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QuikClot Sport

photo: QuikClot Sport first aid supply


Price Current Retail: $15.95-$29.95
Historic Range: $8.93-$39.95
Reviewers Paid: $18.00


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Quikclot is the type of product that you don't need often. But, when you do need it, you need it very badly.

I have used it several times to stem the bleeding from severe cuts and it has performed exactly as expected. When I say you don't need it often, what I am saying is that it is not the first thing you go to when you or someone with you suffers a bad cut. The first thing should be done it to use regular gauze pads to cover the wound and then apply pressure for a period of time. That is the first-aid technique we have all learned.

However, when the wound is deep and the gauze/pressure technique does not get the bleeding stopped, use a Quikclot pad and apply pressure. Each time I have had to use Quikclot, the bleeding has been stopped and we were able to butterfly the wound and get the person to a medical facility for closure. At least one time, the wound required over 15 stitches at the ER, but did not bleed between the hiking trail and the hospital. Quikclot works. I have used it and do not go in the mountains without some in my first-aid kit.

Price Paid: $18

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