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REI Storm Proof Matches

photo: REI Storm Proof Matches fire starter


Price MSRP: $5.50
Historic Range: $6.50
Reviewers Paid: $5.50


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These are amazing.

Once lighted stick them in water, under the sand or blow on them real hard with breath or wind and they just don't go out.

Definitely get the fire material all ready or the stove set to start and then strike.  They do burn for some time, seconds and are excellent for lighting hard to start tinder.

A little bulky but store real well in the Coghlan's Plastic Match Box.  I cut the strikers off the cardboard box and store, along with matches in the plastic match box.  Of course striker surface away from the matches.

One match per fire is definitely enough and helps reduce bulk and weight on any trip.

These Stormprrof/Windproof/Waterproof matches add a higher level of security with such an intense flame guaranteeing a high chance that this match will start the fire.

Only down side is that striker works poorly when wet.  So keep it dry.

Yes, I do recommend these and would buy again from REI.

Price Paid: $5.50

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