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Patagonia Strider Pro Short

photo: Patagonia Strider Pro Short active short


Price Current Retail: $69.00
Historic Range: $26.73-$69.00
Reviewers Paid: $40.00
Price Current Retail: $59.00
Historic Range: $29.00-$65.00


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Light but protective short that gets out of the way, yet lets you carry tons of stuff.


  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • 5"
  • 5 pockets for ample storage


  • Durability of pocket area?
  • Bit pricy
  • Waistband bit thick


I will say it up front, I love the Strider Pro shorts. When trail running or hiking up steep hills I love the fit of them. The 5" inseam means they do not pull on your quads when going up steep terrain. They have a split on the side to give you extra freedom of movement while covering you up well enough.

For me a 5" inseam is perfect. The waistband is a good elastic, but also has a lace that you can tie in case they would sag on you. I can't speak for everybody of course, but the fit on me is great, and the adjustability makes me think it would fit most people very well..

The elastic waistband, comfortable as it is, is a bit on the thick side. So if you would wear a hydration belt or something over it, it could be a warm or irritable spot. I haven't had this issue myself though. 


iPhone 5 in the longer, far side pocket (I think it would easily fit an iPhone 6 and bigger but haven't tried).


This is where these shorts shine. The Strider Pro Shorts have one zippered pocket in the middle, and two additional pockets on each side for a total of 5 separate pockets. You can add your phone in the middle zippered pocket, or put it in one of the larger side pockets. Fits my iPhone 4 or 5 perfectly.

What I like is whatever I have put in there stays tight and secure, without much flapping about. That being said, I'm not one to completely overload these pockets. I can put a small camera in the larger side pockets, but this causes a slight pulling because of the weight. It is more secure in the zippered back pocket. A light but bit bulkier wind vest is fine for me in the side pockets, and I really enjoy the way these shorts allow me so much freedom to arrange a different set up.

I often speed hike or run with a vest or fastpack and I sometimes add a waist belt. Sometimes for more space, but often just for extra organisation, to make it easier to get stuff in and out of my pockets. With the Strider Shorts Pro I mostly leave a waist belt behind, unless I need to add way bigger items like an extra soft bottle or large maps.


Centre pocket with zipper, two side pockets on either side.


The load from the above photo: camera in centre pocket, gels in far right side pocket (nothing in other right side pocket), keys, whistle, torch, mini knife in left side pocket, wind shirt in far left pocket.

Not my typical load, but it — and more — fit easily. 



The front and back are of a thin but strong 50d polyester. The sides and pockets are a mesh material that noticeably helps with breathability in hot weather. I love this mesh, but think it might also be the weakest link of these shorts. I have not had any issues at all - even when taking some good falls and sliding down on my bum, but the mesh part on the back might wear down before anything else.


Fell and slid down on rocky trail with this pair, not a scuff mark to see. Waistband on the thick side, but is comfortable and stays on your waist.


Mesh pockets and ventilation sides, 50d polyester with a DWR on front and back. 


All in all I think these are amazing shorts that are super comfortable and give you a lot of ways to carry and organise your small but essential items. They're a bit pricy, but if you are out there a lot, I think they're most definitely worth it. 

Daniel Oates

Thanks for the review, Jakuchu. I have a handy little pocket like that in a dri-fit Nike shirt located on the back, along the waist. Look like a good pair. I like lightweight, dry fit shorts. The obvious trade-off is pocket storage; it keeps me going back and forth between pairs. Thanks!

7 years ago

Daniel - Agree, and overall the more minimal or lighter the better! There are all kinds of conditions of usage and surroundings, and all kinds of preferences of course. For me, especially going for long mileage in the mountains, no aid stations etc. etc. I like the extra options for storing stuff. What inseam does your dry-fit shorts have? In Japan I have only found really long basketball shorts (think knee or just above) or ultra ultra short racing shorts that, don't cover all male parts.

7 years ago

Nice review, Jakuchu! Thanks for sharing it. I'll have to consider the women's versions of these when I'm ready to replace some of my old running shorts. I personally like a small zippered pockets on shorts if I need to bring something like a key, but admit that I'm otherwise one of those who hate carrying anything bulky in pockets if possible, so I'm impressed by all you fit in there. Great review!

7 years ago

Hi Alicia - that amount of kit was just an example though. I also dislike putting so much stuff in there, even though it is totally doable. I do very much like to put my phone or camera in there, have a pocket for trash, another pocket for sunscreen or something, etc. I could fit it all in one or two pockets perhaps, but I like that when I take one thing out, the other items (like trash) don't come falling out.

