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PowerBar ProteinPlus Bite

The ProteinPlus Bite has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best gels and chews for 2022.

photo: PowerBar ProteinPlus Bite gel/chew


Price Historic Range: $2.50-$25.95
Reviewers Paid: $10.00


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Not too great, gets the job done.


  • high volume per package
  • conveniently packaged
  • peanut butter ones taste pretty good


  • lots of crumbs
  • fudge ones are revolting
  • expensive compared to other protein bars

Tried both varieties of these from steepandcheap. I like the PowerBar take on protein, the triple threat stuff, with three different types of protein for slow, medium, and long term uptake. I'm not sure if it's marketing hype or actually works, it's probably just protein, but at least it's something a little different. With the bites, I figured they were worth a shot, as I was tired of the typical bars and stuff, which are gross. I used these post workout, and as a hunger-killing snack at work.  

Taste: Peanut butter ones--pretty good, worth eating. Fudge ones--nasty, still have a few packages that I can't eat but can't throw away after 6 months of having them.

Packaging: Really nice.  A high quality bag with a zip so you can reseal. Recently left a half package of the fudge ones at work, sealed, for at least 2 months, and in a moment of desperate hunger, tried them out. They weren't stale really, or at least the sickening fudge taste masked the staleness. Either way, they were still edible.  However, I have a hard time condoning such packaging when I know it raises the price of the bites and is something that is of negligible importance.

Performance: Hard to say if it did a great job at body-building. Not any better or worse than the other protein supplements I've used, such as powders, muscle milk, etc. It did do a great job of tiding my hunger over at my desk for a few hours, so that's good. I actually did like the peanut butter ones, they were tasty.

Best for a protein snack, for someone that wants to save a few for later in the bag, and recognizes how protein really edges hunger out. Not the best tasting, especially the fudge variety. I'll stick to other protein bars, powders, shakes, these aren't that great, unless on sale.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $10

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