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Robot Cam

rated 3 of 5 stars While these cams do not have the range per piece (or as an entire set) of BD C4s or Wild Country Friends, they are much cheaper. Robot cams are also a bit heavier than equal size of other cams. While essentially not as good a cam as its competitors, the price of Robot cams is so low that they are great for the climber on a budget. In the Czech Republic these cams retail for $25 each, regardless of size. In the US I found a set of 8 for $150 shipped. At this type of price the cash strapped climber… Full review

R.E. Guard II

rated 1 of 5 stars This belay device jams only slightly while belaying a lead in the gym, but it impossible to use while belaying a second in guide mode. The jamming is so bad that I think the product is dangerous. At first glance this looked like a normal belay device that can be used in guide mode. Just about everyone makes one now, and this was half the price of the rest of the belay devices I saw in Hudy Sport near Masarykovo nadrazi in Prague 1, Czech Republic. I got it to use in Sumava and in Cesky Krumlov during… Full review

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