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Ozark Trail Queen size Velour Top Airbed

rated 1.0 of 5 stars

The Queen size Velour Top Airbed has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best air-filled sleeping pads for 2024.

I rent rooms and apartments and am more for portability. So I decided to get an air bed. I got this one from Wal-Mart for $40 ($15 for a pump, too). It inflated quickly, and held the air.

However, sleeping on it is difficult. All the recesses in surface make it feel lumpy to lay on. The elevated pillow area feels like laying your head on a rock, and makes it very uncomfortable to sleep on your side or back. When teamed with a pillow, it's ok if you're a back sleeper, but if you're a side/stomach sleeper, you'll be tossing and turning all night.

I flipped it around to put the pillow end towards my feet, but that just elevated them so my knees were buckled and hurting. If you're going to do an air bed, avoid these built-in pillow elevations; just get a flat surface and bring a pillow. Also, like most air beds, it takes on the ambient temp of the room / outdoors, so expect to freeze your hiney off on a cold night (or in an air conditioned room).

When used as a regular bed, you can add a padding layer to buffer between you and the bed. But I can't imagine this being any more comfortable than any other air bed I've used camping. IE: I froze my butt off on those, too, since they suck up the cold ground temp like a sponge leaving you sleeping on a block of ice. Air beds have advanced, but this one is pretty darn uncomfortable.

Price Paid: $40

I was all geared up to go on my camping trip and needed an air mattress. I bought this Ozark Trail Queen size velour top air mattress hoping to have a nice time sleeping in my tent with comfort and found myself sleeping without the comfort of my new air mattress that was missing the damn plug so I couldn't even use it.

One good thing the damn mattress could be used for is a liner for underneath the tent so you don't get wet from the ground. The box showed as the content, the mattress and the pump, and not the pump was provide and best of all, the plug to the mattress to hold the air once you fill the mattress up. Maybe I will write a letter to the BBB to let them know how poor this product is and after reviewing all the bad views from everyone on how bad this product is that they would remove from every store. Don't buy this mattress!!!

They don't even give you the right number to call them to give them the complaint so at least they could provide the customer with a new mattress or any other missing items. What a scam!!!

Price Paid: $40

This product eventually failed, but let me say this.

I've owned 3 air mattresses, 2 by aerobed, and this 1.

you can pay $75 for aerobed, or $25 for ozark trail product. if all 3 fail, which 1 is the correct choice?

while it worked (approximately 6 months) it was great. never a problem with lost air. but eventually the product developed a leak.

and for the manufacturers of air mattresses, here is a hint: DO NOT PUT A FABRIC TOP ON THE PRODUCT. in EVERY air mattress i have owned, the leak/tear ALWAYS develops in the fold of the oval shaped seams in the fabric top. EVERY TIME.

if the leak was in the vinyl (or whatever material the rest of the mattress is made from), the patch/repair kit MIGHT work. but when the surface is fabric, HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE PATCH ADHESIVE TO WORK?

i would HIGHLY recommend this product for people who need an inexpensive single use (or rare use) option.

Price Paid: $25

I purchased my bed at Wal-Mart in 2005 and I can't say one bad thing about it! 

We got it because we had lots of family coming in from out of town and not only did a family of 4 sleep on it for 3 nights with no problems, but we use it when we do sleepovers for the kids and have never had a problem with it. 

We inflated it to make sure the air would stay in it and when I noticed the air came out I was ready to take it back, but it was user error. We didn't lock the cap which is why the air came out! We use it probably about 5 or 6 times a year and no problems whatsoever!

It is not to be used for a jumping pad, although I have caught the little ones on occassion jumping on it. It's to keep you from "sleeping" on the hard floor!  We love it!!!

Price Paid: $39.29

My husband and I were in-between houses and bought this queen velour air mattress at Walmart for $20. we took the new bed out of the box and aired it up. it was comfortable, only until we woke up the next morning on the floor.

I was going to return it after we got into our new place, thinking about Walmart's 90 day return policy. I went to return it about 20 days later, and the woman at the counter said she couldn't give me a refund or an exchange because of their "15 day air-bed return policy." There was no sign posted next to the air beds when I purchased it but didn't think about it until later because I was so frustrated having to wait in a 30 minute line. She told me to go through the manufacturer.

I highly recommend NOT purchasing this airbed. Read the other reviews for yourself. You'll end up on the floor by morning.

Price Paid: $20

The bed was great for two nights, but now has a slow leak and loses air throughout the night. I have to add air at least once a night, usually twice. We have tried to find the leak but have had no success. Disappointed.


  • Is comfy when it holds the air


  • Loses air

The bed was great for two nights, but now has a slow leak and loses air throughout the night. I have to add air at least once a night, usually twice. We have tried to find the leak but have had no success. Disappointed.

Source: bought it new

I bought one of the Ozark Trail Velour top air mattresses and inflated it, 3 hrs later I was engulfed in it. I re-inflated it and 3 1/2 hrs later same thing. I took it back to Walmart and exchanged it for another. Inflated it, and again in the middle of the night the thing was almost flat. Re-inflated it and again by morning, flat.

I had 4 different people try it, thinking I must be doing something wrong. All with the same results. I am not sure what to do. I apparently am not entitled to my money back since it is an air mattress, but how many times should I have to roll it up, box it take it back and try again. I have had other Ozark products with no trouble.

Thanks for your time.
Denine Vanderbilt

Price Paid: $18

I have bought 4 of these and this product become cheaper with time. The first one have stand for 2 and a half years had finish with 3 patches under and the killer hole on the velour top. The next one 2 month and a half before it has a hole on the velour top.. and the next one 1 year before it has a hole on the velour top.. and the last one just one week... 3 of them had the same problem at the same place, it has a hole on the velour top.

