Princeton Tec Quad Tactical

photo: Princeton Tec Quad Tactical headlamp


Price Historic Range: $11.68-$39.99
Reviewers Paid: $40.00


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Excellent product. I spent considerable time researching headlamps. Liked the variety of Princeton Tec.

My need as a deployed Army soldier was to have a long lasting light with red-lense capability. I didn't want too strong of a light. Nothing that would bother others in a tent, but suitable for finding gear and reading. This light does all this.

Batteries last a long time. Occasional use over 4 months and haven't changed yet. The light adjusts from straight out to looking downward to your lap. 4 led bulbs are plenty bright for reading and looking inside an assault pack.

One time, the screw loosened and the batteries dropped out. Just wasn't checking. The downward movement over time may cause the light to flop down, but only time will tell with this. Red lense is very bright and wide beam. Light holds to my head and doesn't flop.

I would recommend the designed carrying case for holding extra lenses and keeping secure. I love it!

Price Paid: $40

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