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Petzl Corax

photo: Petzl Corax sit harness


Price MSRP: $64.95
Current Retail: $59.95-$99.95
Historic Range: $29.93-$125.00
Reviewers Paid: $10.00-$75.99


6 reviews
5-star:   2
4-star:   4
3-star:   0
2-star:   0
1-star:   0

It's easy to fit it—two pull straps at the waist, a little tug, and voila the harness is locked in. Comfy too.


  • Ease of getting the right fit
  • Light
  • Secure


  • Styling/color

I bought the Corax harness kit complete with a harness, belay device, carabiner, chalk bag and chalk.  Easy to put on and adjust to fit. Just step into the harness, pull each side of the waist belt, and voila a perfect fit with the harness perfectly centered.

Great to get the added bonus of the belay, carabiner, chalk bag and chalk for just a bit more. I shopped online and got the kit for $74 minus a 10% discount. Light, the items in the kit are good quality. which means it won't weigh or wear you down on those treks to the rock wall.

Only downside is I like a little style in terms of color and they just come in gray. I know it sounds stupid but I'd like to match my hemet color.

One other note, when I found the kit I still thought it was a bit expensive so I emailed the website and got an additional 10% off just to close the deal. So fellow climbers, don't be afraid to ask for additional price concessions. The worst that can happen is they say no and you're no worse off.  Keep in mind that not all websites charge tax and not all charge for shipping if you meet an initial price point.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $67


Thanks for the review, JJB.

5 years ago

Very comfy harness, and only slightly more expensive than the BD Momentum. Works well for sitting on belay on a long multipitch as well as catching long lead falls without too much effort. All around a super capable harness.


  • Comfortable
  • Great utility

Ease of Use: Same basic design as pretty much all sport harnesses. Easy to reach harness gear loops.

Features: Everything preforms well and leaves little to be desired.

Construction & Durability: As with all Petzl products, quality is top notch! Has held up well after months of abuse from me.

Conditions: Used inside, outside, on the mountain, and for ice climbing. In all kinds of weather it has been spectacular!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 60$


Welcome to Trailspace, Jack! Thanks for sharing a review of your harness. I'd love to see some pictures of yours in your review.

5 years ago

Has great comfort easily adjusted with two tightening points.


  • Two buckles
  • Comfortable
  • Soft gear loops at back


  • Little heavier then some

One of my favourite features is the two buckles, which make it a little heavier than some harnesses but allows for a greater adjustability and easier to get on and off without having extremely long tails. The soft gear loops at the back make carrying a pack easier, which makes it great for canyoning which at this point in time has been my primary use of the harness.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50

Very versatile, well padded, light and comfortable. You do not go wrong if you pick Corax.

Price Paid: $70

Got a killer deal on this harness. Wasn't planning on keeping it but it was so comfy I had to. Plenty of extra padding over my friend's harnesses. Doesn't feel or look cheap. Plenty of gear loops. Durability on the gear loops may be questionable, we'll see.

I'm a 5'11" guy and got the size "1" which seems to fit perfectly, even though I have to tighten the waist loop pretty much all the way. Another quality product from Petzl.

Price Paid: $10

Version reviewed: 2

I would have given this harness a "5" but I've only used one other harness, the Black Diamond Momentum. The harness is lightweight, easy to use, easy to adjust, and the waist belt is extra plush and soft. Plenty of room for tools. For this price point you can't go wrong with Corax 2.

Price Paid: $75.99

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