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Roadster Mini Ruck

rated 5 of 5 stars Red Oxx has the most high quality products that I have ever used. They have everything from simple carry-ons to briefcases. They even have everyday items that make travel easier. For instance, they have a lower-priced item that is excellent for gift-giving called the "travel basket." This is not only great for men on the road, but for women as well. My husband now has a place to put all of his "crap" when we walk in the room (keys, spare change, etc.). It has really cut back on me nagging him to… Full review

Gator Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars I recently purchased the Gator from Red Oxx ( and was thoroughly impressed by this bag when I recieved it. The Gator is a shoulder slung bag that looks like it's on steroids! Construction is 1000dn Cordura (yes Cordura - not an imitation) and stainless steel fittings. Over the years, I have moved away from bulky "backpack" style daypacks and more towards carrying "messenger bag/satchel" type bags that are just large enough to carry a full day's worth of accessories. The Gator fits… Full review

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