up and saw it he commented that it looked like a tiny alien ship when it's all lit up! lol  

Anyways, they are a great buy for the price.  I know a few people on this review had an issue with them, but I would say that is the exception rather than the average experience. 

I saw them when we went camping with some friends a few weeks ago and thot they were awesome!  They light up a pretty good area with nice cool blue light.  Great for reading or your tent or hanging in a cloth gazebo.  They go a pretty long time with the batteries that come with it, but would have a back up set just to be sure. 

For the price, $6.88, they are hard to beat and you can afford to buy several!

I also noticed that they don't seem to draw the bugs into the tent or around the light when you hang it outside.  I am not saying that they absolutely WONT draw bugs, just that it wasn't my experience.  So that's a big plus, especially when you are trying to get in your tent and the light is on...you don't have a  bunch of bugs waiting to fly it! lol

Anyways!  I totally love them, easy to use and work.  The on/off switch is kinda easy to turn on, so when you are traveling with it...maybe take the batteries out or one guy said he cut the plastic dome out of the packaging material and used it as a cover and taped it in place! Pretty smart, so I thought I'd pass that on too. 

There are so many cool gadgets to buy in the store, but many of them aren't all they are cracked up to be when you are actually camping.  This item is definitely one that you will be glad you bought.  PS.  They come with a hanging device and a clip for easy hanging. 

Try it! You will Love it!

Kristi - The Smoky Mountain Camper

Price Paid: $6.88

We got one of these tent LED hanging lights for our pop-up camper when we are not hooked up to power. First time out of the package, they didn't work !!!!!!!! One of the wires that was suppose to be attached to the angle tin bracket that touches the battery was never hooked up. Took me 45 minutes and a pocket knife to try to pry thing apart so I could squeeze the wire in to get it to work.

DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY. I wouldn't waste my money or time on another one.


I bought 2 of the mini tent lights for my storm shelter last year...and never used them. I stored them without batteries and this year took both out for the current storm season and neither one will work (they actually worked last year). Looks like the leds are bad because tried new sets of batteries in both.What a ripoff-you would know they are made in China. William

Price Paid: $5.99

Great product. We used it on our last 12 night camping trip. Provided plenty of light on one set of 4 double AA batteries.

The only drawback was deciding who was going to climb out of their sleeping bag to turn it off. I would be willing to pay up to $10 more for a remote control!! No kidding!!!

Price Paid: $6.99

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