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Petzl Fixe

photo: Petzl Fixe pulley


Price MSRP: $29.95
Current Retail: $26.95-$30.00
Historic Range: $17.93-$30.00
Reviewers Paid: $29.99
Weight 90 g
Min. rope diameter 7 mm
Max. rope diameter 13 mm
Sheave type self-lubricating bushings
Sheave diameter 21 mm
Efficiency 71 %
Working load on one rope strand: 2.5 kN
Working load 5 kN
Breaking strength 23 kN


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Going up (elevator background music)...(ding sound)...3rd floor featuring climbing gear and pulleys to get your spirits up.

Ever since I took Physics in college I was fascinated with pulleys. Our professor showed us how with a combination of pulleys, a person could lift their own body weight up a tree with little effort. So it should be no surprise to my readers that I carry this PETZL pulley with me in my sack on every outdoor adventure I go on.

It is lightweight in comparison to the amount of weight that it can bear. It is very well constructed and has ample space to pass through climbing ropes to jury rig this for whatever contraption or endeavor that you're doing.

Whether you are a rock or mountain climber or using this for rescue operations or for hauling your personal gear to greater heights, the PETZL FIXE P05 is going to be there to assist you.


  • Good weight-to-load-weight ratio
  • Multiple applications
  • Well built
  • Large pass thru holes for ropes
  • Multiple pulleys can be used to decrease work needed to lift


  • Costly $$$
  • Adds weight to your pack


The PETZL FIXE P05 as packaged

                                               PETZL FIXE P05

The PETZL FIXE P05 Pulley is a welcomed addition to my camping gear.  I have been using pulleys since I was 16 years old when I use to work for my grandfather's moving company. We used pulleys to raise furniture and boxes up to windows in apartment buildings. Rigging several pulleys allowed us to lift heavy objects up buildings, but at a fraction of their weight.

It wasn't until senior year of high school that I took advanced placement/AP college level physics where I learned all about how pulleys function in mathematics. This physics course got me hooked on using pulleys for the rest of my life.

This pulley is very well made and has  a low weight (90 g) considering its load bearing capabilities. The self-lubricating bushing (think ball bearings) allow the rope to easily be pulled and the bushings have yet to show any sign of wear and tear. 

Smaller than industrial pulleys and designed specifically for climbing.

There is ample space within the pulley to accommodate a variety of climbing ropes and paracords. There are also two pass thru holes allowing this pulley to be mounted on climbing rope.  

Although my climbing days are over due to a back injury and nerve damage,  I still have used this pulley on my outdoor endeavors from lifting heavy logs to hoisting my gear up a difficult terrain. I have also attached this to a rope I set up horizontally so that I could lift objects off the ground, then slide the pulley with the pay load across several meters of distance.

Size of pulley compared to my hand


Whether you are an avid climber or mountaineer or just someone like myself with a bad back or if you just want to do less lifting in general, I strongly suggest getting this PETZL pulley to add to your camping and climbing gear setup.

It is very well built and low weight compared to commercial type pulleys and is specifically designed for climbing. I have used this pulley going on 14 years now using it in a variety of settings ranging from home improvements, hoisting my kayak, raising packages into my SUV,  and to assist me in my outdoor activities.


  • Weight:  90 g / (~3.17466 oz.)
  • Min. rope diameter:  7 mm / (~0.27559 inches)
  • Max. rope diameter:  13 mm  / (~0.511811 inches)
  • Sheave type:  Self-lubricating bushings
  • Sheave diameter:  21 mm  / (~0.826772 inches)
  • Efficiency:  71 %
  • Working load:  1 rope strand: 2.5 kN / (~5620.2236 lb.-force)
  • Working load:  5 kN / (1,124.045 lb.-force)
  • Breaking strength:  23 kN / (~5,170.601 lb.-force)
  • Warranty:  3 years / (~ 1,095 days)


I have used this pulley from PETZL probably for more tasks then your average climber and hiker due to limitations on myself from back issues and nerve damage.

The PETZL FIXE P05 is my go-to solution for moving heavy limbs or gear, hoisting kayaks and what have you, and formerly prior to my back I used it for mountain adventures hauling gear and carried it in case a fellow climber was in trouble.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $29.99

Nicholas Carson

good to know

1 month ago

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