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Redfeather Alpine 180

The Alpine 180 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backcountry snowshoes for 2021.

photo: Redfeather Alpine 180 backcountry snowshoe


Price Historic Range: $194.96


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These shoes hold up to heavy use with max weight on them, but do have their problems.


  • Strength
  • Good flotation
  • Easily put on and adjusted


  • Fair gripping crampon system
  • I have popped rivets
  • No toe cup
  • Might not take the widest boot on a big man

I have used these hard for two seasons [not this one, the last two]. I've used them on crust, crossing streams, deep snow, on hills, in the woods, in heavy brush and in rocky terrain in the Adirondacks. I like them.

They are easily put on and adjusted, but the widest boot may just not fit in the front straps. I wear a 13w and do have boots that won't fit.

They float well and that's saying a lot since I weigh 240 and always carry a pack.

I do believe the crampons could be better on ice or hills, but this has always been a peeve of mine with other shoes also. The toe crampon will ball up in wet conditions.

They'd be better with a toe cup in hilly terrain.

One photo, which I will post, shows I popped 4 rivets, the same two in each shoe, through the webbing, but it hasn't effected anything and remember I am maxing these out weight wise and I'm pretty sure one bad jump off a creek bed may have popped three of them. One popped previous to that jump.

I would recommend them for anyone and I'll use them again, heck I'd buy them again if it was necessary.

I could easily get around in brush with them and by the way they measure 33+inches long and are 10 inches wide.

This first photo shows the popped rivets—same two on each shoe, left and right of front crampon.



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Unsure


Nice review, Old Guide. Thanks for sharing it. Have you considered asking Red Feather for customer service for those popped rivets?

6 years ago
Old Guide

Alicia, I have never asked.

6 years ago

I'm not even share if it would be covered, but sometimes you get surprisingly inclusive service on gear.

6 years ago
Old Guide

Alicia; Thank you for the suggestion and the web page where I got an email address from and I have written them.

6 years ago

Good luck!

6 years ago
Old Guide

I did get an immediate response and they told me to email back with photo which I did. I haven't heard back again [yet?].

6 years ago
Old Guide

I just got a response from them. For $20 and shipping they'll repair them. I believe that is fair. Thanks Alicia, you kind of pushed me into it :)

6 years ago

Great! I hope you'll add an update after the repair to let us know how well it worked out.

6 years ago
Old Guide

This evening I received my snowshoes back from Redfeather. That's one week of turn around time which is very impressive. The repair is total and stronger than before as they added a couple rivets and fixed what was needed. Now if it will ever snow again I'll use them. Thank you Alicia for the suggestion and also thanks for the Trail Space stickers I received a couple of days ago.

6 years ago

You're welcome, Old Guide. I hope the repairs hold up well for you, and that you get some more snow soon!

6 years ago

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