Ozark Trail Snow Boots

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The Snow Boots has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best winter boots for 2020.


Price Reviewers Paid: $25.00-$50.00
Price Reviewers Paid: $25.00


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I too bought a pair of Ozark Trail boots from Walmart at season end last year. Loved the fit, and they said "waterproof." However, after only the first time wearing them in the snow, I kept leaving little black pieces of sole everywhere. Looked down, and the whole inside of the sole on one shoe was completely falling apart! Big chunks. Other shoe is just fine...I usually wear both at the same time, so same wear...haha.


  • Liked the fit
  • Was waterproof


  • Junk! Sole completely falls apart.
  • Poor quality

It seems that the quality of the rubber sole is crap, but only on one shoe??? I don't have the box, or receipt so Walmart won't refund! I've tried to find the manufacturer direct, but it just keeps coming back to Walmart. Can anyone help? At this point, not sure if I want another replacement pair.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50


Hi Jacki, Ozark Trail is actually a brand name used by Walmart that they put on some products. So, while Walmart doesn't make Ozark Trail products, they do own the brand name and sell them exclusively.

5 years ago

Bought boots from WalMart 3 years ago. Used the boots on my coal truck very hard really held up.

Wish i could find another pair. Buy them in a heartbeat.

Price Paid: thirty dollars

I bought a pair of snow boots from Walmart and I've had them for years. Nothing has gone wrong with them yet.

Price Paid: $25

the right boot separated at the stitching, then the left boot completely broke apart and separated entirely. bad quality.

Price Paid: $25

i too purchased these boots around dec. 2008. they were the duck boot style. i wore them approximately 15 times
(whenever i had to use the snowthrower). put them on to snowthrow this year. came inside and my feet were soaked. they had many cracks around the rubber foot areas.

also from wal-mart. what crap!

Materials: rubber foot portions, probably man made uppers
Use: snow
Break-in Period: couldn't get past the "break in period"
Weight: 3-5 lbs.
Price Paid: approx $30

The first pair of boots the stitching ripped on the right boot. I had only had the boots for two months. The first thought was not very nice but since this was my first boot of this kind my thought was ok every one makes a bad stitch every now and then.

I went and purchased another pair in mid-July. This pair to has ripped stitching. I did love the fit of this boot. Just can not afford eighty dollars every three to four months for boots. I have made my living for twenty seven years in boots and this boot just left a bad taste in my wallet.

Sorry I cannot write a great review about this boot, to me this boot failed my wallet.

I purchased this pair of boots late last season, but really only wore them in December 2008 and January 2009. The sole is separating from the boot and there are cracks in the part of the boot that wraps up around the foot. Needless to say, your feet get wet.

I called Walmart to ask if they would exchange or take them back. The answer was no. Too bad they don't stand behind the products they sell. I wouldn't recommend Ozark to anyone!

Materials: Leather and Manmade
Use: Snow maintenance activities only - shovelling, etc.
Break-in Period: None, when it gets right down to it.
Weight: unknown
Price Paid: $25?

My son only wore these boots one or two times and now the sole of the one boot is coming completely off. I am not happy at all with this product.

Use: sled riding
Price Paid: $30

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