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Redfeather Alpine 180

The Alpine 180 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backcountry snowshoes for 2023.

photo: Redfeather Alpine 180 backcountry snowshoe

These shoes hold up to heavy use with max weight on them, but do have their problems.


  • Strength
  • Good flotation
  • Easily put on and adjusted


  • Fair gripping crampon system
  • I have popped rivets
  • No toe cup
  • Might not take the widest boot on a big man

I have used these hard for two seasons [not this one, the last two]. I've used them on crust, crossing streams, deep snow, on hills, in the woods, in heavy brush and in rocky terrain in the Adirondacks. I like them.

They are easily put on and adjusted, but the widest boot may just not fit in the front straps. I wear a 13w and do have boots that won't fit.

They float well and that's saying a lot since I weigh 240 and always carry a pack.

I do believe the crampons could be better on ice or hills, but this has always been a peeve of mine with other shoes also. The toe crampon will ball up in wet conditions.

They'd be better with a toe cup in hilly terrain.

One photo, which I will post, shows I popped 4 rivets, the same two in each shoe, through the webbing, but it hasn't effected anything and remember I am maxing these out weight wise and I'm pretty sure one bad jump off a creek bed may have popped three of them. One popped previous to that jump.

I would recommend them for anyone and I'll use them again, heck I'd buy them again if it was necessary.

I could easily get around in brush with them and by the way they measure 33+inches long and are 10 inches wide.

This first photo shows the popped rivets—same two on each shoe, left and right of front crampon.



Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Unsure

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