Yup, you can't repair velour top. 3 of them had the hole near the same place on the same side, and no I was not sleeping on this side so whats the trouble?

I bought this bed because we lost our house and had to sleep on the floor at my brother's house. so my husband and I bought this bed because the walmart associate highly recommended it.

when we got it home we thought it was great it stayed aired up for then the second night we slept on it it gradually lost air. the third night we woke up on the floor. we found it had a small hole in the top of the mattress. we patched like the directions said to and that held for one night then the patch blew out and the hole got bigger and now we are on the floor again.

Price Paid: $56

DON'T BUY THIS BED!!! I bought this air bed at Walmart on sale. It can't be folded, rolled, top side up or bottom side up to get rid of all the air. It could not be repacked to save space or be put into even the box it was sold in.

This was sold with the cashier stating that it will not be cash refunded only exchanged with an upgrade or equal value. I should have taken the hint and not bought the thing. Unless you have a truck with space to keep the bed inflated in permanently DON'T BUY THIS BED!!!

I paid $43+ dollars. What a waste of money and time.

Price Paid: $43+

This product is a piece of crap!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • NONE


  • Included air pump does not work.

This product is a piece of junk. The included air pump doesn't work. It won't even connect to the mattress. The pump is a Coleman Quick Pump and its hose doesn't connect to the Air Mattress's valve. What idiot would construct this product and sell it? I have an air mattress and the included pump won't even connect to it. What junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a pure scam.

Source: bought it new

Some people find the sounds of the ocean to be calming...perhaps the hissing sounds of leaking air can be just as restful.

I was half asleep, dreaming that I was being smothered. As I awoke, I realized that no one had actually tried to kill me. I was simply drowning in vinyl as the sides closed in and my body gently sank to the floor. Nothing like sleeping on a good firm floor!

Thanks Walmart, I suppose I could use it as a pool cover now....I find it troubling that Walmart would market such an inferior product, obviously their own, under another name.

Price Paid: $60

My husband is the army, he got stationed in a San Angelo, TX. It was easier to buy an air mattress.

Big mistake we have went through 6 of them in 4 months. The first two had holes in them before we even had them out of the boxes for 3 mins, the seconded two had no values and the last 3 will not stay aired up.

If i would of knew they sucked that bad I would of just bought a bed and had two of them when we returned home. It is a huge hassle. I would not tell anyone to get one.

Price Paid: $30

I purchased one of the beds from Wal-Mart for a camping trip and it worked fine for 2 nights. The 2nd time it was used on a carpeted floor and did not last the night. No apparent leaks or holes.

I bought another exact product to be used on the carpeted floor and it didn't even hold up for one night. Wal-Mart only exchanges if the box is unopened. How would you know if works or not if you don't open it? You can only exchange for same or better product.

Don't get ripped off with one of these.

Price Paid: $27

We have used this mattress twice. the first time last summer, it worked great.

We tried using it again about 4 months later and it would not hold air. we woke up every morning on the ground. after reading these reviews I know that we were just one of the many, many people who purchased a useless product.

The manufacturer should make good on these purchases. they should not be allowed to keep selling this pieces of crap. I work too hard for my money!

i purchased this bed before the wedding in march 08 (for the out of town guest) used it then for 2 nights then went just this morning and ired it up to make sure it was good for the camping trip this weekend, the center is hard as a rock as if the lining has separated from the center! the label says it was made in 1/08. it has been used 2 nites and no refund or exchange?? I WANT ANOTHER OR MY MONEY BACK! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Price Paid: $80

We used this product once while camping, then inflated for use inside our house and our guest woke up in the middle of the night on the floor. There appears to be no holes, and the only culprit is the valve that doesn't close. We even tried to duct tape it.

WARNING:Don't buy Wal-Mart brand product, it's junk and they won't refund you. Support your local businesses like Mom and Pop stores.

Price Paid: $28

I have owned three of these air beds and two of them were bad right out of the box, ie:would not hold air, the third one only lasted 4 months and then it would not hold air more than 4 hours.

I purchased all of them at WalMart and they will not refund my money unless the airbed is returned within 15 days of purchase and has not been opened.

Price Paid: $38 X 3

This product is horrible. I used it once and it would not stay inflated. I ended up sleeping on the ground. I then went to return it to Walmart...and of course they don't accept it back because it is a terrible product. They will exchange it but that is it. Well I don't want another one. It was a waste of money. Do not buy one.

Price Paid: $45

i have gone through 2 of these now. each one i would pump it up and it would be fine for couple few weeks. naturally over time it would lose some air, so i would fill it back up. both times the same cylinder would balloon up so you could only sleep on one side.

Price Paid: n/a

All was well for our air bed except for the fact we can't get the pumps to work longer then two minutes. I thought it was just defective until I returned the first and got another and guess what... The pump yet again only worked for two minutes... Ahhh talk about frustrating.

Price Paid: $25

I bought this bed for 1 camping trip. It worked great. Now my 13-year-old son sleeps on it every night. I got rid of his old bed after 3 months and it has been almost a year with a 180 pound teenager sleeping on it every night. I highly recommend this product.

I had the exact same experience with the Ozark Queen size, purchased from Walmart. I returned the first 2 that I bought within 2 days and the 3rd worked fine for 4 months then started leaking badly.

Price Paid: $38

this is the second time that the airbed has malfunctioned and am not buying another one of your products. i would not tell anyone else to buy this product

I bought this mattress to sleep in the living room for when we watch DVD's. The air keeps leaking out. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

This product does not hold the air.

Price Paid: $44

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