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RailRiders Men's Adventure Top

photo: RailRiders Men's Adventure Top hiking shirt


Price Historic Range: $34.50-$69.00


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The author of this review is a sponsored athlete of Team RailRiders.

Best fishing shirt on the market. Can't wait to hike in it. Recommended for any activity that calls for a breathable, lightweight top.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Simplicity


  • Lack of more colors

Breathability is unrivaled. Never worn anything like it.

Simplicity of this shirt is great. Love the pullover — less buttons, more performance, and a pocket just in case. 

Very well made. I put it through the ringer and it came out unscathed. 

Best choice for me while I was saltwater fly-fishing in Mexico on the Pacific Coast. Hiking in it should be awesome.

Ventilated side panel strips are incredible. 

Best do it all top I own at this point, give it a shot. I recommend it to everyone and anyone who's looking for a comfortable and breathable top for their next adventure. (Rock the pullover, it's sweet!)

Disclosure: I'm a sponsored athlete of Team RailRiders.

Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (Keeeping it and never giving it back.)

The author of this review is an employee of RailRiders.

Lightest, best breathing hiking shirt. A must for long adventures.


  • Lightweight
  • Super breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Rugged
  • Stylish
  • Quick drying
  • sun protection


  • won't keep you warm

Here is a quick bullet point summarization of why I love this shirt so this doesn't get too long:

  • Ultra lightweight and thin. You can wear these on a 100-degree day and you'd be much cooler than if you were wearing a cotton T-Shirt. Underarm and back vents make this thing like wearing air. Plus, then you don't have to coat yourself in sunscreen which is nice on longer treks.
  • They dry in 5-10 minutes and will stay dry unless your back is sweating against a backpack (then they will dry any time you take a break!)
  • I love the tunic style. I find often that when hiking you have to slide around on your belly, grab stuff, hike through brush, etc, and in all of those situations extra buttons are your enemy. They can catch, chafe, break, and tear your shirt. Plus, the tunic style fits in nicely with many of the cultures across the world.

I have taken this shirt all over the U.S., to Mexio, India, and New Zealand and it has been amazing. I once wore one 60 days in a row. It's totally fine but it's got some gross stains so I don't wear it anymore.

These things don't die, they're super comfortable and functional, and you look good. What's to hate?

The fabric was just updated to be softer than ever!

[Disclosure: I am a current RailRiders employee and a longtime RailRiders wearer.]

Source: received it as a personal gift

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