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Front Pack

rated 5 of 5 stars Great for keeping items at hand while hiking: snacks, first aid, camera, phone, knife, head lamp, etc. Lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. I'm 6' tall, and about 225 lbs. This pack fits comfortably, but if I was much larger (around) it would be difficult to zip in the front. Padding on the straps is minimal, but sufficient for the size of the pack, and for the items it is designed to carry; and it can carry a lot. Both sides have a large storage area, and divided pocket mesh organization. It… Full review

Front Pack

rated 5 of 5 stars The Ribz Pack is an excellent way to carry items that you want to have immediately accessible like camera, map, compass/GPS, or binoculars. Also convenient for snacks or gel packs. Also allows for better weight distribution. If you have ever considered upgrading your pack because you a little extra room, stop! Consider the Ribz Pack instead. I was looking to upgrade my 65 liter High Sierra Titan pack because I was needing extra cargo space, especially for winter excursion. Instead, I tried the Ribz… Full review

Front Pack

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Pretty dang handy once you get used to it. A couple years back, I was one of the lucky recipients of a Ribz pack. I'll say this: they're comfortable, handy, and solid.  I have one of the gen-2 models. They're surprisingly sturdy and nicely put together, they hold a large amount of stuff. the internal pockets (open-topped) make dividing up fiddly bits easy. The big pockets hold a lot more than you'd think, just looking at it. It's a very roomy pack, the volume rating doesn't quite convey just how… Full review

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RIBZ front packs fit under any existing backpack or alone, enabling users to carry key essentials in a ready, easy-to-access location.


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