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Core 800gr Insulated Boots

rated 1.5 of 5 stars These boots were lightweight, comfortable, and warm, but the eyelet for the laces had a flaw that cut through the outer part of my boot lace after 2 days. I bought these boots because I have recently moved to Alberta and it gets cold here, a lot colder than I am used to. I found them on sale in September but since they were insulated I didn't get a chance to wear them until the first snows in October. They were great. Kept my feet dry and toasty warm all day. On day two the problem started. One… Full review

Gore-Tex Oversock

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I bought these a long time ago, back about 1998 and still use them occasionally. I really like that they let water vapor escape much better than Seal Skinz which I have also owned at one short stage within this RGTO period. These socks are great. I have used them with only liner socks and heavy duty hiking mountaineering socks. They do need something under them to be most effective. They bunch up, in shoe under foot, only when not using any socks or rushing the foot into the shoe without care. With… Full review

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