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rated 4.5 of 5 stars They truly were a most versatile piece of kit. I second the version name of 'Chinese hoodlum gangs'. It may be apocryphal, but my late father, former tiger-walker and CMW member, Brian Douglas Walker, claimed he'd been calling them that since they were first made. But as he didn't start bushwalking until the early Fifties, I do not know when Paddy first had them made.I certainly have a pair that belonged to my dad and would date from the Sixties at the very least. They are especially useful as others… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Growing up in Sydney we called these "Chinese hoodlum gangs," or "gangs" for short. In ancient China secret criminal societies were called Tongs. With the advent of the Maoist regime, it was said the Tongs had become Chinese hoodlum gangs. They are brilliant tools. I wish I hadn't got rid of mine years ago in a cleanup. Nothing else is long enough. Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars “Spondonicles” (also known as billy lifters, pot lifters, or pan grips) were made by Paddy Pallin in Australia up until about 1980. Unfortunately they are no longer made and impossible to get. Uniquely Australian, they have been widely copied, but nothing performs as well as the original. They are now collector's items! Heresay has it that the "spondonacle" or "billy lifter" or "pot lifter" was designed by early bushwalkers in NSW Australia in the 1950s. They certainly appear to have been invented… Full review

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Paddy Pallin is an Australian outfitter founded in 1930.


Paddy Pallin

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