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REI Durable Stuff Sack

photo: REI Durable Stuff Sack stuff sack


Price MSRP: $9.50
Current Retail: $8.95
Historic Range: $3.93-$12.95


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Good basic stuff sack, great price, could use a flap and instructions.


  • Good quality
  • Great price
  • Seems durable
  • Handle on bottom
  • Nice colors
  • Color-coded for volume


  • Needs flap to cover opening
  • Could use instructions for mystery closing loops

These are still on sale at REI as of November 4th, 2020.

I bought two of the Durable ones and one of the Lightweight ones. The prices were: $7.93 for the 30 liter orange one, $6.93 for the 20 liter blue one, and $8.93 for the 15 liter lighter weight blue one.

The main reason was to—finally—have a stuffsack with a handle on the bottom for my large 0 degree REI Volcano sleeping bag. Given how big the bag is and how tightly it fit into the sack provided, the lack of something to grab onto to while pulling the bag out was a constant frustration. 

Another reason was to have a sack big enough that it wasn't a struggle to get the bag in. The 30L does the job perfectly. (The 20L also works,  but it's almost as tight a fit as the original.) I'm not an ultra-lighter the few times I do go out now, so the slight amount of extra space isn't a problem. The heavier, more durable fabric is also a good trade off for the same reason.

The other two were because the price is so good, they're nice colors and my car camping frequent use items can be stored and organized more easily now.

I've used them once so far for car camping. The color coding is nice to remember what to take out of the car and put into the tent first. The only issues I had were: 

1.  They could have used a flap for the opening, especially the one for the sleeping bag. They do close tightly enough that this isn't a major problem, but a flap would have been nice. 

2.  The myriad of loops on the closure are something of a head scratcher. If this isn't just a user problem and intuitively obvious to everyone but me, instructions would help. 

 All three, with obligatory Nalgene bottle
The flapless but adequate closure. Also mystery loops—maybe an IQ test?
Nifty bottom handle. Bonus size specification.


Backpacking, hiking and car camping for 40+ years, mostly day hiking and car camping in the last ten, but still mange a few overnighters.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $6.93, $7.93 & $8.93


Thanks for the recommendation, Avid Hiker!

1 year ago
Avid Hiker

Happy to, Alicia. These are small things, but I did want to finally get a review in of recent purchases before the thing went off the market. I've been meaning to review the Big Agnes Frying Pan tent I bought to replace the Campdome 2 the squirrels got, but now it's been discontinued there doesn't seem to be much point.

1 year ago

Thanks, Avid Hiker! We appreciate all the reviews members like you share.

1 year ago

I also meant to add that reviewing small items/accessories/etc that often get overlooked can be very helpful. Thanks!

1 year ago
Avid Hiker

That's nice to know, Alicia.

1 year ago
Avid Hiker

I did want to add, in light of this question on the REI site:
"Does the 15L version come with a water bottle?
1 answer
· 3 years ago
​This stuff sack does not come with a water bottle." that these do NOT come with a water bottle. Nor do any of the other items I've reviewed that may have had a water bottle pictured in the review. :)

1 year ago

That's kind of funny that they had to clarify, but I guess one never knows...

1 year ago
Avid Hiker

I thought it was hilarious! Just one of those things you take for granted..."oh, yeah, gotta include the water bottle for size comparison", until you realize that not everyone understands this is a TS convention, not an included accessory.

1 year ago

A Nalgene is a standard outdoor measuring device!

1 year ago

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