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Petzl Stop

photo: Petzl Stop belay/rappel device


Price MSRP: $125.00
Current Retail: $104.96-$139.95
Historic Range: $85.00-$169.95


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Works best with flexible rope, the Stop locks down on the rope if your hand comes off the lever. Safe device with a long history of use in Europe for caving.


  • Stops when your hand comes off the device
  • Easy to thread the rope while device is attached to the harness.


  • Stiff 11mm ropes are a problem
  • You must hold down the lever, which can cause fatigue on long raps
  • Skinny ropes may need an additional brake carabiner

I used the Stop in Europe to descend various caves over the course of a month. It is a good device, and allows for a free hand to clip into a belay station on rappel. This is very nice since the ropes in Europe are generally re-anchored multiple times on a rappel.  

It is also fairly compact and lightweight compared to a stainless rappel rack. Unfortunately, I don't get to use it much, as most U.S. caving ropes are stiff and don't work well in the device.  

Tip: Make sure to close the device for storage or while caving so you don't accidentally bend the cover plate.

Source: received it as a personal gift


I've had a few friends try these over the years, but they always go back to a rack. I just like the versatility a rack can offer.

5 years ago
Unknown Caver

The Stop is perfectly designed for shorter rebelayed pitches. I tested it against my micro rack down to -600m in the same cave. It was definitely safer and easier to use while swinging over to clip the next belay station. That being said, the micro was way faster on rappel, so if there was a big single pitch, it did well. The micro has two bars to pop off the rope, where as the Stop is one motion, so the loading is slightly faster at the belay station.

5 years ago
Unknown Caver

I agree with G00SE about the 14" stainless racks, they have tons of control you can't get with a Stop. If you don't deal with rebelay stations much, they are far superior.

5 years ago

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