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Bonded VaprThrm Liner Sock

rated 5 of 5 stars RBH Designs comes to the rescue of chronically cold feet! The VaprThrm VBL sock kept my feet warm in very cold Colorado ski days, also love it that the boot liners don't get soaked by "wicking" socks.  The VBL concept works awesomely, probably even better with lots of footpowder. Warm feet again!  I found RBH on a Google search for VBL - they make lots more VBL clothing than does Stephenson Warmlite - I do love my Warmlite No-Sweat shirt, can't wait to try an RBH shirt this winter. Full review

Vapor Mitt

rated 5 of 5 stars I suffer from chronically cold fingers due to Reynaud's. The RBH Designs Vapor Mitt [VBL mitts] enabled me to enjoy warm dry digits again compared to pre-Reynaud's days.  Superb design and quality, be sure to get backup liners in a 2d weight so you have temperature flexibility.  I have only used the regular liners, it's gottta be well below 0 F to use the hybrid liners I got for the chilly days.  Give yourself time -- they make most orders from scratch.  Great customer service. Next want to… Full review

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