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Bald Eagle State Forest Map

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A map that covers a somewhat overlooked, underexplored, and fairly large area in Central Pennsylvania (Bald Eagle State Forest). The map, in its typical Purple Lizard fashion, is super-durable and could serve as an emergency umbrella if necessary (only half joking...it is waterproof though). Best for those living in or exploring Central Pennsylvania or for map-junkies. Usage:Admittedly, like many in Central Pennsylvania, I’ve explored many of the trails covered by the popular Purple Lizard Rothrock… Full review

Rothrock State Forest Trail Map

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A hardy map that can withstand punishment and inspire exploration. The Purple Lizard Rothrock State Forest map thoroughly covers the forest, as well as areas north and south of the forest boundaries. Best for folks living in or looking to explore Central Pennsylvania, or for people who really like maps, I suppose. Usage:I own other Purple Lizard maps, but this one gets the most use, as the Rothrock State Forest and surrounding areas are pretty easy to explore via hiking, camping, biking, hunting,… Full review

Rothrock State Forest Trail Map

rated 5 of 5 stars Not all maps are created equal. This map does everything you need and more. It encourages exploration to a degree that is impressive. I buy this map every time it is updated and would encourage anyone who spends any time in Central Pennsylvania to grab a copy. While no product is ever perfect, Purple Lizard Maps has created a map that is close as you can get. The Rothrock State Forest map is a fabulous bundle of knowledge that includes information related to hiking and biking trails, fishing holes,… Full review

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