7 years ago
Brett Cottrell

+1 for how awesome these shorts are. I can confirm that an iPhone 6 in a rather large case will fit in the side pockets very well. However, the first couple of long runs with my phone in there left me with a bit of chafing just beneath the waist band under the top of the phone. That has since subsided and I throw a little glide on in that spot for peace of mind. Also, I'm a fairy tall guy at 6'2" and wish I had sized up in these to a large when most shorts call for a medium for me to get the waist to fit. All in all, these are absolutely as awesome as you've described. Thanks for the review!

7 years ago

if they made these in 7" inseam, I'd have a pair in my dresser now :)

7 years ago

Brett, cheers. I'm roughly an inch shorter than you and I also normally take a Medium. These are Medium too, but it's the first time I felt I could also have gone with Large.

7 years ago

bigskyrunners deserve short shorts. They have a non-pro version with 7", but no pockets. They're not sprint/racing short though - I'd say go up one size and give them a go!

7 years ago

Thanks, Jakuchu. I actually have started looking at the women's navy versions, based on your review. I have to wait till that color is back in stock though.

7 years ago

Nice running shorts with multiple pockets.


  • Pockets galore- five in fact!
  • Fast drying material
  • Comfortable


  • These aren't cheap

When Patagonia first came out with the Strider Pro I was really excited as this was exactly what I was looking for in a running short for a long day in the mountains—that is until I saw the inseam—5", sorry that's just too short for my liking.

It took a few years, but they now offer the Strider Pro in 7" inseam and I jumped.

The shorts are very comfortable (multiple 20+ mile days with them); I was definitely a little iffy when I saw the liner—a long and snug fitting, a stretchy, light polyester material. Turns out they work well. They breathe well and provide good support. Both the liner and shorts dry quickly—a must in running shorts.

What sets these apart from all other running shorts are the pockets. I have a few pairs of shorts that can hold a gel or two, some electrolytes, but not much more. These shorts carry my iPhone 6 (in a case) very comfortably, I can carry my calories in another pocket, a 1/2 buff in another, lightweight gloves in another—that still leaves another pocket when I want to pack a light windshirt.

If you're running around the block, there are much cheaper shorts that will do just as well, BUT if some of your running includes long days in the mountains, I would highly recommend looking into these.


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $40


Thanks for the helpful review of your Patagonia shorts, bigskyrunner!

5 years ago

Thanks for the review. I can't run with much stuff in my pockets. Too much bounce.

5 years ago

very little to no bounce with these stretch pockets- I was most concerned with my my iphone, but no issues whatsoever :)

5 years ago


5 years ago

The first running shorts I've owned in a long, long time that don't stink after 10 minutes of use. They're cool, comfortable, and the pockets on the sides and back are great.


  • Side pockets for gels, mp3 player, etc.
  • Rear pocket for keys, money and more
  • Cool
  • Comfortable liner


  • About 1" too short

First, the fit.... when I ordered these shorts from Patagonia Germany, I took a shot in the dark and ordered Large as that's what I normally wear but it's always hard to tell in American sizing. In any case, they fit great! I'm primarily an endurance mountain biker, therefore I have big legs and a rather muscular butt.

Often, athletic shorts don't fit all that well because they tend to be cut for the "skinny guy with no butt". In this case, even though they seem to fit me best when I wear them a little lower than my other shorts, they fit really well and feel really good. There's a drawstring inside which I haven't, thus far, needed to use as they ride quite securely with the elastic waistband.

The fabric is a combination of mesh and a more solid fabric. On the sides and on the top portion of the rear there's a nice mesh that seems to help vent the shorts. The side pockets are an elastic mesh that expands to fit a fairly large number of gels, bars, etc.

From all indications, the shorts will last me a really long time. They're Patagonia and all my previous experiences with the company have been positive and I can't imagine that the Strider Pro Shorts will be any different.

One thing I have noticed, which seems to be 'normal' for me is that once they're sweat soaked, the inside of the legs rides up a bit. I believe that has more to do with the size of my legs and my running style than the shorts though.

After 3 or 4 runs (roughly 75 km), I can already see that these are going to become my favorite running shorts. They are more comfortable and definitely cooler than any others that I have. The only thing I'd change is to make them about 1" longer.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 35 Euros

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